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Wesen Nacht Recap

Awake, arise, or be forever fall’n.

A Wesen, Billie Piper, hands out a list of addresses to other black-shirted Uprising Wesen and reminds them to only hit those addresses, and only at midnight. Their leader, Dallas Cruz, woges briefly and tells them not to worry about anyone inside.

At the fortress, Trubel is sleeping and reliving what she went through. She wakes up to find Nick in the room, holding a crying a Kelly. As he takes her to the next room, Adalind comes in and explains that she had Nick’s child, and explains that Trubel has been asleep for the last 25 hours. She goes to take care of Kelly so that Nick can speak with Trubel alone, and he offers to get her some food before telling what happened.

The Uprising Wesen park downtown and start wrecking businesses, knocking out windows. A store owner sees them and tires to intervene, and they attack him. He lips off but they surround him and the leader rips his throat out. Another one of them draws the Uprising symbol on the storefront.

At the fortress, Trubel tells Nick that Chavez knows that he is Grimm. Chavez’ people have been keeping track of him, and they want Grimms on their side. The organization, Hadrian’s Wall, captured her when she took Josh home. They’re a secret part of the government, and fighting an underground Wesen group spread out across the world. Trubel insists that she needed to help the HW, and worked with them in Lisbon and Bangkok. She knows Meisner and explains that she told him he’d have to meet Nick. Nick says that Meisner was at the hospital and helped rescue Trubel, and they didn’t take her the night that Juliette died because she was with Nick. Since then, they’ve kept her busy doing what Grimms do. They’ve been watching Adalind and know that she’s no longer a Hexenbiest, but don’t want Kelly.

Nick and Trubel go out to look at Trubel’s motorcycle in the garage, and she explains about all of its offensive and defensive capabilities. As they talk, Trubel breaks into tears and says that she never thought she’s see Nick again. Hank calls and tells Nick that they’ve got a bunch of places hit, and gives Nick the address of the body. Once Nick hangs up, Trubel says that she’ll be okay and tell Adalind where Nick is.

At the crime scene, Wu tells the detectives that the attacks happened near midnight and three different neighborhoods were hit. One shop owner--Ken Honeycutt--is dead, one is beaten, and a third one named Xavier Arivaca is missing. They have no idea why some shops were targeted and some weren’t, but Wu points out the Uprising claw symbol in the Xavier’s bakery. Xavier opened his bakery three years ago and has no local family. The detectives figure that they need to determine if any of the shop owners are Wesen.

The next morning, Monroe and Rosalee see a newscast about the attacks. They know Xavier and wonder what’s going on, just as Bud arrives and watches the newscast, which talks about similar attacks in Eugene and Seattle. The Wesen has a bad feeling about what’s going down.

The Uprising blackshirts takes Xavier to their abandoned factory HQ and Dallas shows him a photo and asks if he recognizes the person... Monroe. When Xavier claims that he doesn’t know them, Dallas woges and warns him not to lie.

At the station, Wu does research on the attacks and finds similar ones in the past. The vandalism is crossing gang boundaries, and Nick tells Hank and Wu about the HW. Rosalee calls and asks about the attacks, and Monroe and Bud chime in to tell Nick what they know. They confirm all of the victims were Wesen, and Nick tells them about the Uprising tag. Nick says that they’re on their way and heads out with Hank.

At the fortress garage, Adalind brings Trubel some coffee as she works on her motorcycle. Adalind figures that they should get to know each other, and Trubel asks if she’s in love with Nick. Surprised, Adalind insists that it would be weird and insists that they’re not sleeping together. She asks about Meisner and explains that he was with her when she gave birth to Diana. Adalind thanks Trubel for trying to get Diana back, and Trubel says that she’ll be okay. Trubel then admits that she left Adalind to go back and kill Juliette, and they agree not to tell Nick. Kelly cries and Adalind goes to check on her son.

At the couple’s house, Nick and Hank show the Wesen the photos of the victims. Monroe suggests that the Occulatum Libera are involved.

Wu talks to one of the shop owners, Www, and shows her a photo of the Uprising tag. She claims not to know what it is, and Wu goes into the bakery to take a photo of the tag on the wall. Someone comes in and Wu draws his gun and investigates. It’s Xavier, who begs him for help.

Renard is busy filming an endorsement ad for Andrew and the PR person, Rachel Wood, asks him to film one more spot with a softer tone.

At the spice shop, Monroe tells the others that Wesen have been behind many historical street riots. They figure that Xavier wasn’t involved, and Wu calls to tell them that they have Xavier at the hospital under guard. The detectives talk to him and Xavier says that they blindfolded him most of them time. He got free when they guy watching him fell asleep, hit him over the head with a brick and ran. Nick shows him the Uprising tag and Xavier says that he doesn’t recognize it. The Grimm says that they know Xavier is Wesen, and he woges into his Hasenfussige Schnecke form. He realizes that Nick is a Grimm, and Nick assures him that they can protect him. They ask him to identify who he can, and Wu shows him some mug shots. Xavier recognizes and picks out Billie.

That night, Meisner goes to the bakery and finds the Uprising tag.

Nick and Hank tell Renard what they’ve discovered, and admit that they also saw the tag at the location where Chavez was killed. Renard warns that the FBI are still looking for her, and tells them to make sure the FBI find out. He agrees to have them bring Billie in ad enter a line-up.

The detectives and Wu soon bring Billie in. He insists that he isn’t sure even though it’s clear he’s lying. Outside, Renard tells the detectives that they have to let Billie go, and tells them to unscare Xavier.

The next day, Monroe and Rosalee gather the Wesen shop owners at the spice shop. Nick calls and asks Rosalee to convince Xavier to identify Billie. They then bring in Xavier and have him meet with Monroe and Rosalee. The Wesen tell Xavier that he can trust Nick, but he worries that they’ll kill him if he identifies Billie. Monroe tells him that they killed Ken and insists that Nick will protect him, and Xavier agrees.

The detectives bring Billie back in and confront her with the black shirt that they found in her home. Nick asks her about the tag but she refuses to talk and demands her lawyer. They suggests that she make a deal with them for the leader, and Nick says that she knows she and her friends are Wesen. Hank explains that Nick is a Grimm, and Billie briefly woges and asks if Nick is going to kill her. He says that if he wanted her dead, she’d be dead, and assure her that they’ll get her into witness protection. Billie finally gives them Dallas’ name.

Later, Billie calls Dallas and tells him that the police picked her up. She says that nobody is following her and she plans to leave Portland, and Dallas tells her to meet him at the factory. The officers have been monitoring the call, and Nick tells Billie that she’s taking them there. When Billie refuses, Renard woges briefly and says that they can make her. She gives them the address and sketches out a floorplan.

At the HW HQ, Meisner releases a blonde woman from her cell and says that she’s going outside the wire.

Rosalee and Monroe come in, and Rosalee identifies Dallas as a man who attacked her friends ten years ago. Monroe insists on going with the detectives, and Rosalee offers to take Xavier home. As she drives her friend home,

Nick, Hank, Wu, Monroe, and Renard arrive at the factory with Billie. They make her come with them.

Rosalee wonders why the Uprising took Xavier, and he says that he doesn’t know. He refuses to discuss how he escaped, and says that they’re crazy. Rosalee realizes that Xavier knows something and that Monroe is in danger, and he finally admits that they made him set up the entire thing. Rosalee pulls over and punches Xavier.

As the group goes in, Nick realizes that Billie doesn’t appear very concerned. Rosalee calls and tells Monroe that it’s a trap, and Billie runs for it. The blackshirts comes out and surrounds the group, and they get inside and barricade the door. One blackshirt attacks Monroe and knocks his phone out of his hand, and more blackshirts arrive. The officers get into an office and they open fire on their attackers. Nick warns that they have to conserve ammunition, but the blackshirts start screaming.

When they go silent, Nick goes out to investigate. There are corpses everywhere. Dallas attacks Nick and knocks him to the ground. As Dallas prepares to deliver a final blow, someone levitates him into the air with a gesture and then drops him to his death. N8ick catches the glimpse of the figure walking away and realizes that it’s Juliette with white hair.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 12, 2015

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