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Audrey returns to the station and Nathan brings her snacks from the vending machine that Laverne dispensed. She explains that Croatoan said that he was going to make the townspeople happy by using the Troubles, and he's a father that wants his daughter back. Nathan says that Dwight has stashed Vince away so that Duke can't find him and insists that they're going to get Duke back.

A teenager, Victor Kirby, runs down the dock and breaks into a building. Inside, he finds Duke waiting for him. Duke says that Victor's Aunt Vanessa knew how anyone she touched was going to die, and says that he wants it. When Victor says that it's horrible, Duke explains that Croatoan can use it to show Audrey how amazing the future will be if she joins him. He advances on Victor, knife in hand, and asks Victor if he knows how he's going to die. Victor says that he can't see his own future, and Duke says it would have looked a lot like him stabbing him…z as he stabs him. Dying, Victor says that he knows how Duke is going to die: at the hands of a man with a Guard tattoo. Duke tells Victor that he's now that man anymore as Victor dies.

The next day, Dwight calls from a house outside of Haven to tell Nathan that Vince doesn't know of anything in his new programming to fix the aether core. Dwight glances over at his daughter Lizzie and assures Nathan that he can trust him. Once he hangs up, Vince asks him why he doesn't want to tell the others about Lizzie. Dwight says that he needs to know what she is, and Vince warns that it can't be the real Lizzie. As they talk, Dwight sees Duke outside, standing and watching. Dwight tells Vince to go out the back with Lizzie if Duke comes in while he buys them some time. Vince reluctantly agrees but Lizzie insists on staying with her father. Dwight says that it's a game of hide and seek, and Vince takes her away. As Dwight counts down from a hundred, he looks outside at Duke.

When Victor's body turns up, Gloria, Nathan, and Audrey check the body and figure that Duke killed him. Once Gloria leaves, Audrey suggests that if Vickie can draw the aether core then she can restore it. Nathan agrees and calls her, just as Audrey sees Croatoan outside. He teleports in and Nathan shoots him, but the bullets have no effect. Croatoan warns that if Nathan touches him then his internal organs will liquefy. He says that he designed Duke to gather Troubles for his personal use, while Audrey designs new Troubles for his revenge. Nathan wonders why Croatoan is there, and Croatoan says that he's there to talk to Nathan. He knows that Audrey will do anything to make Nathan happy, and insists that he's there to help him. Croatoan offers Nathan a new life far from Haven, with the woman he loves. He gestures outside to where Audrey is walking up the dock,

The Audrey outside sits down, and Croatoan assures Nathan that the copy he has of Audrey will love Nathan will all her heart. He'll take both of them outside of the shroud with no memory of the town. Audrey asks why, and Croatoan says that what is coming will be wonderful for them. She'll know that Nathan is happy, and Croatoan tells Nathan that he'll never know the difference. Nathan refuses to abandon Audrey, and insists that he belongs in Audrey fighting Croatoan before leaving with Audrey.

Dwight goes out to confront Duke, and Duke asks if he wants to raise Lizzie. He says that Croatoan used a very special Trouble to bring her back, and tells Dwight that Croatoan wants the controller crystal. Duke tells Dwight to get the controller and deliver it to Croatoan. If Dwight doesn't then Croatoan will come for Lizzie or send Duke. With that, Duke turns and walks away.

Back inside, Vince tells Dwight that Lizzie is upstairs. Dwight explains about Croatoan's offer, and Vince says that a part of Dwight has been brought back to life. Turning away, Dwight admits that he wanted to die after Lizzie died, and it took him years to recover. He refuses to go through it again, and Vince admits that he felt responsible because it was his men that shot Lizzie. The older man feels that it's ironic if Croatoan can make it right when he can't.

At the station, Audrey and Gloria watch as Vickie sketches the aether core. Vickie insists that she has to try even if Croatoan sends Duke after her. She explains that once she's done, she can fold the paper and close the crack, and give it to Vince to recreate the Barn. Nathan comes in and tells them that he has more security cameras up on the perimeter, and Audrey privately figures that Croatoan's offer is tempting. She figures that she has to give him the chance, but Nathan says that the fact she is making the offer is why he could never leave her. Laverne signals the group by phone and shows them Duke on the camera monitors.

Duke phases through the wall into the squad room and finds no one there. He calls out to them, and Laverne flashes a picture of a monkey at him. Duke promises that he'll get what he came from and sees Vickie's sketching tools.

At the house, Dwight and Lizzie are playing in the living room. She thinks that it's been a week since they were last together. Vince comes in and Dwight sends Lizzie to the kitchen to get cookies. He says that Lizzie remembers everything except that she died, and there are ten types of cookies in the kitchen. She'll bring the favorite and the least favorite, laid out like a flower. Lizzie comes in with the cookies in the pattern Dwight predicted.

Duke continues searching the station, while Laverne hides the group behind a wall. Vickie finishes her sketch just as duke comes in. Nathan tells Duke to stop, and Duke shoves him away as the others run. Laverne throws desks at Duke to slow her down, but Vickie trips. Gloria tries to get through to Duke, saying that the Duke she knows stood up to bullies like Croatoan. Unimpressed, Duke prepares to kill her, but Nathan clubs him down from behind. As they run, Duke reveals that he grabbed the sketch. He tears it up and the core disintegrates. Duke then cuts his hand and prepares to kill Vickie's Trouble, and asks if Audrey is going to make a speech. Audrey says that he already knows what he's doing is wrong, and Duke says that Croatoan wants her and Nathan alive. As long as Gloria doesn't interfere, he'll take Vicki. When Audrey refuses to let him kill, he says that she was willing to make him a murderer when it served her purpose. She admits that she used Duke to stop the Troubles, but didn't think about how much it would hurt Duke. Duke insists that it was always meant to be, but Audrey says that Duke was fighting his destiny and if he'd been left alone, he might have won. She interfered and is sorry for what she did, Audrey says that she's tired of fighting her destiny, but won't give up. She walks over to Duke and asks who he is, and Duke drops the knife and says that he's Duke Crocker. They hug and Duke looks up at Nathan.

At the farmhouse, Croatoan senses that he's lost his connection to Duke.

Lizzie talks about how she eats the cookies she doesn't like, and says that it's how life is. Eventually the good cookies will come, and she hugs her father. Dwight says that they have each other and hugs her back.

Audrey asks Duke if he can use his phasing ability to get out of town, but Duke insists that he's going to kill Croatoan. Nathan refuses to hear it, but Duke warns that Nathan and Audrey are stronger together and Croatoan are trying to split them up. He wants to make things right. Duke suddenly winces in pain and warns them that Croatoan knows and is taking the Troubles. Audrey wonders what they can do, and Duke tells them to kill him. He reminds them that when a Crocker dies, the Troubles stay with him. Nathan says that he can't, but Duke says that he can to save Haven and Audrey. He wants to choose his destiny and show Croatoan that he's nobody's bitch, and begs them to do it. They refuse, and Gloria refuses as well.

Another Trouble leaves Duke, and he warns that if Croatoan gets them all then he wins. He insists that's not his destiny, and Nathan tells him that everything's going to be all right. Another Trouble leaves Duke, and Nathan chokes him. As Duke dies, Audrey tells him that they love him and Nathan says that he's the bravest man he's ever known and will spend the rest of his life repaying his debt. The last thing Duke sees as he dies is Nathan's Guard tattoo.

Later, Vince and Dwight arrive at the station and offer their condolences. Audrey points out that they have no way to rebuild the Barn, and Gloria ask Dwight to help her get Duke's corpse out to her truck. Nathan says that he's going to take a walk and will be back in a minute.

At the farmhouse, Croatoan is sitting alone when Dwight comes in. Dwight says that the crystal is useless now, but Croatoan says that he can still do wonders with the technology. He explains that he's going to make a copy of the home and they'll be a family again. Dwight reminds him that he killed Charlotte, and Croatoan insists that Charlotte betrayed him. He reminds Dwight of what he does to people who try to take what belongs to him, and asks if Dwight is going to bring him the crystal or Lizzie. Dwight turns to go, and Croatoan asks if he's going to refuse his second chance. After a moment, Dwight says that he'll be back in a few hours with the crystal.

Audrey is in the station office and Laverne brings up a photo of Audrey, Nathan, and Duke on the monitor. The monitor shows Nathan entering the station and then walking out. Laverne brings up an outside camera showing Nathan meeting with Croatoan, and they walk away together

Croatoan says that he's there to offer his condolences, and tells Nathan that the Crockers became cowardly over the years. He says that Duke walked away from greatness, and asks if Nathan has considered his offer. Nathan says that his future is in Haven, and Croatoan warns that he has no future without Audrey. Audrey will be at his side, and he touches Nathan. Nathan collapses and disappears, and Croatoan looks over at the Audrey copy--Parker-- in a nearby truck.

Audrey goes to the farmhouse and asks Croatoan what he's done with Nathan. Croatoan says that Nathan told him that he said his goodbyes to Audrey before leaving with her copy, and feigns shock that she doesn't know. Audrey doesn't believe him.

Nathan and Parker are sitting in a diner with no memory of how they got there. A waitress comes over and admits that one minute the table was empty and the next they were there. Once she leaves, Nathan kisses Parker and says that they'll figure it out because they're together.

Croatoan says that Nathan changed his mind after killing Duke, but Audrey doesn't believe him. He figures that Audrey wants Nathan safely away from the danger she would have faced. Once they begin their experiments, there will be a lot of trial and error. Audrey refuses to help him, but Croatoan insists that he will never abandon her. He goes to the window and looks at the gathering storm, and says that what they're going to do will be wonderful. He shapes the cloud with his hand and explains that he's creating an opening in the Void, filled with aether. Once it rains, he and Audrey will begin their work. Croatoan says that it will take a few hours for the aether to gather, and tells Audrey to do whatever she has to do to move on... because Nathan is gone and her life is with Croatoan.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 18, 2015

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