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Forever Recap

At the station, Audrey tells Stan to tell everyone to stay inside and claim that there's a gas leak. She says that he should spend time with his family, and Stan admits that he doesn't have any before leaving. Once he's gone, Audrey wishes that Nathan was there because she needs his help.

At the diner in Cleaves Mill, Nathan and Parker work out that they're in Maine but have no idea how they got there. Parker says that at least they know each other even if they can't remember anything else, but Nathan tells her that something feels weird besides their amnesia. He wonders if they know everything about each other, and Parker talks about all of Nathan's habits. Nathan admits that she really knows him, and discovers that his wallet has $200 but no money.

At the haven station, Audrey is sitting in the chief's office when her phone rings. It's Vince, who asks her to come over to the house. When she gets there, Vince explains that Dwight is getting the crystal from its hiding place. He tells Audrey that Dwight believes that the crystal is useless now, and shows her Lizzie. Audrey wonders why Croatoan wants the crystal, and Vince figures that he wants to build a home where they'll go closer. She asks Vince to search his programming and see if there is any other reason that Croatoan would want the crystal, and he discovers that they can still use it to build the Barn. They have to stop Dwight from handing over the crystal, and Vince wonders where Nathan is. After a moment, Audrey says that they have to go confront Dwight on their own.

Parker gasses up Nathan's Bronco and calls the DMV, and discovers that the plates have never been issued. Nathan has bought a map and suggests that they head up the coast. He doesn't know why but has a feeling that their answer is there. Parker notices that Nathan's head is cut, and has a feeling that whoever did it is up the coast. Nathan figures that she's worried about what they'll find there, and agrees to go inland first.

The aether cloud gathers above the farmhouse, and Audrey returns. She says that she knows what Croatan is doing to Dwight, and Croatoan insists that he's giving everyone what they want. Audrey says that there are still people willing to fight him, and Dwight won't make it there with the crystal.

Dwight drives towards a blockade manned by Guardsmen, and McHugh tells them to open fire for the sake of Haven. The men shoot and Dwight's car pulls to a halt. Dwight runs, his bulletproof vest absorbing the shots, and takes off into the woods. He goes to the old armory and McHugh tell the Guardsmen to pin Dwight down in there. Audrey and Croatoan teleport in and Croatoan teleports the Guardsmen into Haven Harbor. He then leads Audrey into the armory.

Dwight is removing his bulletproof vest when Croatoan and Audrey arrive. Croatoan points out that since the bullets are drawn to Dwight's heart, he's invulnerable as long as he wears a bulletproof vest. He asks for the crystal, and Dwight tosses it to Vince as he appears. They appear in the Barn, and Audrey explains that the aether inside of Croatoan is powering it. They needed to start with a strong structure, so Dwight lured Croatoan there. Audrey points out that Croatoan's Troubles won't work in the Barn, and the structure starts shaking. Vince says that it's the Barn activating, and Dwight grabs Croatoan when he tries to get the crystal. Croatoan warns that the Barn will take Lizzie along with him, but Dwight insists that it's worth it rather than hurt everyone else in Haven.

Vince flickers and warns that he's failing, and Croatoan says that the person powering the Barn must do so voluntarily. He's not volunteering, so it won't work. Vince disappears and everyone finds themselves in the armory. Croatoan teleports Dwight away and picks up the crystal, and tells Audrey that she'll have to learn the hard way. He goes outside and gestures to the aether cloud, and says that she will embrace her talent and use her power on the townspeople. Audrey tells Croatoan that she will punish the people who banished him to the Void... if he takes all of the aether and all of the Troubles and put them in her. Then they'll leave Haven together. When Croatoan wonders how it's possible, Audrey says that she can feel the aether. She'll create whatever aether weapons she wants, and calls him "Dad." Croatoan says that she's special, and wishes that she was doing it because she wanted to. However, he's satisfied that she will like it and tells her to take all the Troubles.

Dwight wakes up on the shore and Duke tells him to get up. Duke says that they need his help, and admits that he's dead.

Nathan and Parker drive to the coast and park. He says that he thought it was odd her not wanting to investigate, and admits that he doesn’t see anything on the road ahead. However, Nathan feels something. He remembers feeling, even though he isn't sure what the source is. Parker says that she doesn't feel anything and wants to go, but Nathan says that he's sure the answer is there and can't leave. After a moment, Parker steps forward and gasps, and tells Nathan that what he's looking for is there. She takes his hand and the shroud appears. Parker says that Audrey is in there.

At the armory, the aether flows into Audrey.

Parker says that she's beginning to remember now that she's close to Haven. She tells Nathan that she was to be Audrey for Nathan, and love him. However, Nathan sensed it and wonders why Parker is telling it. She says that she loves Nathan and wants him to be happy, and he should be with Audrey. Nathan wonders what happens to Parker when she goes through the shroud, but she says that it's right and takes him by the hand. On the other side, all of Nathan's memories come back to him. He thanks Parker, and she says that they love him before disappearing. Dwight and Duke arrive, and Nathan explains that Parker wasn't real. He can't see Duke, and Duke says that he doesn't know why. He tells Dwight to tell Nathan that he has to go to Audrey at the old armory tower. When Nathan asks Dwight if he's coming, Duke says that they're not done yet and leads him off. As they go, Nathan thanks Duke.

Audrey continues to absorb the aether, and Croatoan tells her that it's powerful. Nathan comes in and Audrey hugs him. He tells Croatoan that he could never copy what Audrey is to him. Croatoan gathers the aether into a spear and throws it at Audrey to force her into it, and Nathan blocks it with his body. He collapses, and Audrey goes to his body. She tells Croatoan to fix Nathan because she loves him, and because he's her family. Croatoan insists that he's saving her, and a disgusted Audrey says that everything he has done is for himself. She tells him that her potential is in Haven with Nathan, who would do anything for her. Croatoan says that he would do anything for her, and Audrey asks if he would give his life like Nathan did. Taken aback, he can't answer her.

When Audrey charges at him, Croatoan freezes her and then resurrects Nathan. He goes back to Audrey and turns her to see Nathan. They hug and Croatoan admits that he wouldn't die for her. However, he will leave for her. There's nothing on Earth or on their homeworld without Audrey at his side, so he'll power the Barn and end the Troubles forever.

Duke takes Dwight to where Lizzie is playing with a dog. He says that Dwight can save her as long as he believes she is real. Dwight wonders how he can do that, and Duke fades away.

The aether continues coming down, and Croatoan says that the Void wants into the world. He hopes that he can show her what he once was, and Audrey thanks him. Croatoan summons Vince, who warns that Croatoan won't power the Barn. He needs more power and the aether needs love to supercharge it. Vince tells Croatoan that he doesn't have the love that Lucy and Sara had when they went into the Barn, and Audrey says that she does.

Once Audrey confers with Vince, she tells Nathan that if she enters the Barn with Croatoan then the Troubles will end. She says that she has to go, and Nathan agrees. Audrey warns that she won't be coming back, and Nathan assures her that she has nothing to be sorry for. He's realized that the reason he loves her is because she's willing to go. Audrey makes him promise to find someone and move on. Nathan says that he can never do that, and promises to think of her.

Once Nathan leaves, Audrey begins the process. Throughout the town, the Troubles are drawn from the townspeople and enter the aether cloud.

A woman slaps Chris Brody as his Trouble to be charming leaves him.

Dwight stares at his daughter, who stares to fade away.

Seth Byrne looks at a map of Maine, and Haven reappears on it.

Inside the barn, Croatoan takes Audrey's hand.

The armory glows brightly and then collapses as Nathan looks on.

Things return to normal in Haven. A month later, Nathan and Stab deal with normal problems. Dwight calls and says that retirement with Lizzie and McHugh is great. He's on the dock fishing, and asks Nathan if he's coming. Nathan says that he's on his way, and tells Stan that he's going fishing. Stan says that it's been a month and the Historic Society wants to know why the armory collapsed. He has no idea what happened, and Nathan tells Laverne to send the easy calls to Stan. She comes over and Nathan admits that he isn't used to seeing her out of the dispatch room. Laverne says that Gloria is looking for him concerning the Troubles.

At the bar, Gloria tells Nathan that she cross-referenced old genetic samples of the Troubled to new samples, and the DNA markers have disappeared. She's sure that it won't come back in 27 years, and Nathan figures that was what would happen. When he says that he still misses Audrey, Gloria calls Vickie over. She gives Nathan a drawing of Audrey, and thanks him for giving her back the gift of drawing normally. Gloria suggests that Nathan ask himself what Audrey would do and do that, just like she does with Duke. She says that she and Duke were a lot alike, and tells Nathan to talk to her if he wants to talk to Duke.

Nathan drives to the dock and spots a car on the side. He pulls over to investigate and discovers that the woman inside looks just like Audrey. She asks him for help, and Nathan introduces himself. The woman says that her name is Paige and she has to get her baby son James some food. Nathan checks the engine and considers things for a minute, and then tells her to start it. Paige gets out and slams the car door on Nathan's hand. He winces in pain, and she offers to buy him breakfast to apologize. Nathan accepts.

In the Barn, Croatoan and Vince watch. Vince says that Audrey couldn't go back as herself, but she knew that if she went back as someone else then she and Nathan would fall in love again... and she was right.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 18, 2015

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