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Deathstroke Recap

Senator Hamilton Hill attends a re-election party at Hendon Hall in his honor in Bludhaven. Outside, the security guards wand the arriving guests. The elevator opens and a masked mercenary—Deathstroke—steps out and attacks the guards. He disposes of one and throws the other one into the ballroom.

The crowd panics and runs, and Deathstroke guns down one of the musicians. Deathstroke’s mercenaries arrive to stop Hill, who hides behind a table. Meanwhile, Deathstroke kills the remaining guards and drags the senator out while drawing his sword. Hill begs for his life and Deathstroke lifts his mask long enough for the senator to see his face. He mutters the name “Slade” and then Deathstroke decapitates him.

Later, Dick Grayson watches a newscast about the assassination. He then has Oracle replay Deathstroke’s departure and captures an image of the driver, William “Willy” Wintergreen.” Dick dons his costume and heads out into the city, tracking down Wintergreen. Wintergreen goes for his gun but the costumed Dick Grayson—Nightwing—easily disarms him and handcuffs him to a ladder. He asks for Deathstroke’s location, but Wintergreen denies knowing where the killer is. Nightwing breaks a finger and Wintergreen tells him that Deathstroke is at the Iceburg Lounge in Gotham. Before he goes, Nightwing secretly attaches a tracker to Wintergreen’s sleeve.

Back at his lair, a woman in a wheelchair comes in as Dick forges one of his razorwings and then throws it into the wall.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 27, 2015

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