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A New Season (aka Suck It Cancellation Bear) Recap

Aboard the pirate ship, Galavant addresses the crew and explains that when they reach ashore, he will rescue Isabella and return Richard to his kingdom. Richard wakes up to complain that he's seasick Galavant tells him that they're almost there, but Richard asks him to sing him the song. His companion agrees and starts to sing, but the Pirate King and his men complain that they've heard it enough already. They sing about the new season for the show.

In Hortensia, Isabella and her people sing about the new season and how Isabella will be marrying her cousin. Isabella laments how she's tried to escape and failed repeatedly, and begs Galavant to come find her.

In Valencia, Madalena and Gareth sing about the new season in their reign, and Sid sings about how he'll hopefully have a few more songs. Sid gives around the season finale until everyone complains.

After the number is over, Richard sees land and points out the safest place to come ashore... and the ship soon crashes.

In Valencia, Madalena and Gareth attend court and resolve pressing legal matters about chickens. Sid steps forward to ask what his situation is,

In Hortensia, the king and queen of Valencia bring their daughter Isabella cake toppers for her upcoming wedding to her 11-year-old cousin. They're fine with that, but Isabella is sure that Galavant will come for her and then they'll marry. Her parents insist that it isn't a prison and leave the prison cell, and Isabella wonders where Galavant are.

Galavant and Richard head through the forest and are soon lost. Richard finally realizes that he led them into the Enchanted Forest. There is an evil queen, and one time Richard's father and his best friend/camping buddy Uncle Keith wandered into the forest and Keith was never heard from again. They come to a pub advertising happy hour named "The Enchanted Forest." They go inside and discover that all of the customers are men. Jean Hamm is there and asks them not to tell his wife before leaving with a man.

The Queen comes in and tells them that they'll pay for trespassing. She has his men strip Galavant down and toss him behind the bar to pour drinks. Once the number is over, Galavant says that he has to leave and explains that his true love is a woman. However, the Queen refuses to let them go until Galavant's abs go soft.

In Valencia, Sid takes a bath and Gareth comes in and says that he wants Sid to be his assistant. He asks him to go over the country's charter and figure out what happens when a king is disposed. Gareth can't read and wants Sid to read the charter for him.

Isabella is enjoying her outside time when the Jester brings in her cousin Harry. Harry soon runs off and the Jester admits that entertaining an 11-year-old is the easiest gig he's had. Once he leaves, Isabella goes over to Chef and Gywnne and asks them to help her escape. Chef is big on women's rights, and offers to drug the guards and get Isabella a key.

At the Enchanted Forest, Richard comes to the bar and discovers that Galavant. The guards bring Galavant back after stopping his escape. Richard is enjoying himself, but Galavant is worried about the people he cares about. As Richard walks off, Uncle Keith grabs him and explains that he belongs there just like Richard's father. He figures that Richard doesn't belong there and offers to help him escape.

Madalena is enjoying chicken on the throne when Gareth and Sid come in. Gareth is angry that he's not treated as an equal, and says that according to the charter he banished the former king so he's the King. Isabella agrees to let him be King, and the guard presents Gareth to the court.

Richard tells Galavant that he has a way out. Galavant refuses to listen to him, and Richard clubs him unconscious and carries him to the Ladies Room. The hero wakes up and Richard punches him, and points out that there is no Ladies Room because no one ever uses it. Richard introduces a waiting Uncle Keith, who says that his destiny is there: Richard Destiny. The guards yell for Galavant, and Richard and Galavant quickly leave.

In the forest, Galavant apologizes for what he said about Richard. Richard admits that he screws things up, but explains that he was breastfed until he was 9. Galavant tells Richard that he has to find his inner king, and they need to make him a new ruler for the new season.

In Valencia, Gareth is crowned king and he and Madalena sing about the new season.

In Hortensia, Isabella gets the key and plans to leave before Harry reaches puberty.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 4, 2016

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