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World's Best Kiss Recap

Galavant and Richard continue through the woods and Richard complains. A lot. When his boot breaks, Galavant says that they're going to make camp, but the next day he's dropping Richard off and rescuing Isabella. Richard complains that only Gareth cares about him, while Galavant promises that he'll get to Isabella.

In Hortensia, Isabella summons Chef to give him her valued Amulet of Valencia. He doesn't remember her ever wearing it, and Isabella insists that she has. She wants Chef to give it to her parents to remember her by. Isabella plans to escape during the changing of the guard the next day, and she's looking forward to be with Galavant. Galavant and Isabella each sing about their one and only kiss, the best in the world. They soon realize that it was an awful kiss, but it was a kiss they won't forget.

The next morning, Isabella wakes up and finds Chef standing over her. He points out that she never gave him the Amulet, and she hands it over.

Madalena and Gareth arrive at court and Sid gives them their schedule. Gareth wants to skip the bleeding-and-leeching, and Madalena figures he is ruthless enough to help her invade the other seven realms. She sees a painting of dogs jousting above the fireplace, and admires it when Gareth is listening. When he isn't, Madalena tells Sid to throw it in the moat.

Galavant and Richard arrive at a village holding a pre-Renaissance pleasure fair and Galavant goes to the cobbler to fix Richard's boot. Once he leaves, Richard spots a unicorn in a corral and goes over to greet it. The unicorn is all over Richard, and its owner explains that unicorns are drawn to those who have never been with a lady. Richard quickly tries to step away but the unicorn follows him until he walks away. Galavant finds him and says that the boots will take all day, and explains that they've only had one romantic moment. Richard has heard that the kiss was bad and he heard it from Gareth on the beach. He suggests that they see a nearby fortune teller to cheer Galavant up, as the unicorn comes over.

As Isabella leaves her cell, her mother comes in. The Jester hides her and explains that he's playing hide-and-seek with Harry, and offers to help Isabella escape.

The fortune teller, Edwin the Magnificent, is waving over his crystal ball when Richard and Galavant come in. Edwin knows who they are and starts his routine. A call comes in from his wife and they argue briefly. Edwin then explains that he can communicate with people in distant realms, and Galavant gets an idea.

In Hortensia, Isabella and the Jester sneak out past the overly elaborate changing of the guards. Harry comes looking for the Jester, who runs off.

In the kitchen, Chef and Gwynne realize that Isabella's Amulet is ringing. They answer it and Galavant and says over the bad connection that he's coming to rescue them. He holds up Edwin's staff to get a better signal, and Richard takes it to ask where Gareth is. Chef explains that Gareth took the throne and betrayed Richard, and they are held prisoner in Hortensia. Galavant tells them to get Isabella, while a shocked Richard takes in his friend's betrayal.

Gareth and Sid are hauling in Sid's personal belongings to give the throne room his personal touch, and he sees his dog-jousting painting in the moat. He goes into the throne room and starts throwing her things into the moat. She throws his things out, and he throws more of her things out. When Madalena prepares to throw Sid out, Sid tells them that they have to find some common ground. Gareth and Madalena try to work things out, and finally agree to disagree... except Sid, who they both hate and toss into the moat.

Chef finds Isabella and give her the Amulet. The signal is still poor, and it sounds like Galavant is telling her to marry Harry, she's gross, and he isn't coming for her. Galavant hears her say that their kiss was amazing. A cow from the petting zoo enters Edwin's tent, and the messages get even more scrambled. Isabella thinks that Galavant is talking to her, not the cow, and believes that he doesn't love her.

Richard sits alone with the unicorn. He finally decides that he's had enough of being embarrassed, pulls a sword from a nearby stump, and orders the unicorn to leave. Once it goes, Galavant comes over and admits that he knows about betrayal. Richard doesn't believe him, and Galavant points out that Madalena betrayed him for Richard, and Richard forced Isabella to betray him. He assures Richard that he'll figure out what to do without Gareth, and they leave with the sword... unaware that the stump has a sign saying the weapon is the Hero Sword.

In Hortensia, Isabella laments how Galavant never loved her. She goes back to her cell and admits that it's she'll still miss their kiss... and it's the only one they'll get.

Galavant and Richard arrive at Valencia, and Richard offers to give Galavant whatever he needs to rescue Isabella. However, he realizes that his castle is gone.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 4, 2016

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