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Blood Bonds Recap

Supergirl and Non fly at each other and then smash through the ceiling of Lord Technologies. High in the sky, they exchange punches until a jet flies past them. Non grabs Supergirl and they plummet down into the plaza, and Non lifts Supergirl off of the ground and dismisses her as weak. Hank runs out and Non grabs him at superspeed. Despite Hank's Martian strength, Non overwhelms him and flies off as Alex and the remaining DEO agents run out.

As they go back into the building's lobby, Supergirl and Max telling a DEO agent to stay out of the upstairs area. Alex points out that they need to secure the area, but Max says that he's done cooperating with the NEO... and Alex. She asks what the aliens are looking for, and Max tells her to ask Supergirl while he protects himself.

Back at the DEO, Alex tells Supergirl that they're initiating emergency protocols. She discovers that Hank put her in charge, and Alex orders every DEO satellite pointing at National City. In the armory, Supergirl suggests that she try and convince Astra to tell her why Non took Hank. Alex isn't convinced that Supergirl can handle her aunt, but Supergirl points out that they don't have a choice.

Supergirl goes to the containment cell, and Astra refuses to answer her questions. She tells Supergirl that she is the true heir to the House of El, and is amused that Supergirl is trying to manipulate her emotions. Astra figures that Supergirl is afraid of the truth she knows about Astra's mother, and Supergirl insists that she knows what Non and Astra are. Astra says that she told Non to spare Supergirl because of their shared blood, and realizes that Supergirl has chosen to side with the humans.

On Krypton one year before the explosion, a captive Astra tells the Council that the people of Krypton have chosen not to see the truth. Alura insists that Astra's plans would have robbed the Kryptonians of their freedom, and Astra insists that she gave them the courage to do what is necessary. Non warns that Alura and the others won't listen, and Alura reminds him that he killed many through his delusions. Zor-El nods and Alura sends the prisoners to Fort Rozz for life imprisonment. Non warns that she will soon realize that she has condemned all of Krypton, including Kara.

The next day, Kara, Winn, and James watch Max's broadcast. He claims that he was the target of industrial espionage, and James says that he'll find out why Max is covering up the attack. Kara warns James that it's too dangerous, but he insists. As they talk, Kara hears Cat coming up and saying that she has an attitude problem, not a perception problem. She panics and tells the others that Cat thinks that she's Supergirl, and wants the two men to act normally. Kara overheats the coffee with her heat vision and gets a new cup for Cat.

Cat arrives and Kara gets her coffee. The CEO points out that Kara is delivering it like a normal boring person. When Kara tries to leave, Cat asks if she has buildings to leap over and Kara tries to dismiss it as a joke. Cat doesn't buy it but agrees to continue with the charade.

Later, Supergirl flies to the DEO base and brings food for Alex. Non contacts them and offers to trade Hank for Astra. He confirms that Hank is alive, and Alex promises to bring him back. Non gives Alex 48 hours to make the trade or Hank will die. Alex considers what to do, and finds General Lane waiting for her. He informs Alex and Supergirl that the President has given him authority over the DEO, because the White House doesn't want someone with personal ties involved in the hostage situation. Lane's orders are to find the enemy garrison and recover Hank. Alex has no choice but to relinquish command.

At Lord Technologies, James is taking photos of the impact crater outside when Max comes out and refuses to let him take photos of his research facility. He realizes that James knows that it wasn't industrial espionage, and says that he finds James' association with his friends troubling. James isn't interested in reassuring him, and Max points out that the press has been masking the threat that "heroes" like Supergirl represents. James wonders what he plans on doing, and Max says whatever needs doing.

Kara brings Cat some media authorizations, and Cat invites her assistant to sit with her and talk. The CEO has checked Kara's past and wants her to clarify some details. She questions her about growing up and Kara answers her questions truthfully. Cat is still sure that she's Supergirl, figuring that Kara couldn't have answered all the questions unless she had rehearsed the answers. As Kara leaves, Alex calls and says that she has to get to the DEO right away.

Non has one of the Rozz prisoners telepathically scan Hank, but the alien can't read Hank's mind. Hank asks what Non wants, and reminds him that if Non kills him then the DEO kills Astra. Non casually snaps the telepath's neck but Hank isn't impressed.

Lane goes to see Astra in her cell and introduces himself. He explains about how as a child he saw a movie concerning an alien that threatened to destroy Earth if humans didn't change their ways. It frightened him, and is frightened by Astra. Lane says that he is a man of honor and takes no pleasure in what comes next, and soldiers enter Astra's cell with a Kryptonite syringe. The general says that she is going to break eventually, just as Supergirl and Alex comes in. Supergirl tries to intervene but the Kryptonite lights weaken her, and Astra points out that Supergirl is siding with the humans against her family. Lane orders Alex to drag Supergirl out as Astra screams in pain.

Later, Kara meets with Winn and James at CatCo. She admits that she is still concerned about Astra as her aunt. James lies and claims that Max didn't say anything useful. Cat calls for Kara, and Kara leaves. Once she's gone, Winn tells James that he knows what he's lying. James tells him that Max is planning a countermove against the Kryptonians, including Supergirl, so they have to find out what Max is up to. He wants Winn to use the photos he took to access the research facility's computers. Winn is leery but James reminds him that Kara will be disappointed if he doesn't help.

Kara joins Cat on the balcony and the CEO explains that she watched all of the Supergirl coverage. She figures that it means Kara is wasting time as an assistant when someone is in danger. Cat refuses to partake in the ruse any longer and tells Kara to either prove she isn't Supergirl or she's fired.

At Lord Technologies, Winn disables the alarms and James kicks in the door. He goes in and comes to a laser grid, and Winn shuts it down. James comes to a door and Winn, monitoring it, notes that it is the only lock with a bio-diagnostic scanner. Max has his guards knock James from behind.

Alex calls Kara to tell her that Astra gave up the location of the garrison and the DEO soldiers are mobilizing. Kara doesn't believe it and insists on coming with them. The soldiers arrive at the indicated location--a warehouse--while Lane monitors them from the base. Supergirl joins them and flies ahead, and Alex tells Lane that she called her. Flying back, Supergirl warns that the cargo containers are lined with lead. The soldiers move in and Supergirl burns open the first cargo container.

An underling warns Non that the humans are closing in.

Supergirl finds Hank inside of the container. As they approach him, they realize that it's a hologram concealing a bomb. Non triggers the explosion, and Supergirl shields Alex and the commander. The other soldiers are killed by the blast, and Alex realizes that it was a trap.

After locking up James, Max compliments him on bypassing the security. He wonders who helped James, but James refuses to identify Winn. James dares Max to reveal what's going on, Max refuses and starts beating him. He then picks up a wrench and James' camera, and promises that James will be next.

The next day, Kara visits Cat and says that she can't tell her that she's Supergirl. She says that the job and CatCo is more important to her than Cat realizes, and she's needs Cat and her guidance more than ever. Cat says that Kara knows what she needs to do, and Kara quits. The CEO tells her to finish out the day, and Kara leaves.

At their office base, Kara finds James beaten up. She realizes that Max beat him as Winn comes in with an ice pack. Kara is furious that they took Max on themselves, and promises to do whatever it takes to stop Alex. James points out that she sounds a lot like Astra, and Winn gets in front of Kara and points out that if she goes after Max then she's no better than Astra and Non. When Kara wonders if she is different, Winn insists that she has to be. Kara says that she's already lost everything. She can't stop Max, she can't rescue Hank, and she can't salvage her job. The one thing she could count on is ruined and she has nothing left. James takes her hand and says that heroes find a way, and Winn takes Kara's other hand.

Later, Supergirl visits Astra and says that now she's ready to hear what she has to say. She admits that she was afraid to listen before, but something happened that made her want to hurt someone because she was afraid of losing everything that mattered to her. Supergirl figures that Astra felt the same way on Krypton, and insists that they have to be better than their fear. She tells her aunt that she knows the real Astra, and has faith that there is still good in her. Astra says that she's not worth Supergirl's faith, and Supergirl says that everyone deserves faith.

Alura tells Astra that she believes her. However, she condemned her because she killed people no matter how noble the goals. Alura promises to fight for her cause through compassion and reason, because it's the only way to save their world. She then sends Astra to Fort Rozz.

Astra tells Supergirl that Alura never stopped believing in her... just like her daughter. Supergirl says that it's not too late and asks where Hank is, and Astra warns that the only way to save Hank is to make the trade. When she says that the humans will never agree, Supergirl says that it's a good thing she's not human.

Supergirl and Alex take to Lane and say that they're making the prisoner exchange. Lane refuses and his men aim their rifles, and the DEO agents with Alex draw their weapons. Alex reminds Lane that his orders are to bring Hank home, and that's what she's doing. Supergirl looks at the commander, and after a moment he lowers his weapon. He tells Lane that Supergirl saved his life, and orders his men to lower their weapons as Supergirl and Alex walk out with the prisoner. Lane asks how they know Non won't betray them, and Supergirl admits that she doesn't... but she has faith.

Alex and the others take Astra to the rendezvous at an oil refinery. Astra figures that Alex isn't as sure as she appears, and Alex says that she wants Astra's people to realize that they're better than Lane so they can find a way to end the war. Supergirl flies down and says that the Kryptonians are there. None and flies down with Hank, and Astra and Hank walk past each other. Non and Astra hug, and Supergirl realizes that something is wrong.

More Kryptonians fly down and surround the area. Supergirl hears Alex tell Hank to transform, and prepares to fight. However, Astra orders her men to stand down. She tells Non to honor the agreement, and he reluctantly orders his soldiers to withdraw. He flies off, and Astra warns Supergirl that it's not a truce. Supergirl says that it's a start, and her aunt flies off.

Back at the DEO, Lane warns the group that they've only delayed the inevitably. Hank gives Lane his orders to leave, and Lane warns them that their idealism will doom Earth. The director says that the idealism will save them. Once Lane leaves, Supergirl asks what Alex meant earlier about Hank transforming. Once they tell her, Hank explains that he keeps his true nature secret to make the world safe for humans and aliens alike.

Later, Cat calls for Kira and remembers that she quit. Supergirl flies down and says that James told her that Cat thinks Kara is Supergirl. Kara walks in and Supergirl shakes her hand. Cat tells Kara that Supergirl has important work to do and sends Kara to refill her bottle of sake. Once Supergirl leaves, Cat tells Kara that she can have her job back as long as she doesn't tell anyone about her suspicions. The CEO admits that she was wrong and says that Kara looks nothing like Supergirl.

Kara goes to the roof where "Supergirl" is waiting. Hank reverts to his human male form and says that he wouldn't mind Supergirl working for him full-time. Kara says that CatCo is more than a secret identity to her, and admits that she almost did something that she would have regretted. However, her friends keep her human just like the DEO does the same for Hank.

Back at her desk, Kara gets a text from her cousin asking if she's okay. Clark asks if he needs help, and Kara promises that if she does, she'll ask. He reminds her that blood bonds them all, and he learned it form her. James and Winn come over, and Kara tells them that things are fine with Cat. She thanks them for stopping her earlier, and says that they'll expose what Max is up to and put him away for good.

At Lord Technologies, a scientist tells Max that they've found a woman meeting his specifications. Max goes into the sealed lab where the woman, comatose, is laying on a table. He introduces himself and says that he's going to help her.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 5, 2016

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