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Send in the Clones Recap

In Bedford, Missouri, Luke and Malina stop to get supplies. Malina contemplates Noah's broken glasses, all she has of him after he disappeared during the storm. She insists that Noah promised that they would work together to save the world, but refuses to take the time to search for him because there's too much at stake. Malina figures that Erica took him just like she took Tommy, and tells Luke that she and her brother have to get to Odessa. Luke promises to be with her, and they go into a store to get supplies.

As they get supplies, Malina says that the solar flare will hit in two days. Luke figures that they have to rescue Tommy from Midian and then head for Odessa. Malina wonders why Luke is buying a gun and bullets, and he explains that his powers are unreliable out of the sunlight. The girl picks out a camo shirt and says that she wants to get it because it reminds her of Farah.

Several of the Harris clones drive Quentin and Phoebe to Bedford after Renautus picks up a video of Malina using her powers. One of the Harris clones works out how to intercept her, and warns that Noah will know that they're coming after them so they need the element of surprise. Quentin hesitantly suggests that they capture Malina alive, but Harris reminds him that their orders are to kill the girl. Phoebe agrees and questions her brother's commitment to the cause, and he points out that Malina isn't much younger than her. His sister says that it doesn't bother her, and Quentin says that it bothers him. Phoebe and Harris wonder if they have a problem, and Quentin says that they don't.

In Gateway in the future, Tommy teleports Miko to a greenhouse and asks why she tried to rescue him. She explains that it's her mission, and she doesn't know how she arrives. Miko says that her father Hachiro sent her, and Tommy recognizes her as Katana Girl from the 9th Wonders comic. The comic shows the two of them meeting in the greenhouse, and Tommy explains that the comics foretell his future and Miko's because she's connected to him. Miko starts to derez and she tells Tommy that she's not real. Guards come in and Tommy teleports out with Miko.

Elsewhere in Gateway, a guard escorts Hachiro to Erica. He says that the Eternal Fortress is almost rebuilt, and Erica reminds him that after Katana Girl freed Hiro, she's had to persuade Tommy to help them recreate the bridge between the two time zones. Hachiro warns that the construct is single-minded, and Erica tells him that he's only alive because he's the only one capable of fixing the problem he created. She orders him to do his job or she'll kill the real Miko in front of him before killing him as well.

At Sunstone Manor, Matt addresses the residents and orders them to find their happy place. Inside the main house, Taylor tells Carlos, Farah, and Rene that it's all part of her mother's plan to download Evos' powers into tech and prepare for Armageddon. Farah explains that she was protecting Malina from Renautus, and her Tommy can stop the HELE. Carlos wonders how they find them, and Rene says that Micah can help their causes. Rene and Taylor go to deal with Matt, while Carlos and Farah find Micah, Mauricio, and Jose.

Carlos and Farah move through the facility and hear a gunshot up ahead. They break into the next room and find one of the truthers dead on the floor. Three Harris clones come in, guns drawn, and Farah turns invisible. Carlos takes out two of the clones, and Farah takes out the third. As Matt continues talking, Carlos shoots out the lock and heads into the next room, and knocks out the technician running the tapes of Matt's voice. They shoot out the machine and the voice stops.

The two intruders continue on and Carlos finds his powered armor. He puts it on and explains that it's a family tradition to stand up for what they believe in.

Matt is on the phone calling for help when Rene and Taylor comes in. Rene uses his powers to negate Matt's telepathy, and demands to know where Micah is. He points out that Matt used to be a family man, and Matt says that his family walked out on him. When Taylor points out that families break up but it doesn’t justify what he's doing, Matt explains that he hears everyone's thoughts 24/7. By making everyone at Sunstone happy, he gets a chance to make it up to his family. Taylor tells him that no future is going into the future unless they're in a pod, and explains that her Erica used her boyfriend just like she's using Matt. Rene asks Matt to join them, insisting that they can defeat Erica with Micah's help. Matt considers and then shoots Rene in the ear, disrupting his concentration. He then orders Rene to walk away and forces Taylor to hand over her gun. He tells her that if Erica doesn't live up to her promise then he'll kill Taylor.

Tommy teleports Miko further into Gateway. As they take cover, he shows her the comic panels with Harris at Sunstone Manor and Miko recognizes him. She continues to derez, and Miko tells Tommy to send her to Sunstone Manor so she can play her part. He wonders how he'll convince Erica that he killed her, and Miko gives him her scarf. Before he teleports her back, Miko asks Tommy to tell Ren that he loved her as well. Erica, Hachiro, and a guard arrive and Tommy claims that Miko derezzed. He says that Miko only spoke in Japanese and gives Erica the scarf, and it derezzes. As Erica considers what happened, Tommy distracts her by saying he wants to return to the present so he can learn how he'll save everyone. She tells him to teleport back to Odessa and he'll save everyone there first.

Miko arrives in a field near Sunstone and sees the Harris clones moving toward the manor.

Carlos smashes into the room holding the Evos and explains that they've shut down Matt's voice and asks them for their help. Mauricio says that Micah is in the isolation unit, and Carlos embraces him. He then tells everyone to meet at the front door.

Matt proves Taylor's mind to learn why she hates her mother, and confirms that Erica betrayed her. He continues digging and gets an image of a baby, and realizes that Taylor had a baby. Matt promises that if his family doesn't go to the future then Erica will never meet her grandchild. He telepathically commands Taylor to cooperate and then heads out. Two of the Harris clones are waiting and order Matt to hand over Taylor. Matt refuses and telepathically forces them to shoot themselves.

Jose phases through a wall and finds Carlos and Farah. He tells them that the isolation unit is at the other end of the compound, and takes Carlos there while Farah organizes their defense. She kisses Carlos and leaves.

The Harris clones with Quentin and Phoebe scan the cars leaving Bedford. They detect Malina and Luke, and cut them off. The Renautus group moves in and Malina recognizes them. She and Luke run into a nearby cornfield, and Malina summons a wind to provide cover. Phoebe negates her power with her own, and Luke realizes his power is neutralized as well. He tells Malina to go while he defends himself with his Glock. She reluctantly heads to a nearby bar.

Tommy and Erica arrive in Odessa as a storm gathers overhead. She explains that they built a replica of Gateway there, and offered the best and the brightest money to come there. Erica explains that she had their genomes marked for specific markers, and they'll eventually understand the need for deception. Tommy says that he want to see his mother.

Carlos breaks into the isolation unit but discovers that Micah is in a shatterproof glass cell.

Malina approaches the barn but then turns around and goes back for Luke.

Phoebe and Quentin search the cornfield, and Phoebe irritably tells Quentin to stop distracting her. She hears Malina coming and grabs her with her shadows, and Harris arrives. He tells Phoebe to make it quick, and Luke arrives and knocks Phoebe out. His powers restored, Luke blasts Harris to salt and orders Quentin to drop his gun. Quentin realizes who he is, and Luke says that he told Joanne not to kill Quentin when she had the chance. The conspiracy theorist warns Luke that he's on the wrong side and asks where Noah is, and Luke tells him that Noah is gone. He tells Quentin that he'll roast him if he tries to shoot, and asks if he's willing to die for his side. Quentin starts to aim at Malina, but then tosses the gun away. Luke has Malina shunt Phoebe and prepares to question her.

Erica takes Tommy to where the Renautus personnel are preparing for departure. Emily is there and runs over to Tommy. Anne is there as well and they explain that Renautus evacuated them from Carbondale after the storm caused a fire. Erica says that they're there because Tommy wanted them to be there, and Anne thanks her. However, she says that she'll want some answers if Erica wants Tommy helps. Erica agrees but says that first she needs Tommy's help. As Tommy goes, Anne says that he can't run from his true destiny. Tommy says that it's okay, kisses Emily, and goes with Erica.

As they go, Erica tells Tommy that she's trusting him with the future of entire human race. She then offers to show him how he's going to save it.

At the barn, Malina demands to know where her brother is. Quentin and Phoebe refuse to answer, and Luke says that he recognizes Phoebe's power from the summit. He figures that she killed thousands of innocent people, including his son, and Phoebe tells him to go ahead and shoot. Quentin says that Erica is the one ultimately responsible, and Malina agrees. Luke repeats Malina's question about Tommy, and Phoebe tells Quentin to keep quiet. When Luke prepares to shoot him, Quentin says that Tommy is working with Renautus and will take them to the future from Odessa. Luke wonders why he shouldn't kill Phoebe, and Malina steps in front of the gun and says that Erica still has Tommy. She asks if Luke needs more regrets, and Luke lowers his gun. Malina says that they'll take their prisoners with them... while a Harris clone secretly watches from outside.

Erica takes Tommy to the Renautus lab where Schwenkman is working. Schwenkman has Tommy sit in a chair and explains that it will amplify his power, letting him send anyone wearing a special bracelet to the future Gateway. Erica gets a call and steps away, and a Harris clone tells her that Sunstone has been compromised and Matt has Taylor. He figures that Matt will come to Erica, and watches as more of the clones close in on Miko. Erica realizes that Tommy is playing both sides, and tells Harris to take care of Miko while she deals with Tommy.

Carlos is punching through the glass when a Harris clone comes in and shoots him. The armor stops the shot, and Mauricio chokes the clone in his gas form long enough for Carlos to kill him with a punch. A guard comes in and shoots Mauricio after he resolidifies, and Carlos knocks the man out. Mauricio says that it's okay and then dies. Jose calls to his uncle, and Carlos says a prayer for his fallen friend. He then goes back to the glass and smashes it with one furious blow. Carlos pulls the conduit cable out of Micah, and Micah says that he needs a computer. Farah arrives and says that everyone has to assembled at the front door. As they go, Farah explains that Miko is outside fighting the clones by herself.

The prime Harris grabs an axe and tells his clones to step back because he'll deal with Miko. They step back and the clone points out that Miko is derezzing. Unimpressed, she prepares her weapon and the two of them come at each other. She finally manages to cut him in the stomach, and he parries her next blow and knocks her down. Harris hits her repeatedly and grabs her head. He promises that once he kills the construct, he's going to kill the real Miko and then Hachiro. She stabs through her derezzing chest into his, and then decapitates him. All of the clones disintegrate.

As the watching Harris draws his gun and approaches Malina and Luke, he disintegrates.

Carlos and the others run out to Miko and he asks who she is. She says that she was Katana Girl and then derezzes completely.

Later inside of Sunstone, Micah accesses a computer and tells the others that two massive solar flares are coming the next day, one at 11:18 and 11:35 a.m. The first will destroy North America, and the second will wipe out humanity. If word gets out, there will be mass panic. He uses his power to connect to every media outlet in the world.

Across the world, Micah tells the people that Erica has lied to everyone and engineered the war between humans and Evos. He plays a video of Erica using a shapeshifter to impersonate Mohinder and send out the terrorist messages. Tommy and his family watch in Odessa as Micah says that they all have to fight to save their planet.

At Midian, Erica has Joanne brought to her. When Joanne wonders why she's there, Erica says Renautus has been tracking her for quite a while and concealed her efforts. She insists that the stories claiming that she's responsible for the summit explosion are lies, and tells Joanne that as a mother she also understands the pain the Evos brought into their world. Erica offers her an opportunity to make a real difference, and shows her a tablet photo of her next target: Malina and her protector Luke.

Luke and Malina drive to Odessa with Quentin and Phoebe.

Carlos, Farah, Micah, and Jose drive to Odessa.

Matt drives Taylor to Odessa.

The solar flares head for Earth.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 8, 2016

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