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The Revolutionaries Recap

Near Stockholm, Dr. Maza of Burebiska is playing the piano in a rented mill while his daughter Chantal sits nearby and reads. Outside, Yuseef stands guard with a sten gun. A car pulls up on the nearby road and Colonel Haidar and his assistant Casim get out and check out the mill with binoculars. They spot Yuseef and hear Maza playing, while Maza’s dog barks. Maza tells Chantal to turn off the lights and gets out a gun, while Yuseef releases the dog. Haidar and Casim run back to the car and shoot the dog, and drive off as Yuseef comes running. Yuseef spots them as they leave and goes back to the mill. He tells Maza what happened, and Maza says that he needs to act now. He goes inside and calls McGill.

Later, McGill drives to Maza’s mill and hears Maza playing the piano. Yuseef comes out, armed, and demands McGill’s identification. Once he’s satisfied McGill is who he claims, Yuseef escorts McGill inside. Maza explains that he studied piano in Paris, and wonders how long the CIA was involved in their democratic revolution in North Africa. McGill gets down to business and Maza says that his book of memoirs is finished. He explains that certain people don’t want his memoirs published because of all the government abuses he documents, and Maza wants Chantal out of the way when the people come. Maza wants McGill to take Chantal to London on the noon plane for her own safety. He also wants McGill to collect a package at the airport and take it with him. Chantal will know what to do with it when she gets it to London.

Yuseef brings Chantal in and says that she’s not happy that they will be separated. Maza insists that he’ll follow her to London when his business is finished, and tells McGill that he doesn’t have a passport. Chantal has French nationality and reluctantly says that she will go... if her father telephones the police and asks for protection. He agrees and tells McGill to leave immediately with Chantal. As they go outside, Yuseef calls Burebiskan Ambassador Malouf and tells him that McGill is leaving with Chantal. Haidar is with Malouf, and orders Yuseef to stay with Maza. Once Malouf hangs up, he tells Haidar that a woman named Toni Olsson is delivering a package to McGill at the airport. Haidar goes to the airport himself to check things out after calling in Casim.

As they drive to the airport, Chantal explains that she worked as her father’s personal secretary. A car follows them as Chantal explains that Toni Olsson, Maza’s agent, will meet them at the airport with the package. The pursuing car cuts them off and Casim and his assistant quickly knock out McGill.

At the airport, Toni waits for Chantal. She goes to the desk and hears Haidar asking for a page for Toni, assuming she’s a man. Toni sits back down and Haidar sees two men, Nuri and Amin Hamout, come in and returns to the embassy. The colonel informs Malouf that the sons of the late President of Burebiska have arrived. Malouf explains that they just received word of their arrival, and Haidar figures that there’s a leak at the embassy. The ambassador invites Haidar to question anyone on his staff, but Haidar is more interested in the fact that the Hamouts are there to kill Maza--the man who assassinated their father. The colonel wants a public trial rather than create a martyr, and tells Malouf to hold the brothers when they arrive at the embassy. Malouf amazingly agrees, and Haidar warns him that they must think of their country rather than personal ambition.

When Chantal doesn’t arrive at the airport, Toni puts the case in an airport locker.

McGill wakes up to find two Swedish police sergeants examining a bottle of whiskey in McGill’s car. There’s no sign of Chantal, and the sergeants assume that McGill is drunk. They agree to take him back to Maza’s mill, and Yuseef takes them to Maza. Maza claims that McGill came by earlier asking for help with car, and got the impression that he had been drinking heavily. Chantal comes down and nervously denies everything. McGill sees a gun barrel poking out of a curtain, and apologizes to Maza before leaving with the police. Once they leave, one of Casim’s men steps out from behind the curtain.

Once McGill and the police leave, Yuseef thanks Maza for his cooperation. Maza and Chantal wonder why Yuseef betrayed them, and Yuseef says that he received a stake in his country. He tells Maza that his memoirs will make no difference, and Maza insists that Haidar is much worse than the former president Hamout. Maza insists that Haidar must never become president, and Yuseef assures him that the colonel will because he’s a realist. Now they’ll wait for Haidar.

At the embassy, the Hamouts demand to know why Haidar isn’t there in response to his wire. Malouf claims that the wire never arrived, and tells them that Haidar is trying to track down the Mazas. The Hamouts demand to see Haidar’s investigation file, and Malouf refuses to release the confidential information. He points out that until recently, their father was considered a traitor to their country. The ambassador assures them that they will receive all information and invites them to go to their rooms for refreshment. As the brothers go, Nuri warns that he will make a personal report to the new president.

At the police station, McGill meets with Inspector Bergson. Bergson says that the drinking tests will not be finished until the next morning. McGill gives Toni’s name as his agent so she can provide bail, and claims he doesn’t remember her address. He suggests that Bergson look it up in the classified directory under literary agents, but Bergson agrees to make the call... later.

Haidar goes to the mill and sends Chantal out of the room. He talks about how Maza has eluded him for years, and says that Maza will be tried for Hamout’s murder and defaming his reputation. Maza tells the colonel that he has finished his work, and his agents have instructions to publish the book on the first day of his trial. He says that the book is insurance to protect Chantal, and gives his word that the book will remain unpublished as long as Haidar leaves them alone. Haidar has Chantal brought back and asks her why she was going to London with McGill. She says that she was going to discuss the publication of her father’s book, and figures that she had something to collect from Toni. Chantal claims that there were a few appendices, but Haidar doesn’t believe her and threatens to torture her for the information. Maza admits that Toni has the evidence that corroborates the claims in the books. Haidar calls in Yuseef and tells him to go to Stockholm with Casim and find Toni, and get the documents back that night. The colonel then invites Maza to play something while they wait.

Toni arrives at the police station and posts bail for McGill. She plays along with McGill’s claim. Once they’re alone, Toni says that she saw Haidar at the airport and recognized him, and says that the package is at the airport in a locker. They leave to get the locker key at her flat and then go to the mill.

Yuseef is searching Toni’s flat when McGill and Toni arrive. He draws a gun on them and demands the locker key. As McGill gets it out, Yuseef says that Haidar is flying Maza out that night. Casim calls from the airport and says that he has the case, and McGill jumps Yuseef when he hangs up. As he grabs Yuseef’s gun, Yuseef grabs Toni and holds a knife to her throat. McGill has no choice but to drop the gun, and Yuseef starts to lock them in the next room. The ex-agent slams the door in Yuseef’s face and knocks him out, and makes arrangements for Toni to watch the embassy from a nearby coffee shop while he rescues Maza. When she warns that Haidar is a killer, McGill says that she is as well and they kiss.

Casim delivers the package to Malouf, and he receives instructions to take them to Haidar. The Hamouts come in and see Casim leaving, and they figure Haidar is with the Mazas. Amin draws a gun on the ambassador and Nuri demands Maza’s location.

McGill drives to the mill and spots Haidar’s men on guard. He goes to the river, finds a rowboat, and lets it drift to the mill. McGill climbs the millwheel to the window and jimmies the latch, just as Casim arrives with the package. He gives them to Haidar as McGill watches, and Haidar tells Casim to return to the embassy and inform Malouf to prepare the ambulance for midnight.

Once Casim leaves, Haidar has Maza and Chantal brought in. McGill aims his gun and tells Haidar to order his men to surrender. Another man comes in and threatens to shoot Chantal, and McGill drops his gun. Maza apologizes for denying McGill earlier, and Chantal thanks him for coming back. Nuri and Amin come in and Haidar admits that the regime never trusted the Hamouts. Amin is ready to shoot the Mazas, but Nuri tells his brother to wait. Haidar insists that the regime wants justice, not revenge, and explains that he’s taking Maza back for trail. Maza tells the Hamouts that he didn’t kill their father, even though he was a tyrant and a butcher. He says that Haidar had President Hamout killed, and McGill says that the proof is in the package. Chantal backs up McGill’s claim, and Haidar says that it’s necessary to reinstatement Hamout’s reputation. He tells Amin to drop his gun, and points out that the regime has looked after them. Amin is furious that they had to play along with the regime and denounce their father, and Haidar disarms him.

The colonel tells Nuri that he now has all the “proof” he needs to show that they’re traitors. Maza points out that now Haidar will become President, and Haidar prepares to take Maza to the embassy. The colonel offers to arrange for Chantal to visit her father in prison, and both Maza and McGill warn that she’ll never leave the country alive. Chantal promises not to return to Burebiska. Maza thanks McGill for his efforts , and Haidar tells the Hamouts that they will be held at the embassy until his return.

At the coffee shop, Toni continues watching the embassy.

At the mill, McGill tells Chantal about Haidar’s plans to take her father out of the country by private plane. He asks a guard for a cigarette and a light, and threatens the man in English to confirm that he doesn’t speak English. McGill then tells Nuri to rub his hands together if he wants to help them get out. Once Nuri does so, McGill confirms that the shell-shocked Amin is no help. McGill then explains that they have to jump the guard without making any noise, and tells Nuri to gag the guard once he jumps him.

Chantal breaks into tears and Nuri takes out his handkerchief to wipe his brow. McGill gestures to the guard to let him get a drink for the woman, and then offers the bottle to the guard. The ex-agent tosses the drink into the guard’s face and stunts him with a karate chop, and Nuri gags him. McGill confirms there are two other men outside, and tells Nuri to take out one while he disposes of the other. After McGill leaves, Nuri asks Chantal to forgive him and his brother for Maza.

Toni sees the ambulance arrive at the embassy.

McGill goes out through the millwheel window and shoots one of the guards. The other one opens fire on him, and then spins and shoots Nuri as he comes out. Chantal picks up Nuri’s gun and kills the guard, and Amin runs to his dead brother. McGill then gets Chantal and heads for the embassy.

In the embassy, Haidar has his men bandage up Maza’s face, tranquilize him, and put him on a stretcher.

Once they get in McGill’s car, McGill has Chantal locate the airfield on the map. There’s only one road to the airfield, and McGill figures that they’ll have to cut them off there. They stop at a pay phone and McGill calls Toni. She tells them that they’re bringing out Maza on a stretcher, and tells Toni to call the police in a couple of hours if she hasn’t heard from him. Before he hangs up, McGill suggests that they have breakfast together. A policeman pulls up on a motorcycle, and McGill tells Chantal to fake a faint. The officer comes over to investigate.

Haidar drives the ambulance along the highway to the airfield. A motorcycle officer pulls him over... and McGill, wearing the officer’s uniform, draws a gun on Haidar. They continue to the airfield and McGill and Chantal pose as doctor and nurse. McGill tells the pilot that Haidar was detained and has the man put “Maza” on the plane. Chantal then checks on her father in the back of the ambulance as the plane flies away. McGill says that he’ll be back after his date for breakfast.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 10, 2016

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