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Aw, Hell, the King Recap

Richard tries to work out how his castle disappeared, and Galavant finally says that he needs to either get Richard's army or another one so he can rescue Isabella. They go to the nearby village and Richard approaches a peasant, John. However, John is more impressed by the heroic Galahad and calls the other peasants over. A disgruntled Richard introduces himself and asks where the castle is, and John explains that they tore it down to build shops. When Richard threatens to have them all drawn and quartered, John explains that they decided kings aren't special and decided to try democracy.

At Valencia, Gareth finds Richard on the throne. Richard says that he came by for a visit and hugs Gareth, and then falls over a dead with a dagger in his back. Gareth wakes up screaming from his nightmare, and Madalena complains to Sid that Gareth keeps waking her up with his screaming. She wants Sid to fix it, and makes it clear that if she gets wrinkles because she doesn't get her beauty sleep, she'll take it out on Sid.

In Hortensia, Isabella is eating a lot while Jester plays out her breakup with Galavant. Isabella's parents come in and remind Isabella that her biological clock is ticking down. They want her to at least meet her wedding planner and bring in the man: Wormwood. Wormwood assures her that he's there to help her... and cross his fingers behind his back.

John shows Richard and Galavant the new rec center and explains that they've turned the castle into something useful for the entire community. Once Richard walks off, Galavant asks to use the citizen's army. John refuses and Galavant points out that they're supposed to let the people decide. The peasant suggests that Galavant goes to the town hall meeting that night. John doesn't hold out much hope of the people voting for it, but Galavant points out that he has a very nice smile.

Sid talks to Gareth about his bad dreams, and explains that Madalena wants him to stop them. Gareth admits that he has, and Sid suggests that Gareth might be feeling guilty. The new king has no idea what "guilty" means, and doesn't believe there's such a thing. As he walks away, Madalena makes a throat-cutting gesture to Sid.

In the village, Galavant puts up posters. Richard wonders what he is now that he's not a king, and Galavant starts campaigning while Richard tries to get anyone's attention. He looks around the village and considers what else he might be. Richard finally realizes that the only thing he knows how to do is be a king, and wonders what else he should do… unaware that his hero sword is glowing.

Wormwood tells his assistant Barry not to tell anyone about his evil plan to control his mind with an enchanted tiara. Isabella comes in with her parents and wants to get everything over with. Wormwood assures her that it'll be fun and starts singing about his evil scheme. He puts the tiara on Isabella and takes control of her mind, and she immediately agrees to go through with the wedding.

At the town hall meeting, Galavant and Richard wait for Galavant's issue to come up. Richard drinks heavily and John calls Galavant up. He presents his proposal and everyone is confused about who he is rescuing: Isabella or Madalena. Galavant appeals to true love and tries Richard's slogan, and everyone boos. Richard finally has enough and says that a hero of noble intentions needs their help and true love is worth fighting for. He asks who will join the fight for true love, and a woman named Roberta steps up first. No one else does.

Gareth has a nightmare of Richard's severed head on his bed. Sid comes in and tells him to stop screaming, and suggests that Richard was Gareth's friend. The fact Gareth feels bad about betraying him means that Gareth is human, and Gareth admits that he does miss Richard. Sid then sings a song about good dreams and Gareth goes back to bed.

The next day, Galavant tells Richard that he's going to ride to Valencia, recruit some soldiers along the way, and ride back to Valencia. Richard is happy to tell his friend that he's going with him, and Galavant figures why not. Roberta arrives and calls Richard "king," and Richard figures that it'll be fun.

In Hortensia, Wormwood presents Isabella to the people and she invites everyone to her wedding in six weeks. Jester figures that something is different about Isabella, but her parents don't care.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 11, 2016

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