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That Still Small Voice Recap

We punch in over a Fairy Tale Town Square where a marionette puppet show is entertaining some village children and their parents. A small boy weaves through the crowd picking their pockets and cutting their purse strings. The boy finishes his work and ducks into a covered wagon. Later, on the road side the pick pocket boy goes through the take with his parents. There are some gold coins, trinkets and a cricket in a small cage. The boy says how much he loves crickets because they are free. His parents scoff when they here this and tell him he’s free to do what they want. The boy says that maybe he wants to be good and not steal. His father tells him “good” is another word for “weak.” Then the mom chimes in, “Let us do the thinking for you.” His father reminds him, “You are who you are and there is no changing it Jiminy.” Yup, this the story of Jiminy Cricket. And poor Jiminy is trapped and has no choice but to agree with the grifters he has for parents.

In Storybrooke we find Henry in a therapy session with Archie, who he thinks is the Storybrooke version of Jiminy Cricket. Henry says the absence of crickets is proof that there is a curse but he knows it’s not enough and he’s looking for more. Archie asks him why he thinks it is so important that the curse is real. Henry’s reply is simple, “It -- it just is.” Archie tells him to keep thinking about that answer because he thinks there might be something buried there.

Now that she’s Graham’s deputy, we find Emma trying to be convinced by him to wear a deputy uniform but she’s not having it. He tells Emma to at least wear the badge, “Go on. Take it. If you really want to be a part of this community – you have to make it official.” Emma nods. She takes the badge and as she clips it on – BOOM! A loud sound shakes the walls and rattles the windows. The phones start ringing. Emma looks down at the badge -- did she do that?


At the source of the loud boom, townspeople surround a large sinkhole at the entrance to an old mine. Regina arrives to take charge. When she tells Emma to go because it’s official business, Graham tells her that Emma is his new deputy. Needless to say Regina’s not pleased but acquieses. Regina assures everyone that she will handle the situation. She tells the gathered townspeople that the area is honeycombed with old mining tunnels but she’s going to undertake a project to make it safe, “We will bulldoze it, collapse it and pave it.” Henry protests, “What if there is something down there?” Regina assures him there is nothing down there. When Henry is walking away he notices his mom pick up a piece of glass from the ground and put it in her pocket. When he asks Emma what it was, Regina tells him to get in the car. Of course Henry doesn’t listen to her and corrals Emma and Archie to have a quick powwow about Operation Cobra, his plan to stop Regina. Archie didn’t realize he was a part of it. Henry pleads with Emma not to let Regina do this, “You’re changing things. You’re weakening the curse.” She says that’s not what’s happening, but Henry says it is, “Did you do anything different today? Cause something made this happen…” Before Emma can answer Regina interrupts and sends Henry to the car and orders Emma to get back to work. Then she reads Archie the riot act, telling him that he better find a new treatment plan for her son, one that doesn’t involve him thinking she’s hiding something terrible in an old mine. Archie tries to stand up to her and telling her that tearing away the world Henry constructed would be a mistake. Regina reminds him that he works for her and he’ll do whatever she tells him. If Archie doesn’t she promises to ruin his career -- making sure he loses everything. When he asks what she wants him to do Regina doesn’t hesitate, “Take that delusion out of my son’s head and crush it.”

In Fairy Tale Land, we find an adult Jiminy in a new town trying to dissuade his grifter parents from their plans of stealing from the townspeople. He tells his parents he wants to quit but of course they are having none of it. Jiminy is coerced and guilted into to staying when his parents tell him they’re getting old and need him. Later as he’s setting up in the rain a young boy appears, excited at what Jiminy’s doing. He tells the boy it’s not exciting at all and that he doesn’t like it. The boy asks him why he doesn’t do something else, but all Jiminy can come up with is “It’s just who I am.” When the boy gives Jiminy his umbrella, this simple act of kindness devastates him. Off him, listening to the crickets --

Archie is in his office, deep in thought when Marco walks in ready to go to lunch. It’s clear Archie forgot about their lunch plans and tells Marco he has another patient. That’s when Henry walks in with a plan to go down into the old mine to get proof. Archie, fresh off being cut down by Regina, shuts down Henry’s plan hard. Henry says that Emma is here and stuffs happening. He sits Henry down and tells him it’s a delusion. Archie pushes it further, telling Henry it’s turning into a psychosis, “That’s when you can no longer tell what’s real, and if that continues? Then… they have to lock you away.” Henry’s face tightens, it’s like he’s being attacked. Archie steals himself, “Henry this has to stop. For your own good you have to wake up. The nonsense must end.” This hurts Henry to the core, his jaw tightens as does his resolve. He storms off slamming the door behind him. Archie struggles with what he’s done.

Meanwhile, Mary Margaret plays a game of hangman with David in the hospital. He’s still not remembering his past and flirts with Mary Margaret saying that maybe he’ll like his new memories better. Just then, his wife Kathryn arrives with pictures to try to spark David’s memory. Mary Margaret and David steal a look before she heads off. Back at her apartment Emm tells her not to get involved with a married guy. Unexpectedly, there is a knock at the door. It’s Henry and he’s crying. Emma ushers him in and asks what happened.

Emma storms into Archie’s office after learning what he told Henry. She confronts him demanding to know if Regina put him up to it. Archie says he doesn’t have to defend his professional actions to her. Just then Emma’s phone rings, it’s Regina wanting to know if Henry is with her. Neither Emma nor Regina knows where he is but Archie has a good idea where his gone. Cut to Henry, full of resolve, as he enters the old mine determined to find proof of his theory.

Back in Fairy Tale Land, Jiminy exchanges stolen loot for gold with Rumplestiltskin, when he senses Jiminy wants something else. Jiminy is hesitant but tells Rumplestiltskin he wants to be free from his parents. Rumplestiltskin spins some golden threads into a magic potion and tells Jiminy all he has to do it sprinkle it, pour it, put it in their curds, anything will work. But before he gives Jiminy the potion he pulls it back, “Oh, but you have nothing more to give me. Tell you what – after the potion has done its work, leave them where they are and I’ll come collect them. It’ll be my fee.” Jiminy asks what will become of them. Rumplestiltskin just smiles that malevolent smile, “Worry you not, they’ll be in safe hands… and you’ll be free.” Jiminy takes the potion.

Emma and Archie search the entrance to the abandoned mine for Henry. Archie finds a candy bar and knows for sure that Henry has gone inside the mine. With flashlight in hand, Henry walks deeper and deeper inside the mine searching for any kind of proof when he stumbles upon an object made of glass and sliver. All of a sudden, the mine starts to shake as the rocks start falling in the tunnel. Outside Emma and Archie notice the shaking too. Archie runs into the mine, calling for Henry as the mine’s entrance collapses behind him. Once inside he finds Henry and tells him they have to get out. Henry, still thinking Archie doubts him, takes off deeper into the mine. All Archie can do is give chase.

Outside a quaint cottage in Fairly Tale Land, Jiminy is trying to convince his parents not to steal the unsuspecting occupants money but is bullied into going along with them. Jiminy’s father hands him a vial of fake elf tonic for the scam that looks just like the vial Rumplestiltskin gave him. Once inside the cottage, Jiminy’s parents trick the young couple into believing there was a plague in the next town over, stoking their fears. They tell the couple they have elf tonic that makes them immune. Jiminy half-heartedly goes along with the scam. Later, after conning the couple out of some loot the parents walk out, leaving Jiminy to give them the fake elf tonic. Outside, after his parents flippantly disregard his concern about stealing from the young couple, he takes out the vial Rumplestiltskin gave him and splashes his parents with it. Nothing happens. Then he realizes his parents switched his vial with the fake elf tonic. He runs inside and finds to his horror that the young couple have been turned to marionette puppets. He sits down, defeated and crushed as he parents walk in gloating. Then the little boy from earlier who showed Jiminy so much kindness walks in calling for his parents. When the boy sees that his parents have been turned to puppets, he turns to Jiminy crying and demanding to know what he did to them.

Back in the mine, Archie is searching for Henry. He finds Henry, who is looking through a crevice and says he can see something shiny. When Archie tells Henry he is afraid for him, Henry thinks it’s because Archie thinks he’s crazy. But Archie, snaps him back to reality telling him it’s because they’re trapped in an abandoned mine with no way out. The gravity of the situation finally hits Henry.

Outside the mine, everyone is trying to clear debris from the mine’s entrance when another tremor collapses it even more. Emma and Regina butt heads over getting Henry out of the mine. Emma blames Regina for making Henry think he had something to prove. Regina fires back insinuating that Emma in encouraging him. And there is a look on her face we haven’t seen before --- fear. She’s genuinely scared for her son. Regina asks for Emma’s help, after they both agree to stop arguing. Inside the mine, Henry and Archie can hear Archie’s dog Pongo barking and they run to the sound. They find an old elevator that the miners used and try to make it work. Back up top Regina goes with Marco’s idea to blow the entrance of the mine open. Henry and Archie have almost gotten the elevator to work when Regina gives the order to blow it.

At the hospital, David asks Mary Margaret if she’d go on a walk with him because it’s the only way the doctor will let him out. On their walk, David laments that nothing seems familiar, “I’m trying to remember this place. It’s like I woke up in this strange land.” Nothing with his wife, Kathryn, feels real. Then David confesses that Margaret is the only thing that does feel real. And as they connect and share a moment, Kathryn walks up with some muffins in a sincere attempt to jog his memory. Mary Margaret leaves them and heads off conflicted.

Regina is yelling at the crew who tried to blow the mine entrance open when Emma notices that Archie’s dog, Pongo, is barking at something. When she lets him out of the truck he runs to a spot in the ground and begins to paw at it. Emma, Graham, Marco and Regina clear the dirt and find a steel grate blocking an air shaft. Inside the shaft Henry and Archie are stuck after the failed attempt to blow open the entrance. Henry apologizes to Archie who lets him off the hook. Archie apologizes for saying the things he did in his office, he didn’t mean them and shouldn’t have said them. Henry asks him why he said them and Archie says he’s not a very good person and not the man he wants to be. But Henry thinks Archie can be despite his protestations because he’s Jiminy Cricket. Archie is touched by his convictions. Then the elevator lurches and drops again.

Outside Emma, Regina and company are able to remove the steel grate off the shaft. When it’s time to lower someone down into the air shaft both Emma and Regina vie for the right to do it. Regina says it’s her son and Emma tells her, “He’s my son, too. You’ve sitting behind a desk for ten years. I can do this.” After Regina considers this, she steps to Emma, “Just bring him to me.”

In the shaft, when Archie asks Henry again why it’s so important that his Fairy Tale theory is true, Henry tells him, “Because this can’t be all there is.” He’s disappointed about not finding proof, but Archie says he was lost and Henry found him. Henry asks if he remembers his Fairy Tale life but Archie tells him, “No I don’t remember. But I do remember the kind of person I want to be. I just have to listen harder.” Just then they notices Emma being lowered down to rescue them. She grabs a hold of Henry just as the shaft begins to shake the elevator loose. Emma can’t grab hold of Archie. He tells her it’s okay. Then the elevator is shaken loose and plummets down the mineshaft. But Archie escaped the fall by hooking his umbrella on Emma’s harness. The very umbrella Henry says he carries because he’s Jiminy Cricket.

Everyone is safe as they’re lifted out of the mine. Regina shoos Emma away when she tries to comfort Henry, not letting her in on the reunion. Emma is stung and left standing alone without so much as a thank you. Regina thanks Archie for saving her son. He then tells her that he’s going to treat Henry how he sees fit. When she begins to threaten him again the tells her, “Do your worst. Because I will always do my best.” Regina pushes back telling him not to test her but Archie stands his ground, telling her that if she finds herself in a custody battle the court will consult with him on who he thinks if a fit parent. Archie: “So I suggest you think about that and allow me to do my work. And let me do it the way my conscience tells me to.” And with that, he moves off his own man again.

In Fairly Tale Land, Jiminy is sad and alone, wishing on star. The Blue Fairy appears after hearing his wish but tells him she cannot bring back the boys parents. He thinks about, then wishes to be cricket to help the boy named Geppetto and is turned into the coat-wearing, umbrella-carrying Jiminy Cricket will all know.

At the sinkhole Emma tells Henry that he really scared her and Henry apologizes. It’s a tender moment between the two as we see them connecting. As they’re about to leave the sounds of crickets fills the air for the first time in Storybrooke. Henry, convinced more that ever that Emma’s bringing about change, smiles and looks to her, “Things are changing.”
Mr. Gold walks through his cluttered pawn shop when we linger on two puppets resting on a display cabinet. As we move closer, we find that it’s the same puppets that Geppetto’s parents were transformed into and they’re here in Storybrooke.

Mary Margaret walks through the hospital at night with a letter in hand. As she stops at a desk we zoom in on her open letter. We see it reads -- Letter of Resignation. She drops letter in the staff mailboxes and leaves.

Back at the mine entrance, Emma, Graham and the townspeople take part in an impromptu party that has sprung up in the wake of the rescue. Everyone is celebrating except Regina. She stands over the elevator shaft looking grim. Pulls out that piece of glass she found earlier and drops in down into the air shaft. We follow the glass down, bouncing lower, lower, until it pings right off of Snow White’s coffin.

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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