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Giants vs. Dwarves Recap

Richard wakes up Galavant and says that he has managed to trade the Jewel of Valencia for a dragon. He shows Galavant the baby lizard and Galavant tells him to take it back. The hero reminds Richard that without the army of gains, he has no chance of rescuing Isabella. Galavant is done with Richard's continual screw-ups and is done with him, and Richard insists that he is destined for great things. He tries to convince his lizard to breath fire. It doesn't, and Galavant walks away. Roberta comes back from hinting and discovers that they're both gone.

Richard walks through the forest and insists that he believes in his dragon. He sings to it about how they'll both show people what they can do given the chance... and a group of soldiers surround him.

In Hortensia, Wormwood is showing Isabella and her parents tablecloth swaths. The wedding adviser boasts to Barry that his plan is going exactly as planned. They argue until Isabella's parents start to notice, and Wormwood asks Isabella if Princess Jubilee is coming. The King doesn't care, but Wormwood insists that he has to know that the guest list is finalized. Isabella agrees with her because of the mind-control tiara, and the Queen says that they've realized that Isabella is acting strangely. Wormwood suggests that Isabella imprison the Queen, and Isabella agrees.

Galavant finds the giants, and they demand to know what he wants. They agree that they are the fiercest warriors in the land, and when he gets close enough he realizes that they're human-sized. Their leader, Andre, admits that they're very short giants and insists that Galavant prove his loyalty by helping them fight the dwarves. They meet that night to plan the rules of battle for the war the next day, and Galavant is desperate enough to agree.

Gareth and Sid walk through the village, and Sid wonders why Gareth is taking a bath. He says that he's fallen in love, and points out Madalena who has the flowers that he sent. Sid sis shocked, but Gareth agrees that she's the worst.

The dwarves approach Galavant and the giants, and Galavant asks what started the feud. Andre explains that it started generations ago when they built a bridge to unite their two peoples. The dwarves built their sides too low and blamed the giants for blaming their side too high. The dwarves arrive and are human-sized, and they admit that they're very tall dwarves. When Galavant objects, Richard steps out and insults him. Galavant responds in kind and each side cheers on their champion.

As they start to fight, Roberta rides up and asks what's going on. She's less than impressed with Richard's "dragon," and asks if Galavant and Richard want to die in a battle so ludicrous. They do as long as they get a shot at each other, and the two sides agree to fight the next day.

At a tavern, Gareth tells Sid that he's going to tell Madalena what he feels. Sid advises against it and warns that Madalena is bad news and will rip Gareth's hear tout. Gareth admits that he's right and Sid admits that he considers him a friend.

Isabella arrives to see Princess Jubilee, and finds a bunch of men. Jubilee comes in and says that she doesn't want to come to the wedding. When Isabella points out that they're both princess', Jubilee sings that she has no time for girly stuff. She reminds Isabella that she didn't used to be ladylike, either/ She knocks off Isabella's tiara and snaps out of Wormwood's control.

The next day, the two sides prepare to fight. Richard and the dwarves prepare to cut the giants down to size. Galavant and the giants are ready to stomp out the dwarves. Roberta tries to convince both sides that there's no need to fight because they're the same damned height, and wonders how she can make things right. The two sides close on each other and fight, and Richard calls a time-out to see who is a giant and who is a dwarf. Galavant suggests shirts and skins... and Roberta fixes the bridge by knocking the higher side down to the other.

Roberta rides over and says that Galavant and Richard need each other. She points out that Richard is the only one who joined Galavant in his quest, and Galavant admits that she's right. He tells Richard that he's been loyal and asks his friend to join him on his quest, and Richard agrees... if Galavant agrees that his lizard is a dragon. Galavant believes that Richard believes it is, and Richard settles for that. The dwarves say that they have to repair their bridge before they can march on Hortensia, and Andre and his giants agree.

Sid goes to the court room and invites Gareth to a joust. Gareth tells him to go immediately, just as Madalena comes in. Gareth has told her what Sid said about her being bad news, and is ready to rip Sid's heart out. Sid runs and the guards chase after him, and Madalena admits that she likes Gareth.

Richard, Galavant, and Roberta ride off, and they all agree that they're going to pull through.

Gareth and Madalena enjoy supper together.

Sid hides as the guards put up warranted posters of him.

Isabella rides back to see Wormwood, sword drawn.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 18, 2016

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