The Turk Recap

The episode begins with Sarah considering, with hindsight, whether she could stop scientists that were building tools of mankind's destruction. After reviewing the paperwork gleaned from the men sent back in time, she decides to visit Terissa Dyson to get a lead on Skynet. She finds her at the cemetery where she is visiting the grave of her husband. Terissa gives Sarah a lead, Andy Goode, who was an intern at Cyberdyne and a friend of Miles Dyson.

John and Cameron head to school for their first day. They must pass through a metal detector which Cameron fails. John explains to security that she has a metal plate in her head due to an accident, and they let her pass.

Agent Ellison shows up at the crime scene where the Terminator killed the human team sent back in time. There is a connection between the men and one of Ellison's snitches. Later the lead detective shows Ellison a fingerprint match to one of the dead men. It matches a four year old boy currently living in Canton, Ohio.

At the hospital, the Terminator breaks in and steals human blood. He then finds a scientist and forces him to assist with the regrowth of the flesh for his skull.

Sarah tracks down Andy where he is working as a manager of an electronics store. She lets him sell her three cell phones as a way of meeting him. As she is getting into her car to leave, he approaches her and asks her out to dinner. She agrees and uses the opportunity to find out any possible connection he may have to Skynet. She notices a poster on the wall of his house portraying a Terminator-like metallic hand moving a chess piece representing a chess match between man and machine. Andy shows her his workroom where he has built “The Turk”, an artificial intelligence computer system capable of defeating any human in chess. Sarah notices movement outside through a window, where the sole remaining member of the human time travelers is snooping around. Sarah leaves quickly.

Ellison finds his way to Carlos' house where he continues the investigation of Carlos' Uncle Enrique.

Sarah returns home and tells John about Andy's machine. He has lots of questions about the computer hardware's capabilities that she cannot answer. John reminds her that once machines have the capability to build and improve themselves without human assistance, then humans are doomed.

Back at his home, the scientist finishes the formula and prepares a solution that he places in his bathtub for the Terminator to use to regrow his flesh. The Terminator removes his clothing and mask revealing his metal skeleton, shocking the scientist, but the man does not run, and merely closes the bathroom door, sealing himself in with the Terminator.

Sarah returns to see her doctor where she finds out she is perfectly healthy, with no signs or risk factors for cancer.

Sarah sees Andy again and he tells her more about Turk, increasing her alarm.

At school, Cameron makes a new friend, a girl who is increasingly agitated about things being posted on the walls at school. An alarm goes out that there is a jumper on the roof, which turns out to be Cameron's new friend. John tries to rush up to the roof to help her but Cameron stops him, just as the girl jumps to her death. When John gets home he is angry. Sarah tries to reason with him that the girl would have found a way to kill herself no matter what, and all he would accomplish would be to get his name and face in the papers. He counters that isn't that what he is supposed to be, a hero, and not a cold non-feeling machine? Sarah confides to Cameron that she doesn't know what to do to help John. Cameron surprises her with the statement that Andy Goode must be killed.

Ellison shows up at the scientist's house to find blood everywhere, and the remains of the formula on a whiteboard. The scientist is dead on the floor of the bathroom and his eyes have been removed.

Andy Goode returns home to find his house in flames, destroying Turk. In the trees, Sarah watches.

Written by pentar on Jan 21, 2016

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