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Love and Death Recap

After Sid accidentally runs Galavant through, he, Richard, and Roberta take the dying Galavant to Sporin, which has a healer named Neo. Neo greets them and apologizes for the mess, and assures them that he can heal anything. They put Galavant on a table and Neo insists that time is of the essence. He then determines that Galavant has already died.

Wormword plots with Gareth and Madalena to attack Hortensia. He wonders why they're not excited, and Gareth assures him that he's excited. Madalena is eager to make sure that Isabella is there, and Wormwood assures her that Isabella will be. Gareth has ordered his men to take Isabella alive, and Madalena says that she loves him. Wormword senses a wedding and brings out his prepared seating chart. Madalena leaves in distress and Gareth takes in the fact that Madalena is the first person who said "I love you" to him. He goes out and sings about how the world has changed now that he has a love in his life.

Galavant's friends contemplate his demise, and Neo says that he does have a potion to revive the dead. However, he's missing one rare ingredient: a gray hair from the beard of a middle-aged man pure of body. Richard insists that he's not pure of body, and Neo points out that there's a unicorn in the window. Richard tries to shoot it away, and then finally gives in and offers a hair of his beard. He tells Roberta that he always thought it should be shared with someone he loves, and she assures him that there's still time.

In Hortensia, Jester is playing "Guess the Future" with the court when Isabella comes in with a save-the-date for the coming war.

Wormwood is furious that Barry accidentally sent the save-the-date.

Isabella wonders what they should do, and everyone puts their finger to their nose. Prince Harry explains that per Hortensian tradition, the last person to put their finger to their nose leads the troop. Isabella loses and warns that she doesn't know how to lead armies. She has no choice but to do it, and everyone else realizes that they're screwed.

In Valencia, Gareth visits Madalena and she refuses to discuss her feelings with him. He suggests that they share a trunk and she refuses. Wormwood comes in and says that the vicar wants them to set a wedding date, and Madalena shoves him out. Gareth admits that it is confusing, the king and queen not being married, and kneels. Madalena kicks him and runs out, and Gareth insists that he was lacing up his boots.

Isabella goes to a monk and asks if he has any scrolls about leading an army.

Neo mixes his potion and pours it into Galavant's mouth. He says that they have to wait, and then goes to declutter and insists that Sid help him. Richard tells Roberta that all he wants is his friend back.

Galavant finds himself alone in a vast chamber. Death appears and confirms that Galavant is dead, and tells him that it's time to say goodbye. Everyone that Galavant knows shows up in his vision to bid him goodbye, except for Galavant. She sings about how there is no one there to support her in leading the war. Isabella complains about Galavant dumping her, much to his surprise, and tells Jester to take her to the armory. Galavant insists that he has to go back so that Isabella knows he loves her, and Galavant knees Death in the balls and runs off.

In Neo's chambers, Roberta suggests that it's time for Richard to let Galavant go. Richard insists that he isn't ready because Galavant is all he has, and Roberta points out that Richard has her. She says that Richard is the reason she came on the journey and it's always been him, they start to kiss... and Galavant comes back to life. Roberta complains that he couldn't wait 30 more seconds.

Gareth seeks out Madalena as she packs. He wants to talk about the wedding, just as Wormwood comes out and says that the troops are ready for review. Madalena insists that she can't talk about love and says that they're going to drop it. Gareth goes after Madalena and suggests that they discuss their relationship with someone. He tells all of the troops that he loves them, and Madalena talks to them, saying that she feels the same way. Madalena completes about the pressure to move forward, and Gareth agrees to slow down a bit so they don't ruin what they have. As theconfused soldiers look on, Madalena says that it's good to hear... for the soldiers. Gareth orders them all to war and everyone cheers.

Isabella gathers maps and previous battle plans, and discovers that the armory contains... toy weapons and horses. Harry admits that it wasn't the best idea to put an 11-year-old in charge of the army.

Sid realizes that something happened between Richard and Roberta, and they insist that it didn't. Galavant starts coughing on the hair stuck in the back of his throat, and tells the others that they have to come to Isabella's aid. Neo suggests that he has something useful, and explains that there was a war a few years ago. The dead and buried soldiers that Neo has been using for experimentation stagger out and Neo suggests that Galavant take them. Galavant is glad to agree.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 25, 2016

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