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Do the D'Dew Recap

Galavant and the others lead the zombie army to stop the war between Hortensia and Valencia. However, they realize that the zombies are very useful. Galavant reminds Sid that Sid killed him, and Sid figures that Galavant is never going to let it go. Galavant goes on ahead to scout the castle in Valencia, telling Richard to stay with Roberta. She agrees that it's a good idea, but Richard asks Galavant for romantic advice. She wonders how she should kiss him, but Galavant says that he has more important things to do and orders the zombies to stay behind while he sneaks. They don't get the idea and Galavant has no choice but to take them along.

Richard approaches Roberta and asks about her favorite tree. She finally kisses him and he realizes that it was wonderful. They go off into the bushes while Sid stands there with his horse and listens to it happen.

Isabella and Jester go to Valencia under a flag of truce since they can't win the war with Harry's toy weapons. She wants to offer terms of surrender, figuring that it's traditional.

In the Valencian camp, Madalena figures that getting out of the castle was a good thing for their relationship. Isabella and Jester arrive and Madalena is furious that Isabella is there. She wants to kill Isabella, not surrender her. Isabella offers terms of surrender, but Madalena doesn't want to hear it. She tells Hortensia to hand over everything and she'll burn the children's toys. Isabella privately warns Jester that she terms of monstrous, but agrees. However, Madalena adds one more term: she wants Isabella to become her handmaiden and clean her crown. That's too much for Isabella, and she and Madalena start insulting each other. Isabela says that she has the Hero Sword and its bearer, and Jester quickly agrees. They promise to see each other on the battlefield.

As Jester and Isabella go back, Jester points out that they don't have the hero Sword and even know who the bearer is. Isabella insists that they have to fight and they'll improvise.

At the war camp, Madalena worries that the Hero who wields the Hero Sword is prophesied to unite the kingdoms. Gareth assures her that their army will win, but Wormwood and Barry come in and Wormwood tells Madalena that she should worry. However, they have a secret weapon: him. He is a practitioner of the Dark Arts and a master of the D'Dew: Dark, Dark Evil Way. With the D'Dew the wielder can turn events to their favor. Madalena agrees to learn D'Dew, but Gareth isn't happy that she doesn't believe in him. He warns her that they shouldn't bring dark magic in, but Madalena figures that it'll spice things up. Gareth insists that he can win the battle without it and Madalena agrees... until Gareth leaves.

Galavant and the others arrive in the castle and discover that it's empty. There's a note saying that everyone is off to Valencia, and Galavant realizes that there's something between Richard and Roberta. They sing about what happened the previous night with the zombie army accompanying them. Richard finally says that he loves Roberta, and they go inside to have... brunch.

Madalena sneaks over to Wormwood's tent and finds him holding a baby and a knife. He hastily explains that he's babysitting for a kitchen servant and eating a peach. Madalena says that she's in and Wormwood goes to find the contract for her immortal soul. He gives her his knife and she assumes that she has to sign in blood. Wormwood has her sign with a quill, and Madalena tells him not to let Gareth know.

Isabella thanks everyone for collecting things that they can use for weapons. She warns that they have to sort through the gathered kitchen utensils, and realizes that there were no knives. Isabella figures that grit and determination will the win the day, but the natives aren't convinced.

Galavant tries to get the zombies to show him that they can fight. They can't raise their weapons and pass out when confronting danger. Galavant realizes that he's going to fail and Isabella will die thinking he doesn't love her. The zombies respond to Galavant's love, and he realizes that they'll follow him and fight for love.

Once he dons his armor, Galavant finds Richard and Roberta. He tells them that they're riding out, and Richard says that he's ready for real war now that Roberta has found his manhood. When Galavant goes to find Sid, Richard gives passes on a note. Sid explains that he can't live with the shame of killing the greatest hero of the realms, and he's going to redeem himself.

Richard and Roberta go to the abandoned courtroom and he says that so much has changed. He explains that he would do things differently if he were king again, and Roberta tells him that she can't go into battle with him. She knows Richard isn't a fighter, and can't stand to see him die. Richard assures her that he'll be fine, but Roberta wants to go to her aunt's farm across the seas and start a new life. He insists that he has to do it rather than let Galavant down, and they realize that they're saying goodbye.

Richard goes to join Galavant and watches Roberta watching him go. He says that they have to make the sacrifice worth it... for love. The others agree and they march off.

Isabella leads her army out.

Gareth and Madalena prepare to ride out. Gareth notices Madalena singing about a d'doozy of the ending, and she points out a squirrel to distract him.

Sid rides off somewhere to do something to atone.

Roberta prepares to go off the sea to live alone with her aunt.

Richard figures that the season needs a hero... and Galavant promises that he's on his way.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 25, 2016

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