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The Reverse-Flash Returns Recap

Flash races across the city helping people, and Cisco suggests that he give Patty some attention. Harry insists that Flash has to train to get faster. Cisco picks up a runaway ethanol truck and the Flash speeds there. He gets in and discovers that someone has rigged the truck to keep going. There's a dead-end up ahead and Cisco tells Flash to get out. He speeds out and removes the tires from the truck, and it skids to a halt just in time. The police arrive and Cisco tells Flash to take a break.

Harry is clearly unhappy, and Cisco says that all they have to do is figure out how to use the Turtle to steal Zoom's speed. Jay and Caitlin come in and inform them that the Turtle is dead, and Cisco calls Flash back. As he speeds off, Eobard summons up Gideon and tells the AI that he's finally figured out what time period Flash is from. Now they have to figure out a way to get home.

The team examines the Turtle's corpse and Cisco finds an acute brain aneurysm. Teddy points out that he died the night that they captured him, and Harry angrily denies having anything to do with the prisoner's death. Barry says that they have to start thinking out of the box and close the breaches, and Harry and Cisco go off to work up a way. Barry gets a text and heads to the CCPD, and Jay points out to Caitlin that something always happens that makes him doubt that Harry is really on their side.

At the station, Patty brings Barry the case file on the truck and reports that someone cut the brake line. She tries to make small talk and Barry gives her the cold shoulder, and Patty says that she hoped it wouldn't be that way between them. Barry points out that she's moving and there's nothing to talk about, and Patty reluctantly agrees. As she leaves, Iris comes in and says that she overheard what Barry said. Barry explains that Patty is moving to Midway City in two days, and he doesn't want to stop her because it's been Patty's life's dream to become a CSI tech. Joe comes arrives and tells them that Francine doesn't have much time, and suggests that Iris say her goodbyes to her mother.

At STAR Labs, Harry is working on a way to close the breaches when Cisco comes in and warns that it's impossible. He suggests that they figure out how to control his powers, find Zoom, and get the jump on him. Cisco says that he needs Harry's help to figure out what triggers his vibes, and Harry realizes that it took a while for Cisco's power to kick in. He tells him to meet him in the time vault and leaves.

Cisco goes to the time vault and finds Reverse-Flash waiting for him. He realizes that it's Harry, and Harry says that he figured out the trigger: an adrenaline rush. Harry grabs Cisco by the throat, and Cisco gets a vibe of security guards at Mercury Labs training a gun on the real Reverse-Flash. He snaps out of it and tells Harry that Reverse-Flash is back.

At Mercury Labs, Tina and two security guards move in and Reverse-Flash takes the guards out. He then tells Tina that she's coming with him. Flash arrives and calls Eobard by name, and Reverse-Flash says that now that he knows what time period Flash is from, he will soon die. He punches Flash and by the time the hero recovers, Reverse-Flash escapes with Tina.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry tells the others what happened. Joe wonders how Eobard can still be alive when Eddie died. Harry suggests that the Speed force protected Eobard alive as a timeline remnant, Eobard is in their present for the first time, and he won't meet Barry until later in his future. Barry says that he has to end it, and Joe suggests that they focus on finding Tina. Once Joe goes to the hospital, Caitlin tells Barry that Jay is sick because Zoom stole his speed. She suggests that they replace Jay's dying cells with healthy cells by finding his Earth-1 doppelganger.

Eobard takes Christina to her lab with the tachyon prototype. He realizes that he's been stuck there before, and figures the tachyons should do it before. Tina warns that she can't do it, and he threatens to kill her if she doesn't.

At the hospital, Joe kisses Francine and then leaves Iris to talk with her mother. Francine wants Wally there so she can see her family together, but understands that he's angry that she's dying. She wishes that Iris would release her anger as well, and tells her to stay what she has to say while she still can. Iris wonders what her life would have been like if Francine and Wally are there, and wishes she had come back a lot sooner so she could forgive her then like she is now. Crying, Iris walks out as Francine thanks her. In the hallway, Joe hugs his daughter.

At the police lab, Barry and Caitlin check databases for Jay's duplicate. Patty comes in and asks to talk to Barry privately. Once Caitlin leaves, Patty is surprised that Barry is working with STAR Labs, and he says that they help him and Joe out occasionally. Barry then admits that he's getting used to the people that he loves leaving his life. Patty asks what's going on with him, and Barry says that he doesn't want her to have regrets or miss out on something that she wants to do. He wishes that things were different for both of them, but they're not. Patty says that she's sorry as well and walks out.

Harry adds a wavelength trigger to Cisco's goggles to trigger the fear receptors in his brain and put him in stage-four sleep. He tells Cisco to put them on, and Cisco reluctantly does so. He does and has a vibe of dozens of different events in time. He concentrates on Reverse-Flash and sees him on a street talking to Gideon. Cisco then pictures him with Tina and sees her telling Reverse Flash that it's done and he can go. He kills her and enters the tachyon generator, and Cisco tells Harry what he saw.

Cisco tells the others what he saw, and Barry suggests that they track the tachyons. Harry doesn't find anything, and Cisco describes what else he saw. He remembers seeing a clock and Harry suggests that Cisco got a vision of the future. They have three hours to find her and save her life.

Joe visits Patty and admits that he's going to miss her. She says that Barry won't and tells Joe what he said, and Joe admits that Barry isn't great at sharing. Patty says that Joe never mentioned that helps Barry at STAR Labs, and explains that she went through Barry's old cases. They all have Flash saving the day and details that Barry couldn't have known. She figures that Barry is Flash, and Joe dismisses her suspicions. Patty says that Joe is a terrible liar and leaves.

Harry is at the garage working on a car when iris comes in. She says that he hasn't been to see Francine, and Wally says that he is angry that she didn't tell him he had a father and sister. He refuses to explain the real reason, and Iris says that her fiancé died unexpectedly a year ago and didn't get a chance to say goodbye. She advises Wally to say goodbye to his mother while he still can, and he leaves.

The team continues monitoring for tachyon activity, and Cisco warns Barry that he'll only have a few minutes to get there in time to stop Reverse-Flash. Caitlin asks Barry if he's found out anything about Jay's duplicate, and he confirms that there isn't one. He suggests that she ask Jay, just as Joe comes in. Joe privately tells Barry that Patty knows he's Flash. He suggests that Barry tell Patty the truth, and Barry insists that he doesn't want someone else that metahumans can use as a hostage against him.

The tachyon detector goes off at a Mercury Labs off-site facility, and Barry speeds there. Cisco hacks the camera there as Flash speeds across the city.

Tina tells Eobard that the tachyon generator is ready. He prepares to kill her... and Flash speeds in and knocks him across the room. Tina runs out and Flash disables the tachyon generator, and Eobard says that he'll find another way back. He races off and Flash goes after him across the city. He manages to tackle Reverse-Flash in a warehouse and punches him repeatedly, promising that he'll never lose to him again. Joe calls over the radio for Flash to kill his opponent, and after a moment Flash gets control of himself.

The team locks Eobard in a pipeline cell and Barry goes to confront him. Harry warns against it, pointing out that Eobard hasn't killed Barry's mother yet. If anyone messes with the timeline then they don't know how it could alter the past. As Barry leaves, Cisco realizes that his nose is bleeding. Harry observes him wiping it.

Caitlin meets Jay at Jitters and talks about how her father had multiple sclerosis and eventually died. She refuses to watch Jay die and explains that she tried to find his duplicate. Jay says that there is a good explanation and asks her to meet him at a park the next day so she can see for herself.

Cisco confronts Eobard in his cell and introduces himself. Eobard realizes that they have a history together, and Cisco says that he helped stop him. He tells Eobard that he has powers and Eobard is the one who gave him the powers. Cisco tells him to think about that as he rots in the cell and leaves. Once he seals the cell, Cisco notices that his nose is bleeding again.

Patty texts Barry to meet him at the police station. She figures that he's been busy as Flash, and admits that she didn't realize it at first because she was smitten at him. Patty says that she understands why he doesn't want to be close to her, and says that if he admits that he's Flash then she'll stay. Barry says that he can't and Patty, crying, walks out.

Barry visits Eobard, staying in the shadows, and asks why he hates him. Figuring that Flash is there, Eobard says that he studied the historical records for years and duplicate the reaction that gave him his powers. When he traveled through time, he learned that he was going to be Flash's reverse: his greatest enemy. Barry wonders if that's why he ruined his life, and Eobard insists that he became better than him. When he says that he's the one thing Flash can't stop, Barry says that their race is over, but Eobard warns that one day he'll learn Flash's name and have his revenge.

Caitlin calls Barry to the cortex where Cisco is having continuous seizures from electrical energy in his brain. She sedates her rind, ending the seizures, but then starts to disappear. Harry says that when they captured Reverse-Flash, they ruptured the timeline. He says that they need to restore the timeline by sending Eobard back to the future. Barry refuses but Joe agrees with Harry, telling Barry to let go of Eobard. When Barry says that he destroyed the tachyon generator, Harry says that if he combines his speed with Eobard then he can send Eobard back. Barry has no choice but to agree.

An armed Harry goes to Eobard's cell and says that it's time for him to go home. Eobard wonders how Harry is going to send him home, and Eobard wonders who he is. Harry takes Eobard to the pipeline and warns that Eobard learns about all of them and there's nothing they can do about it because it's Eobard's origin story. It's going to happen no matter what they do, but right now Flash can save Cisco and move on with his life. Joe says that it could be a good thing, but Flash admits that Reverse-Flash will always be a part of him.

As they enter the pipeline, Eobard says that they'll meet again soon. Flash says that he knows...and every time he'll be ready for him. Together they speed around the pipeline, faster and faster. A wormhole opens and Reverse-Flash goes through, back to his own time. Cisco stabilizes and Barry speeds back to confirm that his friend is all right.

The next day, Caitlin meets Jay in the park. He explains that he had the same plan as her to find his duplicate. He points out a man, Hunter Zolomon, and explains that his mother died during childbirth. Hunter was eventually raised by the Zolomons. Jay's DNA was mutated when he became a speedster, and they have to capture Zoom to get his speed back.

Wally comes to see Iris and tells her that he's going to take her advice and see Francine. He asks if she would come with him, and Iris agrees.

Cisco wakes up and the others explain that they sent Eobard back to his time. Barry says that he couldn't let Eobard take another person he cares about, and Cisco thanks him. Barry admits to Joe that he had to let Patty go as well, and Joe says that in the future, Barry will have hard choices to make. He tells his foster son that he has to be ready to let them go, and Barry says that he is.

Patty calls and says that there's a man on the train with a gun. He speeds to the train as Flash and Patty says that it was a false alarm. She thanks Flash for coming so fast, and tells him that everything is good. He speeds off and Patty says, "Goodbye, Barry."

Written by Gadfly on Jan 27, 2016

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