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The Reverse-Flash Returns

Eobard Thawne--Reverse-Flash--kidnaps Dr. McGee and forces her to find a way to send him back to his own time. Flash and his friends discover that Reverse-Flash is from a timeline before he killed Barry's mother, and realize that they may have no choice but to send him back. Meanwhile, Harry and Cisco work to stabilize Cisco's vibe power, and Caitlin desperately tries to find a cure for Jay's illness.

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By Gadfly on Jan 27, 2016

Flash races across the city helping people, and Cisco suggests that he give Patty some attention. Harry insists that Flash has to train to get faster. Cisco picks up a runaway ethanol truck and the Flash speeds there. He gets in and discovers that someone has rigged the truck to keep going. There's a dead-end up ahead and Cisco tells Flash to get out. He speeds out and removes the tires from the truck, and it skids to a halt just in time. The police arrive and Cisco tells Flash to take a break.…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 4 years ago

haha, yes, but episode was pretty good :)

pentar posted 4 years ago

Too many damn Flashes, I can't keep them straight! lol

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