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Save Henry Recap

In the past, Rumplestiltskin knows something is missing in Regina’s life even after she unleashes the curse. He mentions that the savior can break the curse. Regina believes his taunts are to get her to make another deal. She thinks he wants to be free. Rumple sets her straight. He’s exactly where he wants to be.

Eleven years ago in Storybrooke, Regina realizes that a child may fill a void she’s feeling. She has no patience for the lengthy adoption process, so she goes to Mr. Gold to cut through the red tape. There’s a baby in Boston that needs a home. It’s a closed adoption which means there will be no access to the child’s birth parents. Regina is ready to meet her son. The moment she takes him into her arms, she names him Henry. It was her father’s name.

Granny gives Regina some advice on how to soothe her new son. She should tell him bedtime stories. Regina gives it a shot, but all Henry does is vomit on her. Dr. Whale believes the kid is just a crier. If there is something truly wrong, he’ll need to know the medical condition of Henry’s biological mother. The baby stops crying the moment Mary Margaret holds him in her arms. It’s only when he’s with Regina that he’s upset. However, once she doles out a little maternal love, the child settles down. Regina’s joy over this is short-lived once she learns the identity of her young son’s real mother.

Regina worries that fate and destiny may bring this other person to seek out Henry one day. She tries her hand at storytelling once again. She tells a tale of how a queen found a little boy who had her living happily, but not ever after. That’s why she procured an ancient potion. It caused the queen to forget her worries and fears, but not her son. It was the only way she could live happily ever after.

Regina believes Gold set her up. She thinks he wants him to destroy the town she built, the life she built. She returns Henry to Boston where she learns a new family is ready to take him off her hands. That’s not going to happen. Regina can’t give him up. The people who were going to take him are very upset. Actually, they are worried that Pan will be very upset. Michael and John are the ones who were trying to adopt him. They vow that they will eventually get the child.

In Neverland, Emma, Regina and Neal try to desperately to revive Henry. Pan says the boy gave him his heart of his own free will which leads Emma to nick him with her sword. Pan lets the group know that Rumplestiltskin can’t help them now, as he’s safely locked in Pandora’s Box. Then he flies away. Regina uses a preservation spell on Henry to buy them some time. She’s not about to lose him. They need to find Pan. Regina notices blood on Emma’s sword. If they can hurt their enemy that means they can kill him.

Emma believes they can get info from the Lost Boys by offering them what every kid wants: a mother. She tells them the story of how she thought she was all alone. She was a lost girl. She vows to take the boys home with them if they help her. Felix is defiant to the end, but the others reveal that Pan goes to his Thinking Tree when he wants to be alone. A grateful Emma promises the Lost Boys that they will all be going home together. Then she heads off to find Henry with Regina and Mary Margaret. It’s not long before Pan traps them to trees with some magical vines. He vows that the only place they’ll ever be reunited with Henry is in death.

Pan lets the ladies know that the tree which holds them captive is where he abandoned his son, Rumplestiltskin. The tree will protect him until his power is restored. Pan says their regrets are holding them captive. This works on everyone but Regina. She breaks free from the vines, rips Henry’s heart from Pan’s chest and grabs Pandora’s Box. Regina says, “Now, let’s go save Henry.”

Regina reinserts Henry’s heart aboard the Jolly Roger. Everyone waits anxiously. Henry wakes up suddenly and is immediately drawn into the arms of his mothers, both of them. Regina casts a spell so that no one can ever take Henry’s heart again. She assures him they’ll be home soon before leaving him to rest. Once Regina has left the room, Pan appears. He tries to take back Henry’s heart, but to no avail. So Pan tries to steal his shadow. Up on the deck, Neal opens Pandora’s Box to free Rumplestiltskin, who rushes below to trap Pan in the box. Henry assures his mom that he’s okay.

On the deck of the Jolly Roger, Regina uses magic to trap Pan’s shadow so that it absorbs into the sail. This allows the ship to head out of Neverland. David lets Emma know that all this occurred because she became a leader. Wendy gives Tinker Bell the last bit of Pixie Dust she has. She believes she’ll figure out a way to use it. She believes in her. As for Felix, he still believes in Pan. Henry lets him know that Peter Pan never fails. He can’t be stopped. Felix soon realizes that Pan switched places with Henry. Now it’s time for him to play once more.

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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