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Better Angels Recap

Peggy arrives at Jason's house in suburban LA. The press are waiting and ask Peggy if Jason is a suspect in the explosion at Isodyne, Daniel has her escort inside and the press ordered back. The SSR have found nothing from Jason's notes about zero matter, and Peggy blames herself for Jason's death. She reminds Daniel that the tie pin is their only lead, and it's just like the one Dottie tried to steal. Daniel hasn't heard back from Jack yet and Peggy figures that he hasn't gotten anything from Dottie. She notices a hollow spot in the floor, and she and Daniel find an envelope below. There's a one-way ticket to Moscow, a Russian passport, and $50,000 inside. Agent Baker reports that he found a Tokarev under Jason's mattress, and figures that it's the same gun that was used to kill the agents moving Jane's body. He figures that Jason was an assassin as well as a spy. Peggy figures that Isodyne planted the evidence where they could easily find it.

On a western movie set, the Rawhide Kid faces off against the sheriff. Howard calls cut to point out that Peggy and Jarvis are in the shot. Once they move, Howard calls cut for lunch. He insists that the Rawhide Kid was a real person, and they show him the film of the Isodyne atomic explosion. She explains about zero matter and Howard says that it doesn't exist in the real world. He recognizes the pin as belonging to the Arena Club, and says that all of their members are white men. It's a social club for LA's rich and powerful, and they've been trying to recruit Howard for years. Peggy explains where they've found the pins, and figures that now she knows where to start looking.

Whitney checks the black mark on her forehead in her mirror, and when she touches it, it absorbs into her skin. She quickly covers it over with her hair as Calvin comes in. The newspapers are reporting that Jason is a Russian spy, and Calvin wonders why Whitney isn't at work. She says that she was feeling ill but she's better now, and asks what he would think if she wanted to retire after the election. Calvin doesn't want her to do it before the election, insisting that it can't overshadow his election, and assures her that once they go to Washington she can retire.

At the SSR HQ, Daniel is angry that Isodyne has leaked the story about Jason to the press. He and Peggy go into Daniel's office and find Jack there. He says that he's going to clean up their mess and shows Peggy her modified file saying that Jason is a Russian spy. Jack suggests that people might get the idea that Peggy is a Communist, and points out that Dottie was stealing from the organization they're investigating. He tells her that the investigation is concluded and asks for her signature on the statement. Peggy refuses and Jack signs for her. She tells him to watch the Isodyne film, but Jack refuses and Peggy storms out. As she leaves, her keys levitate off her desk.

Peggy and Jarvis go to the hotel where Howard has set up, and Jarvis explains that all of the women there are "production accountants". Howard staggers out and Peggy wants to plant listening devices in the Arena Club. When he points out that the club is women-only, Peggy assures him that she has a plan and takes away his drink.

Jack is watching the Isodyne film of the dark matter explosion when Vernon arrives. Vernon thanks Jack for coming out to the coast on short notice, and Jack assures him that the report on the Isodyne explosion will be very inconsequential. The FBI agent explains that Jason stole sensitive information from Isodyne and wants Jack to help recover it. He tells Jack that he'll know what the materials when he sees it. When Jack says that the SSR are not in the habit of handing over key evidence, Vernon reminds him of their early talk about a breach of national security. If the wrong people get hold of the material that Jason stole then it would it be disastrous for the U.S. Jack assures Vernon that if the SSR has it then it's in the right hands, but tells Vernon that he'll let him know if he finds anything.

Howard and Jarvis go to the Atlas Club and the host, Torrance, explains about the members' financial background. Howard demands his drink and complains that the club is too calm, and Jarvis scouts out possible break-out points. Meanwhile, Howard complains about the lack of women and has Jarvis usher in a group of women. Torrance objects but Howard steamrollers over him, and Peggy slips in during the confusion.

Peggy goes in the back and plants the listening devices.

Jarvis joins the bartender behind the bar and shows him how to make Howard's favorite martini. Torrance calls for security.

Peggy enters the library and hides as several men leave through a secret door. Among them is Calvin. Once they leave, Peggy enters the hidden conference room and finds several newspapers about Calvin's rival Anderson resigning due to a sex scandal... the next day. She hears someone coming, hides underneath the conference table, and plants a bug. The bug emits feedback and Peggy quickly smashes it. A guard comes in, having heard the noise, and looks around. He then calls security and warns that they might have a breach, while Peggy crawls behind a chair and uses the damaged bug to set a piece of cloth on fire.

The guard smells the smoke and goes over to investigate, and Peggy slips out the door behind him just before it closes. A guard calls to her and comes over, but Jarvis finds Peggy and claims that she's one of Howard's women. They go out and tell Howard that it's time to go, and he quickly leaves.

Later, Jack complains that Peggy broke into a private club and reminds her that the case is closed. She tells him about the newspaper and how the Atlas Club had the newspaper made as a warning to Anderson. Jack warns her that it's a serious accusation, and Peggy admits that she had to leave the evidence behind and the club security destroyed the bugs. She insists that they have to dig deeper, and says that Jack is a coward burying the truth in the hopes that he'll come out a hero. Jack tells her to go back to New York and Peggy storms out. Daniel goes after her and says that Jack is right, and Peggy is letting Jason's death cloud her reasoning. As they argue, the objects on Peggy's desk float into the air. Peggy figures that she's contaminated with zero matter and Daniel can't touch her.

At Howard's manor, Howard examines Peggy and confirms that she's infected with zero matter. He discovers that the temperature around Peggy is 7 degrees cooler than the rest of the room. Howard says that she isn't contaminated with zero matter and he has a way to stop the gravitational disruption around Peggy. He leads the others to his lab and explains that they've discovered a way to record all visible wavelengths on film. Howard sprays the area near Peggy and Jason appears. He's intangible but able to speak once Howard coats Jason's vocal cords.

Jason explains that he's been shadowing Peggy since the explosion. Howard doesn't know if he can make him whole, and Jason thanks him for getting him that far. The scientist explains that Whitney showed up when he was getting the zero matter sample, and she knew more about the substance than he did. As Jason explains that he took the brunt of the explosion, Jason fades out as the emulsion wears off.

Howard sends Jarvis to get the ingredients he needs to permanently make Jason tangible. He points out that Jarvis and Peggy make a good team, and tells Jarvis to let him know if he'll need a new butler. Peggy and Daniel come out and Howard promises that he'll keep working until he restores Jason. She then asks Daniel to find out how Whitney knows so much about zero matter, and figures that she's still alive. Meanwhile, Peggy is going to "poke the bear."

Peggy goes to see Whitney at her studio and asks her about the incident at Isodyne. Whitney points out that Jason was a Communist, and claims that she doesn't know anything about Isodyne's work. Peggy says that a security guard saw her at the lab the night of the explosion, and Whitney says that he was mistaken. The agent says that things aren't what they seem, just as Whitney's director Kenneth comes in and says that they need her on set.

Vernon meets with Jack at the SSR, and Jack hands over the reel. Jack claims that he didn't watch it, and Vernon assures him that he's doing the right thing. He tells jack that he's doing a great service for the U.S., shakes Jack's hand, and leaves.

Peggy returns to Howard's manor and discovers that Howard has brought Jason back. Jason and Howard are working together to work out a way to restore Jason's corporeal stuff. Jason admits that he's not sure what happened to him, and Peggy points out that he's managed to impress both her and Howard.

Daniel is going through the files when Jack comes over and looks at the file he's pulled. It's harmless, and Jack wonders if Daniel left New York because of his broken romance with Peggy. Daniel says that he's engaged and Jack offers his congratulations, an d offers to buy Daniel a drink. When Daniel takes a rain check, Jack heads for the airport.

Whitney tells Calvin about Peggy's visit and insists that they have to do something about her. Calvin offers to call his friends in the War Department, but Whitney warns that won't be enough and says that Rufus should take care of her. Her husband warns against it, and Whitney breaks into tears and says that Peggy threatened her. The actress says that she'd hate if the Council noticed, and Calvin agrees to call Rufus immediately. Once he leaves, Whitney drops the act.

Later, Peggy is at the manor working a bag as Rufus secretly watches her. Jarvis comes out and asks Peggy if there's anything he can do to help, and Peggy insists that she's fine. Once he leaves, a masked Rufus comes up and garrotes her. Peggy manages to fall backwards into the pool, taking Rufus with her. She gets free and climbs out, and Rufus hits her and draws a knife. Jarvis comes out and attacks Rufus, who easily knocks him down. The butler manages to hold him off and Peggy grabs her gun and shoots at Rufus. He runs out and Jarvis goes over to make sure that Peggy is all right.

The next morning, Peggy visits Jarvis and finds him improving the security measures. She drops in on Howard and Jason, who are still working on a cure. Howard says that he's off to Peru to find an expert on gravitational physics and leaves. Jason tells Peggy that Howard invites him into his home without a moment's hesitation, and Peggy apologizes for sending Jason into his lab. He points out that it was his work, and figures that it's better him than her. Jason is going to leave to protect Peggy, and she insists that he needs them... and they need him as an expert on zero matter. The scientist agrees because he figures that Peggy doesn't want him to leave.

Peggy goes to the SSR HQ and shows Daniel the garrote marks. She admits that she missed the flight back to New York, and Daniel explains that he found a file on Isodyne's scientist, Agnes Cully. She's an expert on radiation and her work made Isodyne rich during the War. "Whitney Frost" is Agnes' stage name, and she's the brain behind Isodyne.

At the Atlas Club, Jack tells Vernon that they have plenty of time before his plane leaves. Vernon introduces Jack to Calvin, who thanks Jack for his help. Calvin is reading the newspaper that Peggy described to Jack, and Jack notices it. Vernon offers a toast to Calvin, who is now running unopposed.

Kenneth visits Whitney and says that the studio wants to replace her with a younger actress. He explains that he threatened to walk if they went through with it, and they folded. Whitney thanks him and hugs the director, and he holds her tight. When he tries to kiss her, he pulls away her hair and sees the black mark. The director demands to know what happened, and Whitney grabs his hand. The zero matter consumes him and then pulls itself back into Whitney's body, and she stares at the mark in the mirror.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 27, 2016

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