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The One True King (To Unite Them All) Recap

The Past

A young Gareth leads Richard into the village and makes everyone praise Richard. Richard realizes that they're cheering him because they're scared, and insists that he's a phony rather than a hero. He wonders if his day will ever come when he's a hero. Richard arrives and explains that he's Young Richard's future self, and realizes that he will be completely lame and achievement-free. He wonders if his day will ever come.


Richard sits in the palace and explains that he's singing a duet with his inner child. The zombies pound at the gate, but they hear a song.

The army from the Enchanted Forest bar approaches with Sid leading. He has gathered all of the characters from the second season to attack, and they charge. Sid gets to the gate and asks the defenders to open up the gate. They do and Sid runs in. He explains that they broke through the enemy lines but can't hold them forever. Sid says that he wasn't able to find an army, but all of the second season characters that they could afford. Galavant tells Sid that he did well and prepares to go out. He lays out a battle plan and promises Isabella he will never leave her again.

The defenders fight their way through the streets. Wormwood is ready to blast the enemies with D'DEW, and Madalena says that Gareth can't be hurt. He suggests that she go get some weapons and promises that Gareth will be fine.

As Sid finds a way out, Wormwood uses his magic cuts of Gareth and Galavant from the others. The zombies move in on the two men.

Isabella gets to the viewing station and confronts Madalena, swearing to get her happy ending. Madalena grabs a weapon and they fight.

Richard confronts Wormwood. It doesn't go well and they start again.

Madalena disarms Isabella, who grabs two swords and comes back for more. They disarm each other and get more weapons, and disarm each other again.

Wormwood says that the Hero Sword makes Richard the One True King to unit them all. He blasts the Sword away, and Richard holds up Tad. Wormwood knocks the lizard out of Richard's hand, and Richard discovers that it's dead. The sorcerer tries to pull the Sword out of the rock that it's landed in, and Richard warns that Wormwood has killed one dragon but awoken another. He shatters Wormwood's sword... and the zombies drop, inert.

Richard draws the sword and attacks Wormwood, and everyone watches as the two men fight. Wormwood insists that Tad was a lizard, not a dragon, and Richard cuts him down. Everyone hails the One True King, Isabella punches a distracted Madalena unconscious, and Richard goes to Tad. He discovers that he's alive, just as Galavant comes up and acknowledges that Richard is the One True King. Richard asks Galavant to look after Tad because there's something he has to do.

Gareth finds Madalena and offers his hand, and she says that he doesn't need his help. She insists that she can't put what happened between them in the past, and she wants more power now that she's tasted D'DEW. Madalena says that she loves Gareth, but it's who she is and teleports away.

As Galavant laments that he won't be the one True King, Isabella comes over and reminds him that he talked about getting married. Galavant admits that he's tired of being an adventurer, and now he's found his happily ever after. As the others arrive, Galavant proposes to Isabella and she accepts. Wormwood comes back to life long enough to tell them to plan their venue soon.

Richard rides across the countryside and gets pulled over for speeding.

Roberta prepares to go to Spinster Island by boat. As she gets her cat and chocolate, Richard rides up and Roberta is astonished to see that he's alive. He explains what happened and says that without her, everything he's done means nothing. They kiss until the other spinsters complain.

Soon, the singing Monks hold the wedding ceremony for Isabella and Galavant. They kiss, and Barry has the attendants toss petals.

Chef and Gwynne singing that the new season is bursting with hope.

The King and Queen reassume their rightful positions as rulers of Valencia.

Gareth tells Sid that he's going to go rescue Madalena for himself, and asks if he wants to come with him. Sid agrees and is happy that he finally got a line in a song.

Galavant and Isabella retire to their cottage by the sea.

Madalena goes to a dark castle and knocks at the door. She asks to see the Del: the Dark evil Lord. The footman says that he's been waiting for her, and gives her a necklace as a factory accessory. He then says that the Del will begin Madalena's treatment to make her the most powerful force in the Seven Realms.

The Confessional Monk promises that if they get renewed, the audience will see Richard and Roberta together. Roberta tells Richard that it's time to feed Tad, and Richard takes out a sheep. Tad breathes fire and Richard is happy that he finally has a dragon.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 1, 2016

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