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Dungeons & Dragons Recap

The episode begins with Charley working on Derek Reese, who has been shot in the chest. Charley gives Derek a sedative so he can remove the bullet, which causes him to dream of a memory of the past with his brother Kyle on patrol in the resistance. Derek, Kyle and their patrol have been captured by a Terminator and are being transported somewhere in a truck.

After finishing with Derek, Charley explains how he had to come to Los Angeles after seeing Sarah's name on the news about the explosion in the bank. He has been here ever since, and wants answers about why she left. Sarah tells him the truth about Skynet and robots from the future, showing him the deactivated Terminator they recently captured at the police transport van. Charley takes the information relatively well, but wishes he had been told 8 years ago. Cameron prepares to destroy the Terminator using thermite.

In Derek's dream, the prisoners have reached a holding area and are chained to the floor, all except Kyle who is missing. A Terminator comes along and uses a hand held laser to burn tattoos onto their arms. Derek notices one of the flying machines pass over the building they are being held in with what appears to be an engine from a commercial airliner slung beneath it. Derek wonder what it might be and if this is the secret weapon they were sent out on patrol to find.

Sarah asks Cameron why Derek is distrustful about her in particular, asking whether she did something to him in the future. Cameron doesn't know, explaining that their memories are erased prior to being programmed for a new mission. Derek awakens, vomiting blood that is collecting in his lungs. Charley stops the bleeding and drains his lungs, but says he needs a transfusion. Cameron suggests Sarah's blood, but Charley says he needs at least 3 units of AB negative blood. Sarah recommends they drop him off anonymously at a hospital, but Cameron points out he is wanted for Andy Goode's murder. John asks Charley to test his blood. John's blood matches so he starts transfusing with Derek.

In the dream, Derek is slowly scraping the wood loose from where the shackles are bolted to the floor. One of his friends confesses his real name, Andy Goode, and says he is responsible for building Skynet. The Terminator comes for Derek and takes him into the basement and when he comes out he is disoriented. The Terminator chains him back to the floor and leaves. The prisoners sleep and when they next awake, they are alone, still chained to the floor but left with a hatchet to free themselves. They escape and make their way back to the entrance of their hidden camp, only to find it has been discovered and destroyed. They search anyway and find an armed patrol who tells them most of the resistance members escaped, including John Connor and Kyle. Connor and Kyle then took a group to attack a research facility, but Kyle never returned.

Derek revives enough to start calling for Kyle. Charley uses the bits and pieces of information to figure out that Kyle was John's father, and Sarah reveals that Derek is Kyle's brother.

Before destroying the Terminator, Cameron carves the flesh off of the skeleton and puts it into plastic bags. Charley comes out to the garage where Cameron is about to finish and she tells him he needs to leave, that he is not safe here. A shaken Charley quickly exits as Cameron lights the chemical bonfire. Afterward, Sarah arrives to find out what Cameron said to Charley. Sarah warns Cameron that Charley is not to be touched or Sarah will find a way to kill her. Cameron swears. Cameron then mentions that she destroyed everything of the Terminator except one hand, and she will find that and destroy it. As Sarah leaves, we see that Cameron lied, and that she did not destroy the main CPU chip.

In the dream, Derek goes to the resistance headquarters to find out about Kyle. He is told he does not have a need to know so he says he will ask Connor. Suddenly he sees Cameron (future Cameron), and starts to attack her before he is stopped and told she is one of theirs. Later, Derek is awakened by gunfire. A Terminator is loose and killing resistance members. He tries to stop it to no avail. Suddenly Cameron appears and destroys it, saying that sometimes they go bad and no one knows why.

Charley leaves, but warns Sarah the FBI came to talk to him, and it is only a matter of time before they find her.

In the dream, Derek is awakened by Cameron, who tells him John Connor wants to see him. She takes him into a secure room where he sees the implementation of the time machine. He is told his new mission, which is to travel back to 2007 with his team and wait for John and Sarah to come forward through time and help them destroy Skynet. This is the team that is eventually murdered by the Terminator in the safe house. We also see that after his team is murdered, Derek Reese is indeed the one who killed Andy Goode, contrary to what he told Sarah.

Written by pentar on Feb 6, 2016

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