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Maybe No Go Recap

At their trailer, Billy warns Peter that he can't put mouthwash into cookie batter. As they argue, a giant truckasaurus robot controlled by St. Cloud attacks the trailer and the two heroes go to the Quiz Cave And so begins another exciting adventure of Billy Quizboy and Peter. The truckasaurus taps into their power grid and release a burst of electricity into the trailer, and Peter feeds it back to the truckasaurus. It collapses and St. Cloud calls to say that he stole the source of their power. Billy says to head to the Conjecti-Craft, but Peter says that he has a tooth-cleaning appointment and asks for a delay until the next morning. St. Cloud and Billy agree, and St. Cloud vows to get them at a reasonable hour.

At the Venture Tower, the family is having breakfast and Brock admits that he's a carrying a gun now that the Ventures are a high-priority protective target. Soulbot comes in and explains that Jbot is out. Dr. Venture is on the front page of the newspaper, with a story announcing that he's driven the company stocks into the ground. Brock points out that he fired everyone and is spending, and Dr. Venture wonders where Pirate Captain is. The bodyguard says that Pirate Captain is back on the tranqs and goes out for real coffee.

At the Monarch house, Monarch refuses to accept that he can't arch Dr. Venture. Dr. My Wife says that once they get the Guild back on the feet, and bump up Monarch's low arching value since he lost the Flying Cocoon and his hundred henchmen. She points out that there are dozens of villains ahead of him on the list, and assures her husband that she's on his team and offers make-up sex before she has to leave in 10 minutes.. However, Monarch sneaks back and tells Henchman 21 to hack his wife's files and see who is on the list ahead of him.

Pirate Captain climbs into the polar bear pen at the zoo and calls for a guard to dart the bag and himself to be safe. When the guards shoot the bear, Pirate Captain pulls out one of the darts and injects himself with it.

Billy and Peter fly to St. Cloud's estate. They park the Conjecti-Craft and Billy uses his Quizboy grappling hand to put a line on the gate and Peter tries to climb the line. It's fastened to Billy's nerves, so Peter calls St. Cloud on the intercom and asks him to capture them, and he does so.

Brock returns with coffee and Pirate Captain, and stops him from shooting himself with Brock's real gun. Once Brock takes it away from him, he tells Hank to find his brother because he has a job for them.

Monarch and Henchman 21 go to a rundown house in Paterson, NJ. According to the file, it's the resident's home and secret lair. A woman, Redusa, answers the door and Monarch explains that he's there to get her signature waiving the right to arch Dr. Venture. She says that she's not a villain and threatens to call the cop, and Monarch darts her unconscious.

St. Cloud freshens up in the shower while Billy and Peter wait. Billy explains that the red ball is from Duran Duran's video, but St. Cloud doesn't believe him. Pei brings in a Henrietta Pussycat doll for St. Cloud to use as a shower mitt, and Billy insists that it's a sacrilege. The collector says that he has a plan for the red ball, while Peter uses mousse on his hair.

Pirate Captain wakes up and discovers that he's chained to a bed in the brothers' bedroom. Hank and Dean come in with everything they need to break him of his tranq habit.

Wide Wale is eating at a restaurant and meets with Fallen Archer. Fallen Archer pays him off, but admits that Venture won't pay his protection so the payoff is light. Wale figures that it's time to take the Ventures on a Nantucket sleigh ride.

Redusa wakes up and Monarch demands her signature. She shakes the towel off her head, revealing her hair of snakes. She fires blasts of energy at the intruders, who duck aside. Henchman 21 reflects a blast back, shrinking Redusa's head. Redusa warns that the Guild won't take it well if they kill another villain, and Henchman 21 points out that she hasn't renewed her Guild membership. He offers not to cut off her head if she tells the Guild to take her off the Venture arching list, and she agrees.

Pirate Captain goes through withdrawal and hallucinates a baby crawling on the ceiling. He insists that that he's a good pirate, but passes out. Dr. Venture comes in with his sons and says that he needs help with his company. Dean says that they love him.

Brock returns to his quarters and gets a message from Shoreleave. He says that there's a level 10 arching coming Brock's way, and explains that Wide wale is coming to teach Dr. Venture a lesson for not paying protection. There's no time for the OSI to send backup, and Brock orders everyone into the panic room.

St. Cloud ties up Billy and Peter, and explains that the red ball helped create the new romantic fad. He plans to use it to change history and make Tootie from The Facts of Life President. Billy finally twists his detached grapple hand and knocks the ball out of St. Cloud's hand, but Peter bounces it off his head and back to St. Cloud. He plans to send the ball back in time to the Old West unless they sell him Conjectural Technologies for a penny.

At Venture Tower, Brock briefs Hatred on what is coming, and Hatred points out that he's all that Brock has. She briefs Brock on Wale, including the fact that he takes a submarine through the septic and drainage lines.

Dr. Venture goes over his super science plans for the company, and Pirate Captain warns that Ven-Tech isn't set up for them. He says that Dr. Venture has to live in reality, and they have shareholders and bills to pay. Dean suggests that they do both: keep the public face and set up a team to work on the speculative engineering. Dr. Venture is impressed and congratulates his son, and Hank wants to focus on creating a moon circus.

Billy and Peter walk back and discuss what happened without the new romantic movement. Billy assures his friend that they had to sell the company, and Peter points out that they have nothing but the red ball. Despite that, Billy insists that it's a magic "please please tell me" world and they saved the world.

Wale's submarine breaks into the lobby of Venture Tower and his henchmen come out shooting. Wale realizes that no one is there and tells his people to stop shooting, and wonders why Hatred's tour speech is playing. A spotlight focuses on the Treasure of Churumucuo, a large golden mask. Wale tells his henchmen to get it for him.

Monarch and Henchman 21 return home and admit that they did good. However, Monarch figures that Redusa is going to tattle on him to Mrs. My Wife. Manolo runs out and says that there's something he has found something. Inside, Manolo shows them a hidden door revealing a hidden passage. Henchman 21 goes inside and Monarch sends Manolo home. He goes down and they discover a vast underground lair.

Once Wale leaves with the mask, Brock knocks out the remaining guards. Hatred is relieved that Wale took the fake mask. Brock offers to buy him a beer, and they take the parachutes down.

At his home, Wale is boasting about his treasure. He discovers that he's been pranked and Brock left the polar bear behind.

Later, St. Cloud returns to Billy and Pete's trailer. He tells Peter that he's sold their company for a considerable profit... to Ven-Tech.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 8, 2016

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