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Bizarro Recap

Three Months Ago

At Lord Technologies, Max goes to Room 52 and checks on the comatose woman undergoing conversion. The doctor attending her gives Max an activator, and Max transfuses a liquid into the woman's body. She gasps and twitches, and Max gives her another dose as her heart rate accelerates and she comes back to life.


Max removes the bandages from the woman and says that everything he has created until now means meaningless, because the two of them will change the meaning of life itself. The woman says that she understands and calls Max "my lord."


Alex and Supergirl check in with hank at the DEO, and Alex confirms that there's no signs of extraterrestrial activity. They suspect Max's involvement, but Hank notes that the comatose woman he saw there had no cerebral activity. He doesn't believe that Max is capable of raising the dead.

At CatCo, Kara tells Winn that they have to meet later. She says that the person who threw through the truck at the incident is an imposter, and Winn finally breaks down and asks what's going on. Cat comes in and Kara is surprised to see that her boss purchased her own latte... and got one for Kara as well. Kara and Winn are both surprised that Cat is so considerate.

In her office, Cat is coordinating the report on "Supergirl"'s current rogue activities. Kara suggests that it isn't Supergirl, and everyone stares. Cat is surprised that she spoke up and asks for more, and Kara says that it might be an imposter trying to discredit Supergirl. The CEO is impressed with the angle because it makes them look unbiased, and tells everyone to get out. Kara asks Cat if she's being nice to her since Kara is going on a date with Adam, and Cat feigns ignorance.

Kara, Winn, and James go up to their office and Kara worries that Cat is being nice to her. Once they're alone, Kara asks Winn to check for comatose patients that match her measurements. Adam texts Kara and says that he wants to see her that night, and the two men realize that she's blushing. Kara denies that there's anything going on, but she blushes and finally admits that Adam confirmed their date. James wonders who asked who out, and says that it's great when she says that Adam did. He quickly excuses himself.

In Room 52, Max comes in and finds his patient dressed as Supergirl, and watching videos of the heroine. As the woman receives shocks, Max insists that Supergirl is bad and needs to be stopped and replaced with his own Supergirl.He asks what they do to bad people, and the new Supergirl says that they kill them.

That night at Noonan's, Adam and Kara have dinner. Kara admits that she made reservations for them on Cat's behalf, and Adam says that Kara is amazing because not everyone would send a letter on behalf of her boss. The news runs a broadcast about stranded passengers on a tramway, and the rescue crews may not get there at time. Kara quickly excuses herself, claiming that her grandmother fell, and tells Adam to stay before going.

Supergirl flies to the tramway and starts to carry off the tramway. However, her alternate arrives and the two women confront each other. Supergirl asks if someone sent her, and the alternate insists that they kill Supergirl. She attacks, knocking Supergirl, and the two superpowered women fight. The tramway is knocked loose and Supergirl flies down to catch it before it hits the water. The alternate stares down as Supergirl flies the tramway to safety.

At the DEO, Supergirl tells Alex and Hank happened. She's sure that the being that attacked her is a living being, and insists that her alternate is just like her. Alex figures that the alternate has the same weakness to Kryptonite, and Hank promises not to use enough to hurt the alternate.

The next day, Cat and Adam arrive at CatCo and Adam worries that he did something wrong. Cat assures him that he didn't, and worries that she wasn't a disappointing substitute. He assures her that it was good to be with her, and Cat leaves them alone. Adam says that Kara owes her a rain check, and she agrees as they awkwardly hug. Once Adam goes, Cat wonders that Kara and Adam haven't kissed yet. A newscast comes on about the alternate, and Cat says that she dubbed her "Bizarro."

In the office, Winn tells Kara and James that a Jane Doe disappeared that matched Kara's physical measurements disappeared from the hospital two years ago after a car accident. The woman was transferred to Prometheus Genetics, which is owned by Max Lord. Prometheus has claimed six more girls in the last six months. Winn figures that it's take Max seven tries to create the perfect duplicate.

In Room 52, Max examines Bizarro and asks why she didn't kill Supergirl. Bizarro points out that Supergirl helped people and isn't bad, and Max asks if Bizarro trusts her or Supergirl. He warns that things that seem to be good are really very bad, and Bizarro nods in agreement.

Alex meets Max in his office and says that knows about the girls. He insists that he gave them a chance to live, and says that hypothetically all it would take is an infusion of Supergirl's concentrated DNA from traces that she left behind. Max wonders why Alex is so upset on Supergirl's behalf, and says that for humanity to survive, they must be fitter than Kryptonians. Alex says that she is no perfect human, and Max warns that things will get bad for her and her family if she threatens him. He insists that Bizarro is humanity's guardian and Alex walks out.

Back at the DEO, Alex tells Hank and Supergirl what happened. She wants to arm their agents with Kryptonite darts, but Supergirl insists that Bizarro is a victim. Alex reminds her sister that Bizarro is one of Max's science experiments, and Hank points out that they don’t have the authority to arrest private citizens. He tells Alex to take the strike team into National City. Once Hank leaves, Alex tells Supergirl that Max talked as if he knew the two sisters were related. Supergirl insists that there's no way he could know that, and texts Adam to take another rain check. Alex says that it's never going to be good timing and Kara deserves a good life.

James pours Winn a drink to drown their sorrows, and Winn asks him why he claimed he was okay with Kara and Adam together. The IT tech says that he's been stuck in the friend zone with Kara, but James can be with her if he just says the word. James insists that he's already in the relationship, and Winn that nobody wants to be in a relationship with someone who wants to be with someone else. James considers his advice and leaves.

Adam and Kara go for a walk in the city and talk about their mothers. Kara says that her birth parents died in an accident, and Adam offers his condolences. She admits that it's been hard for her to feel normal, and Adam tells her that no one ever feels normal. They kiss for a long moment... and Bizarro flies down, grabs Kara, and soars out into the wildness. She throws Kara down, and Kara tries to get through to her. Bizarro unleashes cold vision and Kara uses her own to parry. Kara finally collapses from the strain, and insists that Bizarro doesn't want to kill.

Bizarro punches Kara back, and she flies back. The two fight and Bizarro unleashes her flame breath. Kara uses her cold breath to block the blast, and the two struggle as Alex and her team arrive. They fire Kryptonite darts, bringing her down, and Alex runs to Kara. Bizarro gets took her feet and they watch as Bizarro's body degrades due to the Kryptonite. Now a pale white, Bizarro screams that she hates Kara and flies away. Kara is too weakened by the Kryptonite to go after her.

Back at the DEO, Kara tells Alex that Max knows her secret identity. They report to Hank that they lost Bizarro because the Kryptonite made her stronger. He figures that they can reverse the ionic charge of the synthetic Kryptonite to deal with Bizarro's oppositional powers. The sisters don't tell him about Max knowing their connection. Once he leaves, Kara insists that they have to take out Max but doesn't know how to do it.

At CatCo, Adam tells Cat what happened. Kara comes in and says that it was just dumb luck that Bizarro took her. She talks to Adam privately and he wonders if Kara is breaking up with him. She suggests that the universe might be sending them a message, and Adam assures her that not everyone is going to leave her. Kara wonders if she doesn't have room in her life for anyone, and Adam admits that he thought that his baggage would interfere with their relationship. He says that he'll go so that she doesn't have to, and says goodbye to Kara.

In Room 52, Max tells Bizarro that Supergirl made her a monster. He says that if he was her, he'd want to take away anyone that Supergirl loves, and walks out.

At CatCo, Kara goes out on the balcony and James approaches her. He asks her what happened, and Kara says that she broke up with Adam. She tells James that nothing he can do will make her better, and tells him to leave her alone.

Alex strolls into Max's office with a team of agents and puts him under arrest. She says that she's acting on behalf of an extralegal enforcement agency and Max has no rights. Max refuses to tell her where she can find Bizarro, and he tells her that if they take her in then he'll tell the world that Kara is Supergirl. Alex slams him down on his desk and says that no one will hear him where he's going.

James is out on the balcony when Bizarro flies down, grabs him, and flies off.

Back at the DEO, Alex and her team bring in a hooded Max and she removes the hood and has her men take him to a cell. Hank demands to know what Alex is doing, and she insists that she had no choice. He warns that everyone will be looking for Max, and warns that Alex is compromising the DEO's security. Alex insists that Max is compromising her family's security, and figures would understand.

The next day, James wakes up in a warehouse and finds himself tied to a forklift. Bizarro is nearby and orders him not to move. He asks why she brought him there, and Bizarro insists that Supergirl loves him. Bizarro refuses to come over, saying that she's ugly, and James tries to get through to her, insisting that everyone occasionally feels that no one will love them. He says that a part of her is still like Supergirl, and that he loves Supergirl because she always does the right thing. James tells Bizarro that she can be the same. He tries to reach a shard of concrete with his foot to cut himself free, but Bizarro notices and unleashes a blast of flame breath.

At the DEO, Supergirl hears James screaming. Hank gives Alex the reverse blue-colored Kryptonite, and they head out. Supergirl flies to the warehouse and attacks Bizarro, and the two are evenly matched. Bizarro chokes her counterpart, and Alex arrives and realizes that she can't get a clear shot. Supergirl yells at her to take the shot, and Alex fires. The dart hits Bizarro and the creature falls to the floor.

The team transports the dying Bizarro to the DEO, and Bizarro apologizes to Supergirl for what she did. Supergirl says that she's sorry as well, and Hank explains that they're going to render Bizarro comatose again. He promises that they'll try to help her, and Supergirl takes Bizarro's hand. Bizarro says that she's afraid. Supergirl assures her that she won't be alone and Bizarro thanks her before passing out. Hank agrees that Bizarro didn't deserve what happened to her, and Supergirl says that Bizarro was just like her.

Supergirl goes to Max's cell and promises that he'll be there for a few years. She insists that he won't hurt anyone ever again, and Max says that he knows all about Eliza and Midvale. Supergirl prepares to heat-vision him, but Alex comes in and says that Max isn't worth it. Undeterred, max says that he'll see them soon.

Kara returns to CatCo, and Cat says that Adam is going back to Opal City. He's said that there's nothing keeping him in National City, and Cat suggests that she and Kara may be more alike than she thought. She didn't put other people first and lost Adam years ago... and now Kara is doing the same. Cat doesn't want to know what happened, and says that their relationship from now on should be strictly professional. Kara, taken aback, walks out and finds James heading out. She suggests that they go to Noonan's, but James says that he has to pick up Lucy from the airport. He tells her to have a good night and leaves.

Later, Supergirl flies back to her apartment and finds a strange pod on her end table. She goes over to investigate it... and something drops from the ceiling on her.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 9, 2016

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