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Max creates a reverse image of Supergirl using her DNA, and sets it to fight the Woman of Steel. Meanwhile, James and Winn share a drink, and Max reveals to Alex how much he knows about her connection to Supergirl.

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By Gadfly on Feb 9, 2016

Three Months Ago At Lord Technologies, Max goes to Room 52 and checks on the comatose woman undergoing conversion. The doctor attending her gives Max an activator, and Max transfuses a liquid into the woman's body. She gasps and twitches, and Max gives her another dose as her heart rate accelerates and she comes back to life. Yesterday Max removes the bandages from the woman and says that everything he has created until now means meaningless, because the two of them will change the mea…

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Episode Discussion

pentar posted 5 years ago

So now Maxwell Lord can manufacture Kryptonians? And they are stronger than the original version? All it takes is a little DNA and presto! Exactly how do you get DNA from a Kryptonian anyway, I thought needles couldn't penetrate their skin. A little hair pulling in a catfight? Meow!

And after basically threatening her adoptive parents, don't you think Supergirl might have flown home and checked on them?

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