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Welcome to Earth-2 Recap

Harry makes his last journal entry on Earth-1. Flash soars around the city, closing all of the breaches. Harry admits that he's been distracted by Earth-1 and their problems. However, , he's never lost track of Jesse, and now he needs her to hang on a little longer. He gets his weapons and promises that this time he's not coming alone.

Flash seals the last breach except for the one to Earth-2, and then returns to S.T.A.R. Labs. Harry comes in and Barry says that he has a few things to deal with. He goes home and has supper with Joe and Iris, and admits that he didn't tell Henry because his father would try to talk him out of it. Iris asks her father to give them a few minutes alone. Once he leaves, Barry admits that their plan is nuts. Iris wonders if it's about Patty, and Barry assures her that he loves his life and he's not trying to escape. She tells him to go win and come home, and Barry agrees.

The next day at S.T.A.R. Labs, Jay tells Barry about how on Earth-2 he will find himself dealing with things that seem familiar but they're not. Barry tells Jay and Caitlin to call the breach if they're not back in 48hours, and Joe wishes him luck. Cisco has a note for his brother and parents if he doesn't get back, and Caitlin reluctantly agrees to deliver it if she has to. Everyone wishes Harry luck and he tells Barry that he doesn't have to do it. Barry says that he does and he, Harry, and Cisco step up to the speed cannon. Jay warns them not to get distracted by anything that they see, and says that they'll see everything.

Jay activates the speed cannon and the three men leap in. The cannon falls apart behind them, and Jay explains that with the other breaches closed, the energy destabilized the last breach. As long as it's unstable, Barry and Cisco are trapped on earth-2.

Barry and the others arrive in a chamber on Earth-2, and Harry confirms that they're in his lab. They go outside and find themselves on another world and a futuristic Central City. Back inside, Cisco and Barry take a selfie of themselves. Lab assistant Henry Hewitt comes over and welcomes Harry back, and Cisco jumps at the sight of the man who is Tokomak on Earth-1. Once he leaves, Harry takes his team to his quarters. The news is broadcasting a curfew by order of Mayor Snart after an increase in Zoom attacks. Cisco puts on his vibe goggles but doesn't get a vision. He discovers that the frequency is imbalanced because Earth-2 vibrates at a different frequency. Barry's counterpart with the police comes on and says that Detective West will deal with Zoom. Barry sees his doppelganger and gets a plan.

Running ant superspeed, Barry brings his counterpart back. Barry-2 is happily surprised to see Harry, and Barry finally tasers him unconscious. Harry realizes that Barry is going to take his counterpart's place, and Barry says that he'll go to the CCPD and try to get a lead on Zoom from his previous sightings. Cisco reminds him about Jay's warning, and Barry takes Barry-2's glasses and figures that it'll be easy.

That night, Barry arrives at the station and takes in the differences. The police bring in Singh, who is a criminal on Earth-2. Floyd Lawton--Deadshot--is a detective. Iris-2 comes over and points out that her partner Lawton is the worse shot in the department, and Lawton takes Singh away to booking. Barry realizes that Iris-2 is Detective West, not Joe. She gets him into a hallway and starts kissing him, much to Barry's surprise. She reminds him that they're husband and wife, and wonders where his wedding ring is. Her metahuman app triggers off of Barry and assumes that it's a glitch, and takes him home.

A woman takes on two bank robbers and reminds them that Central City belongs to Zoom. A robber tosses her the money, and the woman--a blonde Caitlin--kills him by projecting icicles. Caitlin goes over to the other man and freezes him with a kiss, and he shatters. When the third man prepares to shoot her, Ronnie Raymond--Deathstorm--kills him with a burst of flame. They kiss and Deathstorm says that they got word that breachers came through, and they go off to kill them.

Iris-2 takes Barry to their home, the same as the West house on Earth-1, and she undresses. When Barry backs away, Iris-2 wonders why he's been acting strange and says that his mother Nora called. Barry speed-dials his mother's number and Barry finally greets Nora. She thanks him for the anniversary tickets to Atlantis, and offers to give the tickets to Barry and Iris-2 for a getaway. Crying, Barry says that he loves her and hangs up, and Iris-2 asks what's wrong.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry wonders where Barry is. Cisco isn't concerned, and wonders where his counterpart is. Harry snaps at him and Cisco goes back to tracking Zoom.

Iris-2 and Barry go to Jitterbugs, the club where Jitters is on Earth-1. Joe is a singer at the club, and finishes his set, and then hugs Iris-2. He snipes briefly at Barry, and Iris-2 tells them both to be nice before going to the ladies room. Barry asks why Joe-2 is upset with him, and Joe-2 reminds Barry that he's putting Iris-2 on the front lines. He accuses Barry of being the most selfish person he knows, and got his PhD and further his career. Iris-2 became a police offer to pay Barry's tuition when she'd be safer as a reporter. Iris-2 comes back and says that the CCPN was an intern position, and she's tough just like Joe-2 raised her to be.

On Earth-1, Jay and Caitlin work on repairing the speed cannon. Joe tells the m that they have another problem: A metahuman is terrorizing the city with his seismic powers, calling out Flash, and Jay recognizes him as Adam Fells--Geomancer--from his deceased counterpart on Earth-2. Joe suggests that Jay take Velocity-6 to temporarily regain his superspeed. When Jay objects, Joe reminds him that Barry is putting his life at risk to save Earth-2. Once Joe leaves, Jay tells Caitlin that when he became the Flash on Earth-2, he wasn't fat enough. He increased his powers using Velocity-6, but there were unforeseen side effects. The drug is killing him, and Caitlin tells him that now he has her to find a cure.

On Earth-2, Joe sings another set. Iris-2 points out that Barry can't stand Joe, and assures him that she can love them both. Her metahuman app goes off again along with everyone else's in the club, just as Killer Frost and Deathstorm come in. They ask which guest is a breacher, and Iris-2 starts to go for her gun. When Barry stops her, Killer Frost notices and comes over. Iris-2 draws her gun and puts them under arrest, and Killer Frost starts to freeze her. Barry steps up and calls Killer Frost "Caitlin," and says that he knows her.

Barry asks her to stop, and Killer Frost says that she hates the name Caitlin. She fires icicles and Barry takes cover behind a table. Iris-2 tries to run and Deathstorm fires a blast... and Joe-2 shoves her out of the way, taking the flames meant for his daughter. As Iris-2 goes to her father, Barry speeds the two villains to a nearby rooftop. They attack him and he speeds out of the way, and Deathstorm opens fire. Barry lures him through the city and grabs the Mercury helmet from a statue of Jay as the Flash. The speedster deflects the fire blasts into Killer Frost, knocking her down, and Deathstorm goes to her side. Iris-2 calls to Barry, and he goes inside to discover that Joe-2 is barely alive.

Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry warns Barry that now Deathstorm and Killer Frost know who Barry is. He points out that he wasn't supposed to get involved, and says that as far as Barry is concerned, none of his friend's counterparts exist. Barry says that Iris-2 and her father need him and they're family, and he has to go. Once he leaves, Harry tells Cisco to find Zoom.

On Earth-1, Joe meets with Singh at the station and explains that Fells was a criminal even before he became a metahuman. Wally comes in just as the building shakes, and Singh confirms that Geomancer has been spotted. Joe tells Wally that he has to go, and heads out.

On Earth-2, Joe-2 wakes up and his daughter goes to his side. He asks Barry if he's okay, and doesn't believe it when Barry says that he was worried about him. Joe-2 explains that every song he sings is for Iris-2. He then asks Barry to take care of Iris-2, and then flatlines. Iris-2 breaks into tears and Barry gently pulls her away.

Back at the station, Iris-2 gets her gun and tells Lawton that he doesn't have to go with her. He insists that he's her partner and he's got her back. Barry and Cisco arrive, and Barry claims that Cisco is his good friend and a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs. Cisco has developed a weapon to neutralize Killer Frost's powers, and Cisco insists on taking it along. Iris-2 says that one of her CIs gave her a lead on the villains' location, and refuses to let Barry come with her. Barry points out that Cisco is the only one who knows how to use the neutralizer, and Cisco insists that he can handle himself. Iris-2 realizes that she doesn't have a choice, tells Barry that she loves him, kisses him, and leaves with Lawton. Barry privately tells Cisco that right now they have to help Iris-2 and he has to make sure no one else gets hurt.

On Earth-1, Geomancer cracks open the streets. The police arrive and Joe orders Geomancer to surrender. Unimpressed, he figures that Flash isn't coming and he's gone. Geomancer generates another seismic wave, and Flash speeds by him. he slows down and everyone realizes that it's a costumed Jay. Caitlin monitors him and says over the radio that the Velocity-7 is working.

Geomancer fire a shock blast and Jay reflects it back at him. He speeds forward... and trips. Caitlin warns him that the Velocity-7 is wearing off, and Geomancer grabs Jay's head. However, Joe opens fire, driving the villain off. He goes over to Jay and confirms that he's unharmed.

Iris-2, Lawton, and Cisco drive to a warehouse and go inside. The metahuman app goes off, confirming that Deathstorm and Killer Frost are there, and the villains step out. Killer Frost orders them to drop their guns, and Lawton and Iris-2 do so. Cisco asks Deathstorm if Martin is inside, and Deathstorm says that he hasn't let him out in years. He says that Joe-2 shouldn't have been with a breacher. When Cisco wonders how they could work for Zoom, Cisco-2 steps out and says that they work for him and he works for Zoom.

Cisco-2 says that he knew that Cisco was coming because they're all connected. He introduces himself as Reverb and says that he's disappointed in Cisco. Cisco-2 tells Cisco that he doesn't even know how powerful he is, and together they could depose Zoom and rule Central City. Killer Frost insists that they turn them over to Zoom, and Cisco-2 threatens to shatter her nervous system. She hastily backs off, and Cisco-2 repeats his offer. Cisco considers and then yells for Flash to save them. Flash speeds in and knocks them all down, and tells Iris-2 to get out. She grabs Cisco's weapon and shoots Killer Frost in the shoulder, and Flash gets Iris-2 to cover before Deathstorm can fry her.

As Cisco takes cover, his counterpart confronts him. As Cisco refuses his offer, Lawton grabs his gun and fires at Cisco-2. He misses and Cisco-2 kills him with a vibrational blast. He offers to show Cisco how to do the same. Flash ducks Deathstorm's fire blast, and Cisco-2 blindsides him with another blast. When Cisco objects, Cisco-2 punches him. He and Deathstorm start blasting Flash, but Killer Storm tells them to stop, reminding them that Zoom wants him alive. Zoom arrives and kills Deathstorm, and reminds Cisco-2 of what he should do when he encounters a speedster. Zoom then vibrates his hand into Cisco-2's heart and starts choking Killer Frost... and says that at least one of them knows her place. He releases her and speeds off with Flash, and Killer Frost runs to Deathstorm's corpse.

On Earth-1, Caitlin treats Jay's injuries and assures him that everyone knows that he's a hero. She needs him to stabilize the breach, and they only have one day before their friends will be trapped on Earth-2 forever.

Barry wakes up in a cell and sees a prisoner across the hall tapping on his window. Jesse I in another cell, and Barry says that he's there with Harry and promises to rescue her. Zoom runs in and warns him not to make promises that he can't keep... and the cell is the last place he'll ever see.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 10, 2016

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