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New York City Serenade Recap

One year ago, something that looks like a storm rumbles toward Fairy Tale Land. This is no storm though. It’s magic. It’s the result of Snow White, Prince Charming and the other residents of Storybrooke being sent back to their longtime home. In our world, one year later, Emma has a dinner date with a guy she’s obviously been seeing for some time. When the mystery man, Walsh, steps away, Hook takes a seat. He tries to convince Emma that her parents are in grave danger.

Emma has lost all her real memories so she has no idea what Hook talking about. Still, she senses something is off. Hook asks her to visit an address he’s provided. Emma’s date returns to present her with a ring. Walsh asks her to marry him. Emma is stunned. This is all so fast. They’ve only been together eight months. Henry lets his mom know that not every guy is like his dad. There are some good ones out there. Maybe one of them is Walsh. After all, he’s the first guy Emma has dated that she ever let him meet.

An unsure Emma heads over to an address Hook provided. She finds items belonging to Neal as well as a camera that’s Henry’s. This is enough to have her meet up with Hook, who wants her to drink something that will help her remember. Instead, Emma has him arrested. Later, she lets Henry know that she’s likely going to accept Walsh’s proposal. This is just before she sees photos of a life back in Storybrooke. A recently-sprung Hook asks her to drink the potion once again. It means Emma would have to give up the life she has now. She must trust her gut. So she drinks. Just like that, the memories come rushing back.

In Fairy Tale Land, Snow White tells Regina they must stand united as they make plans to meet up with the rest of the kingdom at the queen’s castle. Those who have returned bid adieu to Aurora, who tells Prince Philip that they must tell “her” about the return of their friends. If they don’t, she fears punishment will be taken on their unborn child. As the group heads off to the castle, Belle lets Neal know that she believes they can get Rumplestiltskin back. As for Regina, she can’t take the loss of her son so he buries her heart in the woods. Snow convinces her abandon this plan for Henry’s sake.

As Regina and Snow head back to the others, a fly monster with red eyes attacks them. They can’t get away. The monster grabs Regina, but Snow is able to pull her back to the ground. Danger is still imminent. The monster attacks again until an arrow pierces its neck. It flies off. Snow White and the Queen have just been saved by Robin of Locksley and his merry men. None of them have ever seen the likes of the flying creature before. The queen’s castle is blocked by a protection spell that was cast by someone other than Regina. Everyone agrees to regroup at Robin’s settlement.

In our world, Hook lets Emma know there is a new curse cast by someone powerful enough to reach into this place. Their chat is interrupted when Walsh shows up for a dinner date. Emma lets him know that she can’t marry him. She needs to go home to take care of a few things. This makes Walsh angry. He tells Emma that he wishes she hadn’t taken that potion. He knows all about it. Walsh rushes toward Emma. He falls off the roof balcony. Emma looks over to see a monster with red eyes flying toward her. Emma is able to overpower the beast. She tells Hook they’ll leave in the morning.

Emma lets Henry know she has a new case. It’s in Maine. She introduces her son to Hook, calling him Killian. Emma gets one last thing out of the closet before they leave. She puts on her old red jacket. A short time later, the three of them are back in Storybrooke. Emma finds David. Both are surprised that they know each other. David says no one remembers what’s occurred over the past year. A lot has happened though as evidenced by the fact that Mary Margaret is pregnant.

Inside the queen’s castle, a mysterious woman in a pointed black hat asks the creature with the red eyes if it got what she needs. The answer is yes. He has a sampling of the queen’s blood. The mystery lady with green hands has her monster drop the blood into a vial. Plans of revenge are spoken. Then we see the full image of this green-skinned witch. She says, “The queen may be evil, but I’m wicked. And wicked always wins.”

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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