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Manly Whatnots Recap

Chloe takes a shower and remembers being shot and Lucifer coming to her side. She then remembers meeting George in the asylum and his screaming that Lucifer is the Devil, and Lucifer shoving the agent through the window. She hears someone moving downstairs, grabs her gun, and goes to investigate. It's Lucifer, and Chloe's towel falls off. She quickly picks it up and demands to know what he's doing there, and Lucifer explains that he came to make breakfast. Chloe orders him out, just as Dan arrives with Trixie. She wonders if Lucifer and Chloe had a sleepover, and Chloe hastily insists that they didn't. Trixie leads Lucifer off to see her bird report, and Dan asks Chloe if she's sleeping with Lucifer. Lucifer, overhearing them, says that she hasn't. As Dan leaves, he says that he's disappointed in her.

Lucifer arrives at Linda's office and says that something disturbing has happened to him. He ignores Linda's objections and says that he's shocked that Chloe is rejecting him. Linda finally introduces her patient, George.

Chloe is leaving and finds Dan at her door. He says that he just got a call that there's a case. They review a video of a woman, Lindsey Jolson, driving to LA with her brother Kevin. She went missing catering a Player's Club event, and was last seen talking to the founder, Carver Cruz. Carver refused to say anything, and there's a Player seminar and afterparty. The department wants Chloe to go in undercover, because Lucifer is on the guest list. Dan admits that he doesn't want Lucifer spending more time with his ex-wife, but figures that it's their best option.

Linda analyzes Lucifer, who worries that he's losing his charms. The therapist assures him that his charm is still working, and suggests that he's afraid that Chloe has power over him. She says that they give people power, and tells Lucifer that he has to take his power back. Linda says that Lucifer has to get to know Chloe and demystify her by bringing her down to his level. Lucifer agrees... and figures that he needs to have sex with her. He kisses Linda and promises to "pay" her the next time.

Soon, Chloe and Lucifer hit the streets and she explains about the case. Chloe insists that it's work, not a date, and he agrees to help because it coincides with his own plan to have sex with her. The detective says that she only called Lucifer in because he's on the guest list for the Player Club. She tells Lucifer that she will never sleep with him, but he isn't convinced.

At the Player Club, Lucifer goes in and collects his badge... and the number of the nametag girl. He gives it to one of the geek guests and goes in with Chloe. She realizes that he's never been rejected by a woman. They hear Kevin yelling for Carver, and Chloe goes over and says that she's got it. When the security officer objects, Lucifer convinces him to find the person he desires most.Lucifer then helpfully tells Kevin that Chloe is an undercover cop, and Kevin insists that Carver killed Lindsay and his sister would never have gone off on her own. Chloe promises to find the person responsible for Lindsay's disappearance, and Lucifer is glad to help punish them.

Everyone gathers in the auditorium and Carver comes out to tell everyone that they are players. He recites the Conduct of Kickass Caveman list, and Lucifer is astonished that people pay for the education. Chloe sarcastically says that Lucifer should take notes, and he steps up to ask a question. He asks what happens if he has all of them but a woman doesn't respond, and Carver says that he's wrong. Lucifer points out that Chloe won't have sex with him, and Carver irritably insists that the system works. Chloe tells Lucifer to sit down, but Lucifer has them train the spotlight on Chloe and he says that Chloe is a cop. Carver tells Chloe to leave and calls over security, and then leaves the stage.

Outside, Chloe calls her lieutenant and says that she has the situation... and Lucifer under control. She says that she'll figure out a way into the party, and tells Lucifer that she's the only one going in. Lucifer points out that there wouldn’t have been a problem if she had slept with him, and Chloe says that the party is cash-only. She tells Lucifer that the afterparty is at Cold Bar, and Lucifer points out that it's overpriced. If Carver wants cash only then he shouldn’t have the afterparty there. Chloe gets an idea and tells Lucifer that she knows a way he can fix it.

At Lux, Maze is closing down the room when Amenadiel appears. He easily ducks her thrown knife and asks if she missed him. Maze refuses to help him, but the angel says that she will help him get Lucifer back to Hell one way or the other. She summons her dagger back to her hand and attacks Amanadiel, but he easily knocks her away and warns that she can't beat an angel. Maze attacks him again and he finally pins her to the wall and insists that they want the same thing. She licks his mouth, and Amenadiel releases her in disgust. He says that something has fundamentally changed in Lucifer, but Maze figures that it's a phase and it will pass. The angel says that she's lying to him and to herself, and he can get Lucifer back to where he belongs if she provides him with a weak spot. Maze refuses and walks off.

That night, Chloe arrives in Lucifer's apartment. He's in the next room and says that he called Carver as she requested. Chloe insists that it's a professional relationship, just as a naked Lucifer comes out. She warns that it's inappropriate and throws him a towel to put on. He does so and turns for her admiration, and she notices the scars on his back. Lucifer explains that Maze cut his wings off when he told her to. When Chloe starts to touch the scars, Lucifer grabs her wrist and asks her not to. He goes to get dressed, explaining that the afterparty will be at Lux like Chloe wanted, and tells her that she'll need to wear something better to blend in.

Later, Lucifer and Chloe come down and Chloe is wearing a dress left by one of his overnight guests. They spot Carver at the bar, and Chloe tells Lucifer that they'll avoid him and see if anyone saw Carver with Lindsay at the last party. A geek comes over and hits on Chloe, and Lucifer wonders if his pickup line works. Chloe flirts with the geek to see if he was at the party with Lindsay. When he says that he wasn't, Chloe immediately drops him but another nerd comes over to flirt with her. Carver spots Chloe and heads out, and Lucifer and Chloe go after him. When they close in, Carver draws a gun and orders everyone out of the way. Lucifer offers him a broken back, distracting him long enough for Chloe to grab him from behind. Carver insists that he has to go, saying that the people who took Lindsay are going to kill her now.

The trio goes up to Lucifer's apartment and Carver says that he doesn't know where Lindsay is. Her abductors threatened to kill her if he went to the cops. Lucifer asks what game Carver is playing, and he says that he just wants Lindsay back because he loves her. Lucifer reminds him that he's built an empire on the objectification of women, but Carver says that he would give anything to get her back. He confirms that he and Lindsay have been together for four months and he kept it quiet, but it got it out. Lucifer is astonished that Carver hasn't gotten Lindsay out of his system out of four months, and her kidnappers sent him a photo after the seminar. Chloe realizes that the kidnappers were there at the seminar, and Lucifer studies the photo.

Lucifer calls the kidnappers and says that he'll be speaking on Carver's behalf, and assures them that he has the money. Chloe reminds him that they need proof of life, but Lucifer realizes that they hung up. He offers to pay the ransom money to impress Chloe, and insists that he's going to do it alone. The kidnappers call Carver back and put Lindsay on, and she begs him to come get her. Carver insists on going with Lucifer, but she refuses and says that she's going with Lucifer.

Chloe and Lucifer drive to the rendezvous at an old processing plant, and Chloe figures that something doesn't feel right. While they wait, Chloe asks if Lucifer feels pain if he's immortal and really the Devil. Lucifer says that it's more of a nuisance, and invites her to try with something sharp. He wonders if Chloe actually believes him, and Chloe says that she believes in good and evil, but not in the fiery damnation thing. Intrigued, Lucifer wonders if he scares her, and Chloe claims that he doesn't.

Carver walks up and they figure that someone told Carver the address. He goes inside and Lucifer and Chloe follow him. Lucifer walks right in, confident that he can't be hurt, and locks the door behind him because the kidnappers said no police. Once he goes on, Chloe calls her backup and confirms that SWAT is ready.

Carver is looking for the kidnappers when Lucifer finds him. The human explains that the kidnappers called him and changed their minds, and insisted that Carver come. A masked figure steps out of the shadows and tells them to hand over the cash, and refuses to show them Lindsay. Lucifer agrees and the kidnapper tries to grab the bag of money, but the Devil refuses to release it. Carver says that he wants to see Lindsay and Lucifer releases the money. Once he has the money, the kidnapper says that he isn't handing Lindsay over. Carver draws his gun and Lucifer turns to face him.

Chloe finds her way in and hears a gunshot.

Carver goes down and realizes that Lindsay has shot him. She says that she couldn't let Carver shoot Kevin. Kevin removes his mask, and Lucifer explains that Lindsay kidnapped herself. Carver insists that he loved Lindsay, and Lindsay says that they met two years ago and slept together. He never called her, and Lindsay says that she was a virgin and it was a big deal for her. Carver says that he's different now, but Lindsay doesn't believe him. Lucifer says that her punishment doesn't fit Carver's crime, and now Lindsay has changed and so has Carver.

Kevin tells Lindsay to shoot Lucifer, and Carver admits that he deserves death. Lucifer disagrees, and asks Lindsay why she's any better. When Kevin runs over, Lucifer clotheslines him and advances on Lindsay, briefly transforming to his true form. She begs him not to kill her, and Chloe comes in and tells Lucifer. She catches a glimpse of his true self in the reflection in a nearby metal surface, and asks what he is. Lucifer reminds her that he's been telling her that he's the Devil, and invites her to shoot him if she doesn't believe him. He yells at her to do it, and Chloe finally shoots him in the leg. After a moment, he clutches at his leg and realizes that it hurts quite a bit... and he's bleeding. The SWAT team arrives outside and Chloe apologizes to Lucifer. He wonders what's happening to him.

The police collect Lindsay and Kevin, and Chloe finds Lucifer talking to her superior, Lieutenant Olivia Monroe. Lucifer assures Chloe that he told Olivia that Chloe saved the day, and Chloe has no choice but to agree. Olivia apologizes to Lucifer for his getting caught in the crossfire, and he assures her that it was nothing as he turns his charm on her. Once Olivia leaves, Chloe thanks Lucifer for covering for her and offers to drive him home.

Later, Chloe gets home and Trixie runs out to greet her. Her daughter notices the blood on Chloe's shirt, and realizes what it is. Chloe admits that she shot Lucifer but he's fine. Trixie smiles and figures that because Chloe shot Lucifer, she must really like him. Chloe doesn't answer and gets Trixie to bed.

Lucifer limps into the club and Maze asks what happened to him. He explains that Chloe shot him and he bled, and Maze warns that it's dangerous. She tells him to tell her that they're going home, but Lucifer says that the fun has just begun.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 16, 2016

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