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Other Voices, Other Rooms Recap


As Jake drives though the rain, Bill trains his gun on him and asks how he has a newspaper dated 1963. Bill plans to take Jake to the cops, and Jake points out that they'll arrest both of them. He points out that Bill was in the Dunning house and he'll be an accomplice, and Bill asks about Al's burnt files. Jake finally explains that he's there to prevent Kennedy's assassination, and says that he comes from 2016.

Jake and Bull go to a motel and get a room, and Bill wonders why Jake doesn't take out Lee right now. The teacher points out that Lee is in Russia at the moment and comes back in 1962, and Bill demands proof of Jake's claim. Jake tells him to look in Al's book, and Bill finds the page with the sports winners in 1962. He asks if Jake could save someone else as well, and shows him a photo of his sister Clara who Frank killed. Jake explains that he can only go back to 1960, and offers Bill $100 to drive him to Dallas. Bill points out that he could shoot Jake and take the $100, and Jake agrees. After a moment, Bill agrees to take him to Dallas.

Later, Jake wakes up from a nightmare of killing Frank, and attacks Bill until he gets hold of himself. He apologizes for freaking out, and notices the beating scars on Bill's back. They go to Daly Plaza in Dallas and Jake points out the Book Depository where Lee will shoot Kennedy. He hopes that he can stop the assignation based on his knowledge from the future, but admits that he doesn't know everything.

Al tells Jake about how everyone felt in the aftermath of Kennedy's assassination. Everyone knew that something had been broken in them and could never be repaired.

Jake tells Bill that Lee tried to kill General Walker before Kennedy using the same gun. Then if he kills Lee it will save Kennedy. They stop at a window filled with TVs showing Kennedy, and Jake pays Bill the $100. Bill says that he wants to save Kennedy as well, and admits that he has nothing for him in Kentucky. Jake finally agrees and they drive Jodie, Texas, between Dallas and Ft. Worth where Lee will be leaving. Until Lee returns to the U.S. in 1962, they have to get jobs and blend in.

At the Jodie High School, Jake applies as a substitute teacher in response to an ad. Principal Deke Simmons interviews him and warns that he'll need discipline to deal with the students. He then asks Jake about Catcher in the Rye and whether it should be banned from the school library. Jake points out that they live in the U.S., and a satisfied Deke calls in his secretary Mia Mimi Corcoran and tells her that Jake answered the question. However, he says that they'll never have Catcher in the Rye in their library. The principal says that Jake can work part-time until the current teacher retires. Outside in the office, Mimi offers to get Jake a room at a local boarding house. Jake goes out and tells Bill the news, and Bill wants to go to Dallas to celebrate because he's sick of small towns.

In Dallas, Jake and Bill go to a nightclub and Bill gets drunk. The manager comes over and Jake claims that Bill is his younger brother. Bill asks if the man is going to vote for Kennedy, and Jake shushes him. The manager wonders if Jake has a problem with Kennedy, and insists that Kennedy is a great man. He introduces himself as Jack Ruby. Shocked, Jake recognizes the man who kills Lee after Lee kills Kennedy. A drunken Bill starts talking about how Jake plans to do big things and came from the future, but Ruby dismisses it as a drunken joke and Jake gets Bill out.

The next day in Jodie, Jake stops for gas and Bill is sleeping it off in the back of his car. Jake wakes him up and has him recite their cover story. He then warns Bill that he almost gave them away. Bill drives him to the school where student Mike Coslaw comes in and asks Mimi if his girlfriend Bobbi Jill Allnut can change to Home Ec. Jake offers to get the black Mimi a cup of coffee, and the white facility and students stare at him.


For two years, Jake teaches English class. He goes to the gym where students are preparing for the upcoming dance. Mimi talks to Jake and she introduces him to Sadie, who Jake met in Dallas during his first trip there. He reminds her of how they met, and Mimi explains that Sadie is their new librarian. When Jake mentions her husband Johnny, Sadie insists that she's never been married. Mimi explains that the two teachers that were scheduled to chaperone the dance but they had to drop out. Sadie has volunteered and Mimi wants Jake to help. When Jake says that he has a commitment, Deke comes over and tells him to reschedule it. Jake gives in and once they're alone, Deke tells him to thank him later.

Later in Ft. Wroth, Jake and Bill go to the apartment up or rent near where Lee and his family will move in. The manager lets them in and Jake shows Bill where Lee will be living.

When Jake drives back to Jodie, he pulls into a gas station and Mimi walks out. She explains that the attendant wouldn't sell her gas because she's black, and Jake tells the attendant that he's going to buy some gas in a can. The attendant realizes that Jake is buying it for Mimi and refuses, and says that she can buy her gas across the tracks. Jake grabs a can and fills it up, and yells at the attendant to shut up when he protests. Once he's done, Jake throws the money on the ground and helps Mimi into his car.

Later, Jake returns to Ft. Worth and tells Bill that the equipment will be over soon. One of the local toughs, Rafael, makes kissing noises and Bill tells him to shut up. Rafael figures that Jake and Bill are lovers, and Jake gets a protesting Bill into the car. As they drive off, Jake reminds Bill that they have to stay under the radar. They go to Love Field and Jake watches as Lee and his wife Marine arrive in the U.S. Lee's mother Marguerite comes over to hug her son. Lee wonders where the reporters are to greet the only U.S. Marine who ever defected, and Marguerite tells him to hush and takes him home.

Back at the tenement apartment, Jake tells Bill that Lee lives with Marguerite for a week, and they need to bug Lee's place and find out who he's talking to about Walker. Jake's contact, Silent Mike, delivers the recording equipment. They listen to a speech by Walker on the radio, and Silent Mike admits that he served with Walker in World War II. The electrician then shows off the directional and wireless mikes that he's brought, and mentions that Walker is having a rally in a week. Jake agrees and pays off Silent Mike, who thinks that they're bugging Jake's wife to get information for a divorce. Before he goes, Jake tells Bill that he'll be back at 10.

At the dance, Jake nervously checks his watch. As he checks in with Sadie, they spot Mike and his friends spiking the punch. He has the students hand over their flasks and then Jake and Sadie take the punch bowl into a nearby classroom. They sample the punch and Sadie explains that she's claiming she was never married because people in Texas aren't big on divorcees. Jake says that he left Maine for the same reason. After they share a drink, Sadie says that her cousins are from Lisbon, Maine, and she says that she was there two years ago... just when Jake arrived from 2016.

Jake goes back to the dance and finds Sadie dancing. She invites him to join in with the line dancing, but he sits it out. The DJ puts on an older song and Jake dances with a surprised Sadie. He explains that his ex-wife made him take lessons. Afterward, Jake says that they make a good time and a flustered Sadie says that they'd better get back to chaperoning. Jake realizes that it's ten minutes to 10, and tells Sadie that he has an emergency but will be back.

In Ft. Worth, Jake and Bill break into Lee's future apartment, sure that he's at Marguerite's. They plant the bugs but are interrupted when someone opens the door. The two men hide in the closet as Lee and Marina come in to get some privacy from Marguerite. Marina says in her halting English that she thought it would be a little bit nicer. As they have sex on the bed, Jake gets the attic hatch open and climbs up with Bill. They crawl across the insulation-filled rafters, and Bill panics when a spider crawls on his hand. Lee and Marina hear him scream. Jake kicks the vent out and the two men climb down and run to their apartment across the street. Jake warns that it's the past pushing back as they get closer to Lee. The voice-activated tape recorders start. The two men realize that they planted the bugs successfully, and Jake tells Bill to listen for anything Lee says about Walker. The teacher realizes that it's almost midnight and he missed getting back to Sadie.

The next day at the school, Jake apologizes to Sadie. She dismisses it as nothing and leaves, and Mimi complains to Jake that he let Sadie to chaperone alone. Jake tries to apologize to her but she doesn't buy it.

The Oswalds move into their apartment and Jake listens as they argue. All Lee does is complain that Marina sits around the house all day. Marguerite comes over one night and she and Lee talk privately. The older woman complains that Marina dresses like a slut and Lee agrees. The next day, George De Mohrenschildt and his wife Jeanne arrive to welcome the Oswalds to the U.S. Jake knows that George is CIA from his last visit to Dallas two years ago, and tells Bill that they have to hear if shooting Kennedy is Lee's idea or George's.

Jake and Bill listen and the couples speak in Russian. The De Mohrenschildts leave and Jake figures that they need to get an English-Russian dictionary. He goes to the school library to get one and tells Bill to make sure the tapes keep running.

When Jake comes back later, he finds Bill unconscious on the floor. He explains that Rafael and his friends broke in and stole the recording equipment. Jake and Bill break into Raphael's apartment, claiming to be FBI agents, and discover that he's torn up all the tapes. When Rafael figures that they're not FBI, Jake punches him. Bill points out that Rafael's daughter is hiding beneath a table, and Jake has Rafael help them take the equipment back to their apartment.

Later at school, Sadie is in the hallway and drops some books. Jake comes over to help her and apologizes again. She kisses him and says that she liked dancing with him, and tells him to take her out to dinner the coming weekend. Sadie says that she doesn't see any reason to waste their time and half-jokingly tells him not to do anything like that to her again.

Bill hears Lee tell Marina that he's going to Walker's rally with the Sisters of Southern Heritage. He and Jake get in and listen as Walker speaks out against the Kennedys. Jake spots Lee and George in the audience, and Jake figures that George brought Lee there to bait him. Afterward, Silent Mike offers to introduce Jake and Bill to Walker. As they decline and head to their car, Lee approaches Walker and calls him a fascist. George watches as Walker's men hold Lee back, and Lee screams that they did the same thing in Munich before World War II. \One of the soldiers punches Lee, and he yells at them to wake up or he'll kill them all.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 29, 2016

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