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Favorite Son Recap

A truck pulls into a warehouse to pick up a container.

At Lux, Lucifer is playing the piano as Maze looks on.

The driver loads a container onto the truck. A guard, Erwin Scavell, comes over and asks who authorized the shipment. When he calls in for authorization, the driver attacks him and finally breaks his neck. He then finishes loading the container and drives off.

Lucifer finishes his set.

Chloe questions Trixie and asks if she ate the chocolate cake. The girl, her face covered with chocolate, insists that she didn't. Dan watches the discussion and chuckles, and says that it's just cake. Chloe insists that it's about honesty and personal responsibility, and Dan reminds Trixie about how they discussed how lying was a bad thing. Trixie admits that she ate it, and Lucifer said it was okay. Lucifer told her that if she really wants to do something, she should do it. Dan glares over at Chloe and then tells Trixie to grab himself. Once they're alone, Chloe insists that it isn't what he thinks. As Dan tells his ex to keep Trixie away from Lucifer, her phone rings. As she waits on hold, Dan says that he can't meet Taco Tuesday because he's working a stakeout. The dispatcher then tells Chloe that there's a case in Long Beach. Disgusted, Chloe heads out.

Maze brings over two Brittanys for Lucifer and suggests that they move the party upstairs. Lucifer says that Chloe called him on a case and as a civilian consultant, his service are needed. He tells the Brittanies to make Maze feel better and leaves.

At Long Beach, Chloe is talking with the coroner about Erwin's body when Lucifer arrives. She explains that the warehouse is used to store illegal contraband, and a container went missing. The security cameras were disabled so there's no video. Lucifer says that boredom killed Erwin and wants to raid a drug house. He isn't interested in solving a boring murder, and goes back to Lux. Maze says that they need to talk, and says that the container that's missing belongs to Lucifer. He realizes which container it is, and pours himself a drink. Maze wonders why they aren't recovering it, and Lucifer says that if someone wants it bad enough to steal it then they can have it. She's surprised that it doesn't matter to him, and points out that it's his reputation. Now people will think that it's okay to steal from him. Maze walks off and Lucifer considers what she's said.

Later, Lucifer returns to the warehouse and offers his services. Chloe isn't interested, but Lucifer reminds her that they're partners. He explains that the stolen container is his, and refuses to say what was in the container. Lucifer insists that he has to make the thief pay, and tells Chloe that he has a lead.

Lucifer takes Chloe to a snow cone truck at the beach. He grabs the owner, Frankie Costa, and slams him to the ground. When Chloe objects, Lucifer explains that Frankie set up the storage of his container. Frankie says that he wouldn't steal from his own operation, and insists that the theft is bad from business. Chloe flashes his badge and points out that if she walks away then Lucifer will kill Frankie. He tells them to check with a biker club, Los Diablos, who run the docks where the warehouse is. Lucifer lets Frankie go and gets a snow cone. As they head back to the car, Chloe wonders why she shouldn’t arrest Lucifer for assault. Lucifer is thrilled at the excitement, and finally admits that the container holds a gift from his He refuses to give Chloe more details and says that she'll have to trust him if they work together. Chloe says that she can't work with someone who is honest with her, but Lucifer points out that if they get his things back then they'll find Erwin's murder. He asks where they'll find Los Diablos, and Chloe says that it's a conflict of interest.

Chloe calls Dan and says that she needs his help with her case. She explains that Lucifer owns the container and won't tell her what's in it, and Dan is glad to find out what Lucifer is hiding.

Dan goes to Lux and tells Maze that he wants to see the books. Lucifer is reporting a loss for the last three years, but the club is packed. Maze realizes that Dan is Chloe's ex and asks if the divorce is final. He refuses to answer and Maze invites him up to the office to see the books. She flirts with him and Dan makes it clear that he's not interested. They go in the back and Maze knocks Dan unconscious from behind.

Lucifer meets with Linda for a session, and she figures that whatever was stolen from him was very important. He insists that it's the principle, and Linda asks again who he's trying to become. She asks Lucifer who he believes is the real him, and he questions her skills as a therapist. Linda says that he's seeking her approval and lashing out, and that's a good sign. Irritated, Lucifer says that they're time is up and he's not in an amorous mood. Linda insists that it's progress but Lucifer dismisses it as a waste of time and walks out. Amenaziel comes to the door and asks if everything is okay, and Linda invites him in. He brings up Lucifer and Linda says that she believes Lucifer isn't his real name. Amenaziel says that he knows the Bible inside and out and offers his knowledge if she ever needs a consult.

Dan wakes up naked in Chloe's bed. He hides in Trixie's bedroom as Chloe and Trixie come in. Chloe is on the phone to her mother, and insists that Dan isn't going to change. She talks about how disappointed she is that Dan couldn't make Taco Tuesday night. Trixie comes into her bedroom and wonders why Dan is there, and he asks her to get his clothes and not tell Chloe. His daughter points out that he said lying is bad. She wants chocolate cake for an entire year, and Dan finally gives in.

Once Trixie gets Dan some clothing, he goes back to Luz and asks Maze what she did. She says that she put Dan in bed naked with Chloe so he'd have sex with his ex. Then they'd get back together and Chloe would get out of Lucifer's life. Dan insists that relationships take time and work, but Maze isn't interested. She gives him the club books, and points out that if he arrests her he'll have to admit that a tiny female bartender knocked him out. Disgusted, Dan walks out.

Once Dan checks the books, he calls Chloe and says that they're clean. Dan wants to talk about Taco Tuesday, but Chloe spots Lucifer following her and tells her ex that she has to go. They go to Los Diablos' and Lucifer apologizes. He admits that he made a mistake, and Chloe figures that he's desperate. Chloe has confirmed that the killer left an iron cross imprint on the victim's neck, and it matches the Los Diablos' iron cross.

Chloe and Lucifer go inside, and Lucifer unplugs the jukebox and gets up on stage. He asks for the thief to identify himself, and one of the bikers, Renny, comes over. When he tries to throw a punch, Chloe puts him in an arm lock. The gang's leader, Hank Cutter, comes over and apologizes for his boy. Hank tells Renny to take a break and then invites Chloe and Lucifer to join him in his office.

Once he's behind his desk, Hank insists that they're just a biker club. He insists that he had nothing to do with the murder, and Lucifer asks him what else he wants. Hank says that he wants to own a clothing line, and they're planning on going legit selling t-shirts and jackets. As for the docks, Hank has put them off-limits. Chloe shows him the iron cross symbol, and Hank says that a lot of bikers wear the crosses. The biker tells them to talk to his lawyer if they have more questions, and Chloe says that they're done.

Outside, Chloe tells Lucifer that there's an easier way to find the bad guy. She figures that Hank knows who robbed the docks, and he'll have to deal with the man who defied his authority. Lucifer figures that Hank would never fall for it, but Hank rides off and Chloe follows him.

Amenaziel comes back and has a drink with Linda. He suggests that he embrace Lucifer's claim that he really is the Devil, and Linda insists that Lucifer believes that other people see him as evil. Amenaziel points out that all of the myths about the Devil paint him as a rebellious son. He says that he knows what she could say but warns that Lucifer won't like it. Linda eagerly agrees if it will help her patient.

As night falls and Chloe and Lucifer wait on their stakeout, Lucifer wonders how Chloe can sit around waiting for something to happen. She suggests that Lucifer go somewhere else if he's bored, and she points out that for the first time he's not being honest with her. Chloe admits that she had Dan check the club books, and figures that he's a criminal. Lucifer doesn't see the problem if he is, She says that she likes working with him. Lucifer insists that he never has and never will lie to her. Chloe asks what was in the container, and Lucifer says that it has Russian dolls.

As Chloe takes that in, Renny pulls up and meets with Hank. They argue and then Renny shoots hank and drives off. Chloe calls for backup and goes to Hank, and Lucifer drives off in her car after Renny. When Renny pulls over, Lucifer goes after him and the killer runs into a garage.

Chloe calls for backup and when the squad car arrives, traces her car from the GPS tracker.

Renny fires at Lucifer, who irritably takes cover until Renny runs out of buildings. The biker keeps climbing with Lucifer in pursuit. He gets to the roof and barricades the door, and discovers that there's nowhere to run. Lucifer easily slams through the door and tells Renny to give him what is his. Renny insists that it wasn't his idea, and his employer didn't tell him what was in the container...but he looked. Lucifer's eyes glow red as he demands to know who the employer was, and Renny says that he's sorry. As Chloe arrives, Lucifer reveals his true face to Renny and he throws himself off the roof to his death. Lucifer turns to Chloe and says that he couldn't stop him, but a shocked Chloe walks off.

As the EMTs take Renny's body away, Chloe tells Lucifer that Hank gave a statement. Renny thought the club was selling out so he went out on his own, killed Erwin, and stole the container. They've recovered the container, and Lucifer figures that Chloe wants to watch him open it. They go inside and Lucifer opens the container. Inside is a trunk filled with... Russian dolls. Chloe searches for anything else but there's nothing. Lucifer says that he had to keep some mysteries for himself, and Chloe walks out. Once she's gone, Lucifer opens a secret compartment in the back of the container... and discovers that what was his is gone.

The next day, Chloe and Trixie are working on tacos when Dan arrives. He gives Trixie a piece of cake and says that his job wasn't as important as having tacos with his daughter.

Lucifer meets with Linda that night and admits that his items weren't recovered. She points out that he's upset that his things are gone, and says that they have to lose things before they realize how important it is. Linda suggests that his feelings of loss make him question his identity, and points out that before Lucifer fell, he used the name Samael the Lightbringer. The therapist says that it connoted God's love for him, and tells Lucifer that God cast Lucifer out because He needed Lucifer to do the most difficult of jobs. Linda says that it was a gift, and Lucifer insists that God turned him into a torturer. Furious, Lucifer insists that he's never made any human do anything. For all eternity his name will be used to justify humanity's depravity. Linda insists that it was a gift of love, and says that all he has to do is embrace all that he is. Lucifer says that he can't because they stole them from him. He rams his hand through the wall, and then walks out as a shocked Linda stares at him.

Later, Lucifer looks out over Lux. Maze looks at the scars where his wings were, and Lucifer says that someone has them.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 1, 2016

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