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What He Beheld Recap

The episode begins with a flash forward showing April 21st 2011, Judgment Day. The scene shows Derek and his brother Kyle as young boys playing baseball when they hear an explosion and look up to see missiles in the air.

Back in the present, Sarah and Cameron go to an Internet Cafe to meet with a man called Sarkissian about buying back the Turk. Outside, John and Derek wait in a truck talking about the progress of technology. John comments on how technology is advancing exponentially, which is why Skynet can come of age so quickly. Sarah receives a chat message saying that they can buy the Turk for $500,000, and then the sender signs off.

Agent Ellison shows up at Charley Dixon's house, eight years since their last meeting. He thinks Sarah is still alive, and accuses Charley of knowing where she is. Charley tells him that he knows nothing, and that is what he told the other FBI agent, Kester. Ellison is surprised by that information.

At Carlos' house, a man arrives asking about Sarah Connor. Carlos denies knowing who she is. The man knows her relationship with Carlos' uncle Enrique, and he knows Carlos made her some false identification. In a brief skirmish, the man and his bodyguard kills Carlos' three gang members, and asks a second time for Sarah's location.

At the Connor house, Charley shows up to tell Sarah about Ellison's visit. He says he thinks Ellison believes her now and can protect her. She assures him that no one can protect her and John from a Terminator if it finds them, and he might accidentally lead one to her. She tells him the best thing he can do is take his wife and get as far away as possible. After Charley leaves, Cameron starts evaluating the diamonds they took from the safe at the safe house. The total value is less than half of the asking price for the Turk. Cameron suggests they negotiate a better price.

Sarah and Derek show up at the specified location to purchase the Turk, but before they can meet with the seller they spot several police officers on foot patrol and decide to return home. When they arrive, they find the same man that showed up at Carlos' house waiting for them. The man turns out to be Sarkissian, and he no longer wants to sell the Turk, but demands two million dollars or he will reveal her location to the FBI. Derek threatens to kill him, but he says he has people that will still turn over what he knows to the FBI if he is killed, and they are also following John. He gives them 24 hours to come up with the ransom. Sarah instructs Derek to follow him when he leaves.

John and Cameron are on a school field trip at the museum. John seems depressed, and he confesses to Cameron that the next day is his 16th birthday, and he is pretty sure his mother has forgotten. Cameron notices Sarkissian's man watching them. She starts stalking him when a teacher stops her and sends her back with the group.

After the field trip, John's friend Morris comes over to where Cameron is closing the trunk of an expensive Mercedes sedan. Morris is surprised that she has such a nice car. When she tells him that it belongs to the guy she killed and stuffed in the truck, he laughs and thinks she is kidding. Morris then asks Cameron to the Prom, and when she doesn't respond, John tells her to say yes, which she does.

Ellison checks the FBI database for Agent Kester, and he recognizes the photo as being the man named Laszlo. Meanwhile at the LA police station, Cromartie posing as Agent Kester checks on the evidence from a crime scene and finds out that Ellison was the last one to check it out. Cromartie goes to the FBI building.

John and Cameron return home and park the Mercedes in the garage, unaware they have been followed. Cameron reveals that the man gave her no information before she killed him. Derek arrives and says he lost Sarkissian, and that they need to leave the house. John insists that they do not run when they hear a cell phone on the dead man ringing. Cameron answers it using the dead man's voice and the caller is Sarkissian, demanding the man bring Sarah and John to him, no longer wanting to wait. Sarah decides that they indeed need to leave, that it is getting too dangerous to stay. They hear a knock on the garage door, and when they open it, it reveals Chola, the Latina girl from Carlos' house, and she has blood on her shirt.

Chola drives them to the Internet Cafe where they first contacted Sarkissian. In the back, they find Sarkissian, but he locks himself into a strong room before they can reach him. Cameron starts pounding her way through the concrete block walls, while John searches the outer offices for the Turk. John checks a store room and finds Sarkissian's young daughter doing her homework. Before Cameron can get into the room, Sarkissian uses a vent duct to escape, and captures John and takes him into the alley under gunpoint. Derek comes out with Sarkissian's daughter as a counter hostage. Before Sarkissian can react, Derek fires a handgun at Sarkissian and puts a bullet in his head, killing him instantly. Sarah then talks to the girl and discovers that the man in the alley was not her father, but he is in the cafe. Sarah tells her to go find him. John finds Sarkissian's computer and removes the hard drive before Chola drives them home. As the others go inside, Cameron remains in the car with Chola. She asks Chola if she needs to kill her now. Chola does not speak, and Cameron returns her handgun to her and goes inside, leaving Chola to go home.

Ellison tells Agent Simpson about the fake Agent Kester. She believes it is the actor, and finds it hard to believe someone was able to make themselves identical to George Laszlo, but Ellison tells her it is true because the blood doesn't match. She agrees that they need to find him.

John starts going through Sarkissian's hard drive. He tells Sarah that the encryption used will take a long time to break and she leaves. Derek comes in and takes John out for ice cream to celebrate his birthday. They sit in the park watching two brothers playing baseball and John notices one of them has a jersey with the name Reese on it. John realizes the two boys are his father Kyle and uncle Derek as young boys. John is overcome with emotion as he watches the two boys play.

Ellison and and an FBI task force arrive at the residence where Cromartie is staying. Charley hears a radio call about the raid and heads for the scene in his ambulance. Cromartie annihilates the task force, killing everybody except Ellison, including Agent Simpson. Cromartie stands a few feet from Ellison pointing a handgun at his head, but he does not shoot and merely walks away. Charley arrives to see Cromartie leaving, then goes to the scene of the battle and understands for the first time how deadly the Terminators truly are.

At home, John is back working on the hard drive. He finds some photos of men that might be leads to follow. Sarah comes in and surprises John by asking what he wants to do for his birthday dinner. She tells him she sent Cameron out to get a cake and they both get a chuckle out of that scenario. John recommends they go out for dinner and starts shutting down his computer when he notices a file that shows that the man they thought was Sarkissian was an imposter, and that the man that portrayed the cashier at the Internet Cafe is the real Sarkissian.

Outside, Cameron climbs into their car to go get the cake when she notices a man walking away. She turns the key and the car explodes in a fireball.

Written by pentar on Mar 5, 2016

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