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Samson and Delilah Recap

The episode begins after the car bomb explosion outside the Connor home. Cameron has been damaged, and her chip is malfunctioning, but she proceeds slowly inside. Sarkissian and a confederate capture both Sarah and John and bind their hands. While his companion searches the house for the computer hard drive that John retrieved from Sarkissian's computer, Sarkissian himself begins beating Sarah. The companion finds the drive and starts to light a cigarette when Cameron arrives and attacks. In the short fight, the lighter falls to the floor, and sets the house on fire. Cameron ignores this and proceeds upstairs. When she arrives, Sarah and John have overcome Sarkissian who lies dead on the floor. Cameron's malfunctioning chip identifies John as a target and she takes aim to kill him before an explosion from below stops her. As she recovers, Sarah and John escape by leaping out the window.

The next scene is a replay of the final moments of the gun battle between the FBI and Cromartie. Cromartie leaves the scene, allowing only one survivor, Agent Ellison. Charley Dixon arrives to see the aftermath. Later, the FBI crime scene investigators find the dead body of Laszlo, the man that Cromartie impersonated. The FBI think they have the killer, and Ellison agrees, knowing they would never believe the truth.

While fleeing Cameron and the fire, Sarah and John are involved in an automobile accident. They have minor injuries and continue fleeing before the police arrive. Cameron, meanwhile continues mechanically following, even though she has sustained significant damage, both physical and cosmetic. Charley Dixon hears a radio call about the fire at the Connor house and rushes there in his ambulance. When he arrives he learns there were two deaths, neither of which he recognizes. He notices a fireman inside his truck and finds Derek inside. Derek tells him the story of the deal that went bad. Another radio call comes in about the traffic accident and they leave.

In an office building, Catherine Weaver speaks on the phone with Mr. Walsh. Walsh has acquired the Turk for $300,000 and will be delivering it to Catherine. Catherine has her secretary call a meeting of senior staff.

Cameron enters a store and uses some of the supplies found there to make emergency repairs to her cosmetic damage, including using a staple gun to stitch together the torn skin on her face. Outside the store, she overhears Charley tell Derek that a woman and teenage boy fled the scene, and they head in that direction, Cameron close behind.

Sarah and John seek sanctuary in a church, where a baptism is underway. Cameron tracks them there, using a blood trail.

Derek asks Charley why he is making himself part of their fight. Does he expect to get back with Sarah, because that won't happen. Charley denies that, saying he is married, and that he only wants to make sure they are okay, and help them if they need help.

Catherine meets with Walsh and pays him his bounty. She then starts a monologue about how humans from a distance seem orderly, but up close they can be unpredictable. She compares them to computers who follow rules obediently. She then says how rare a computer can be that can break the rules, and lovingly pats the Turk.

In the church, Sarah tries to talk to John about what happened with Sarkissian, but he refuses. She then talks about Cameron, about how something must have happened in the explosion. John agrees and says worriedly that she knows all their contingency plans, future goals, etc. They both agree she must be killed.

Agent Ellison begins his debriefing at FBI headquarters. He is asked pointed questions about Laszlo, especially since the FBI questioned him earlier and then let him go. Ellison has no answers for the interrogators about who killed Laszlo, and then is given six weeks mandatory leave.

Cameron follows the blood trail into the church where Sarah and John have laid a trap. Their trap electrocutes her, causing her to shutdown for two minutes. John tries to remove her chip but he lacks the proper tools and time runs out. They flee the church and steal a car, but Cameron manages to get ahead of them and causes them to wreck.

Sarah is knocked unconscious and John tries to help her out of the car but she is trapped. She comes to and orders him to flee and he finally does. Cameron arrives and tortures Sarah to get her to scream, hoping John will return, but he does not fall for the ruse. Cameron then knocks Sarah down and continues the chase. John finds a maintenance garage and enters a truck, trying to hot wire it to escape. When he finally succeeds, he discovers Cameron right in front of his truck, and she throws a wrench through the windshield at him. Just then, Sarah arrives in another truck and she crashes it into John's truck, pinning Cameron between them. John leaps out of the cab and starts to remove her chip again, using tools he found in the truck. Cameron starts pleading with John to stop, saying she ran a test and is fixed now. John pauses with indecision while Sarah is screaming for him to finish. Finally, Cameron tells John that she loves him, and he loves her. In disbelief, John snaps out of it and pulls her chip, powering her down.

Derek and Charley arrive at the garage after a call from Sarah. Charley begins patching them up while Derek talks to a despondent John. John feels responsible for the dead FBI agents and nothing Derek says eases his mind. They talk about Cameron, and John is adamant that she is different, and that he needs her. Sarah comes over and tells him how proud she is of what he did today, but she cannot let him try to fix Cameron. John tells her coldly to just burn her then.

In an abandoned junk yard, they prepare to destroy Cameron like they did with the last Terminator they overcame. John, who has been polishing the contacts on the chip comes over to start the fire with a flare. Before anyone can stop him, he reinserts the chip and she reboots. He asks her if she is here to kill him and she says no, and promises.

Ellison stands outside the Connor home when Cromartie arrives. Ellison tells Cromartie that he will never lead him to Sarah, that he will never do the devil's work. Cromartie's reply while leaving: “We'll see.”

Catherine meets with her senior staff. She tells them she is forming a new division in their company called Babylon, from the Bible. She says its mission is to change the world. The staff members are not happy their existing divisions are being cannibalized to form the new division, especially Mr. Tuck.

Back at the church, Sarah runs into Cameron while looking for John. Cameron is studying the statue of Jesus on the cross and asks Sarah if she believes in the Resurrection. Sarah says that faith is not part of her programming. Cameron warns her to never let John bring her back if she goes bad again.

Tuck and another staff member are talking about Catherine's plans in the bathroom. Tuck is angry and thinks she is crazy, even though her leadership has increased the company's profits. After Tuck is alone, Catherine morphs from the shape of a urinal into her human form and kills Tuck. Catherine is one of the shape-shifting type of Terminators.

Written by pentar on Mar 8, 2016

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