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The Eyes of Texas Recap


Lee times how fast he can assemble a rifle. Satisfied, he looks in a mirror and then begins again. The baby cries and Lee calls to Marina to take care of her, but gets no answer. He finally goes and checks on his daughter himself.

Later, George is in the yard talking to Marina as she hangs up clothing to dry. Lee comes down holding his rifle and has Marina take a photo of him. He figures that people will want to know that he stands for something. George wonders what Lee is going to do with a rifle, and Lee says that he's going to hunt fascists.

Jake watches from his new apartment and compares Lee's pose to the famous photo that is left over from the burned files. He then tells Bill to watch the Oswalds and George closely, and reminds his partner to make sure the Oswalds don't learn who they are. Once Jake leaves, Bill watches Marina as she continues hanging up clothes. She looks over and sees Bill, and hesitantly waves to him. Bill waves back and Marina goes inside.

At the high school in Jodie, Sadie is playing the piano when Jake comes in. They kiss and Jake assures her that everyone is gone. He plays a Beatles song from Sadie's future and claims that he made it up himself, and Sadie says that he's odd. Jake says that he's just crazy and they kiss again. Deke comes in and coughs to get their attention, and asks to talk to Jake privately. Out in the hallway, the principal reminds Jake that he's supposed to set an example, and warns that all of the students are judging whether Jake is good or bad. Deke explains that Sadie is a new kind of woman, and tells Jake to put her first and protect what's important in life. He gives Jake a card for some private bungalows and tells him to be discrete. Jake goes to his car, unaware that someone is watching him.

Later, Jake returns to the apartment and Bill plays back recordings of Lee talking in English against Walker. Lee tells George that he's going to do something that can't be ignored, and George says that he has some friends who can help him. Jake figures that George told Lee to assassinate Walker and is Lee's CIA handler, and Walker is a test run for Kennedy. Bill remembers Jake saying that Lee fails to kill Walker in the original timeline, and Jake admits that he doesn't know why the CIA would use a shooter who failed.

When Bill wonders what they do, Jake figures that they have to follow both men, and he'll cover George while Bill takes Lee. Bill wants to take George, and as they argue someone knocks at the door. It's Mina, who asks Jake how long he thought that he'd get away with it. She knows Jake's real last name, and asks Bill to give them some privacy. Once he goes, Mina explains that they never received Jake's immunization records. His paper trail was non-existent, and Jake used the name Epping in Kentucky. Mina says that she came to Jake before Deke, and asks Jake if he would break their trust. Jake says he wouldn't, and Jake claims that he went into witness protection in 1959 and took the name Amberson. He describes a scene from The Godfather, and how he and Bill keep the Texas apartment as a backup. Mina warns that it would devastate the Jodie community if Jake was exposed as an imposter, and says that she won't say anything about it. As she goes, Mina says that it's wrong to conceal things from people he cares about.

Later at the high school, Jake leaves an envelope for Sadie with a poem and the bungalow address. There's a note at the bottom saying that he needs to tell her something. That night, Sadie drives to the bungalow and finds a record playing and candles lit on the tables. Jake steps out and invites Sadie to dance. She accepts and Jake says that he doesn't want to move too fast. He wonders if being with him is costing her something, and figured that they could find one moment to be their real selves. Jake hesitates and worries that it's too much for Sadie, and Sadie starts to undress and then they kiss. Outside, someone watches from the bushes.

Bill approaches Marina and offers her a doll that she dropped earlier. He introduces himself, and Marina thanks him for his help. They smile at each other and Bill goes back inside.

The next day, Jake wakes up and finds Sadie looking at him. She wonders why he doesn't tell stories about his life, and wonders if he has something to hide. Jake says that he doesn't, and Sadie tells him that she wants them to be honest with each other. He wonders if he can be, and admits that he feels like an imposter in his own life. Jake tells Sadie that he wants to start things over, with her. He braces himself and warns that what he's going to say will sound crazy. Before he can start, Jake sees an envelope next to the outside door that wasn't there when they got there. It has photos of Jake and Sadie kissing, and Jake claims that it's a hotel bill. He quickly excuses himself and says that they have to go.

Later at the apartment, Jake warns Bill that the CIA took the photos and sent them to warn him to back off. He figures that they are threatening to ruin Sadie as well, and Bill suggests that Jake break up with Sadie. Jake tells him to leave Sadie out of it and says that they have to clean up everything with Lee and George. He figures that it isn't Lee alone so shooting him wouldn't stop Kennedy's assassination, and wants to get just a little closer.

George takes Lee to an old hotel and gives a password to get in. Jake and Bill follow them, and Jake figures it's the meet where George introduces Lee to his "powerful friends". They buzz at the door and Jake gives the password he overheard, and Bill reluctantly goes in with Jake. Jake and Bill enter what turns out to be a brothel, and they spot Lee and George with a prostitute. Bill is furious that Lee is cheating on Marina, and a woman, Juanita Dale, comes over to make them at home. Jake gives fake names as George and Lee go upstairs with two prostitutes. Seeing them go, Jake picks a prostitute at random, Dawn, and says that she'll do. He says that Bill is broke and will wait in the lounge, and goes upstairs with Dawn.

Once they're upstairs, Dawn quotes Jake her rates. Jake spots Lee and George in a room, and says that he doesn't need her. Dawn assumes that he's a voyeur and starts to struggle, and breaks her high heel. She starts attacking Jake and Lee slams the door shut. The police come in and capture Jake as he tries to run.

The next day, Deke bails out Jake and Bill, and Jake figures that George used his contacts to avoid arrest. He doesn't want to hear Jake's explanation, and Jake asks him to keep it between them. Deke drives them back to Jodie and reminds Jake that he has a class in thirty minutes. He refuses to let Jake even change his shirt as an object lesson. They go to the high school and everyone stares at Jake, and Deke notices Mina coughing as he calls her into his office. Jake sees them through the window and says hello to Mina, who advises him to review the teachers' dress code.

As Jake gets some coffee, he sees Sadie in a classroom talking to her ex-husband Johnny. Mina identifies Johnny for Jake, and says that what Johnny is doing there is none of Jake's business. Johnny tries to kiss Sadie but she turns away, and he walks out. Jake calls to Sadie as she goes, but she ignores him. He goes after her and Sadie says that Johnny found out where she was from her mother, and won't give Sadie a divorce. Jake assures her that she can trust him with anything. Sadie finally says that she and Johnny never had sex before their wedding night. When they did, she discovered that he had a clothespin on his genitalia, and he had sex with her and then said she was dirty. Sadie blames herself for ruining her relationship with Jake, and Jake assures her that she didn't ruin anything. However, she doesn't believe him and drives off.

Later, Bill comes to the school and tells Jake between classes that George came by the house. He told Lee that he has two friends that he has to meet, but Lee said that he had something to do. They go back to Dallas and Jake follows George while Bill follows Lee. A woman pulls in front of Jake and by the time she turns off, George has parked. Jake drives around the lot of what he figures is a CIA front and spots George, and goes after him.

Marina returns home and Lee gives her a photo of the two of them and Juney. As Bill listens in with the surveillance equipment, Lee tells Marina that he wants her to have the photo in case something happens to him. He refuses to explain but insists that it will be a good thing. They make love and Bill, disgusted, finally throws the headphones away.

Jake watches as George meets two men on the building's loading dock, He gets close enough to listen as the men complain that Lee isn't there. George warns that Lee is hard to handle, just as a dog barks at Jake. Jake tries to shush it, but the three men go inside. Johnny is there and introduces himself to Jake, and says that he followed him to make sure he got his message: the photos. Jake swears at him and tells Johnny that if he ever talks to Sadie again then he'll beat him up and leave him in a ditch. Johnny warns him that Sadie belongs to him, and Jake asks about his clothespin. He warns that people talk in a small town and threatens to tell them Johnny's secret. Johnny says that Sadie shouldn't have told him, and Jake tells him to give Sadie the divorce and disappear. Recovering his composure, Johnny says that Jake and Sadie deserve each other, and drives away.

Back in Jodie, Jake takes flowers to Sadie at her home and assures her that he's there because he loves her. Surprised and touched, Sadie kisses him and the hug.

That night, Jake goes back to the apartment in Dallas. Bill is listening to Lee and Marina argue, and Bill says that he's done with the entire thing. Lee starts hitting Marina, and Bill prepares to go up and stop him. Jake stops Bill, warning that they can't interfere in the Oswalds' lives, He insists that Marina lives, and the fighting dies down. Furious, Bill tells Jake that he's an asshole and goes outside. Marina is sitting on the stairs and offers her a cigarette. She accepts and Bill lights it. He brushes the hair out of her face and sees the bruises, and lets Marina put her head on his shoulder as she cries.

The next day at the high school, Deke irritably tells Jake that Mina is home sick. Sadie discovers that Johnny has sent her the divorce paper, along with a note warning that Jake isn't who he says he is. Jake suggests that they celebrate, and she says that she'll see him later.

Jake returns to Dallas that night and sees Bill watching the TV with one of the games that he bet on using Al's notes. The teacher goes in and apologizes for stopping Bill from helping Marina. Bill says that they're a team and Jake agrees. He tells Jake that he has some plans for the winnings, and Jake leaves.

Sadie returns home and hears music playing inside. She figures that it's Jake and calls to him, but gets no answer. Johnny is in the house hiding in the shadows, and ducks into the basement. Hearing something, Sadie goes downstairs and finds a tape player on a work bench. She turns it on and hears Lee and Marina making love.

Jake enters the house and hears the voices. He goes downstairs, and Sadie asks who he is.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 9, 2016

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