The Eyes of Texas

Bill finds himself attracted to Marina, while Jake and Sadie consummate their love. However, after Jake threatens Sadie's husband Johnny, things take an ugly turn. Meanwhile, the conspiracy around Lee deepens.


By Gadfly on Mar 9, 2016

3.25.63 Lee times how fast he can assemble a rifle. Satisfied, he looks in a mirror and then begins again. The baby cries and Lee calls to Marina to take care of her, but gets no answer. He finally goes and checks on his daughter himself. Later, George is in the yard talking to Marina as she hangs up clothing to dry. Lee comes down holding his rifle and has Marina take a photo of him. He figures that people will want to know that he stands for something. George wonders what Lee is going to…

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Episode Discussion

pentar posted 3 years ago

This show is heading downhill fast, turning into a soap opera.

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