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Labor of Love Recap

Beneath the Underworld version of Storybrooke, Hook lies beaten and bloody. He wakes up and staggers to his feet, and starts to step out of the alcove that he's confined in. Another woman tells him not to move, warning that "he" wants Hook to think he escape but no one can. When Hook starts to step out anyway, the woman tells him to stop, saying that something other than Hades hunt the pirate down. He refuses to sit around, explaining that someone he loves has come to rescue him. Hook asks what is keeping there, and the woman says that it's someone he doesn't want to face.

Ignoring the woman's advice, Hook steps out of his alcove and gestures to the woman to join him. She takes his hand and they run, and the three-headed Cerberus growls in the distance. Hook says that he'll draw it away, and tells the woman to find Emma and tell him that he's imprisoned. The pirate then turns to face the enormous hound.

At the graveyard, David finds Mary Margaret looks at the tombstones. She points out that they belong to all of her father's subjects, and she was supposed to protect them. Mary Margaret wonders how she can protect Emma, and David assures her that she isn't doing it alone. As they go, Mary Margaret sees a tombstone with a name on it that she recognizes.

The Enchanted Forest

A peasant meets with Queen Regina and Princess Snow and asks her to stop the bandit Dead Eye from terrorizing the peasants. Snow's father is on a diplomatic mission, but the peasant warns that they will all be dead by the time that he comes. Regina says that her step-daughter will take care of all of them, and Snow stars at her in shock. The peasant asks what they do, and Snow finally apologizes and runs out.

Snow runs into the forest and falls into a pit. She calls for help and a young man lowers her a sword to pull her up. He easily does so and Snow introduces himself, and her rescuer introduces himself as Hercules.


Mary Margaret stares at the tombstone of Hercules, and tells David that they were friends when they were kids. She figures that Hercules has unfinished business and they have to help him move on, and figures that he can help them find Hook.

Emma, Henry, Regina, and Robin search the forest for a trail. Regina suggests that they check the Underworld equivalent of her maps of the town. She asks Robin to take Henry with her now that Cora is gone to check the mayor's office, and robin agrees. Meanwhile, Emma has found a trail of blood and calls to Regina. They follow it and find the woman--Megara. She says that she knows of Killian, while Cerberus howls in the distance. Megara says that she needs to go, and Regina teleports them away.

Regina teleports to the Charmings' loft and Emma realizes that the place is waiting for Mary Margaret and David to die. Megara explains that Hook is in an underground prison, and she was there until she escaped. She offers to take the others to the cave, but warns that Cerberus guards the tunnels leading to the prison. Megara warns that nothing but can defeat Cerberus, but Mary Margaret arrives and says that she knows how to defeat it.

The Enchanted Forest

Hercules takes Snow to his camp and explains that he can't become immortal and join Zeus on Mount Olympus until he completes his Twelve Labors. Snow says that she can't return until she deals with the bandits, and Hercules gives her a bow and says that she will fight them once he trains her. When she refuses, Hercules tells her that she can't let the fear of failure stop her. He shows Snow the first medal that he earned from defeating the Nemean Lion and completing his first Labor. He admits that he was scared, but he fought and succeeded despite his fear. Snow wonders why he's willing to help, and Hercules says that she will be a great queen one day. As he shows her how to aim, Hercules admits that he will have more time to spend with her if he trains her. Snow wonders what his last Labor is, and Hercules says that it's defeating Cerberus.


The group goes to the diner and talk to the Blind Witch. She wonders why she should help them, and the Blind Witch reminds Regina that she arranged her death. Regina points out that the Blind Witch stole from her, and the Witch agrees to help. She tells them that Hercules comes in on his lunch break from where he works on the docks. Mary Margaret goes there and finds her friend, unchanged by the years. He realizes who she is and they hug, Hercules doesn't explain how he dies, and Mary Margaret tells him that she came to the Underworld to help her daughter. She explains that she's not her grandmother, and Hercules explains that he can't move on until he finishes his Labors. Mary Margaret says that Cerberus is there guarding a prison, and Hercules backs away, frightened. When she reminds him that it's his destiny to defeat Cerberus. Hercules says that hero died. Mary Margaret reminds him of what he taught her about facing her fears.

Hades' guards bring Hook before their ruler. Hook vows to kill Hades, but Hades points out that his realm is dead. Hades notices Cerberus' bite marks on the pirate and says that its master isn't nearly as friendly.

Henry and Robin go to the mayor's office and discover that there's a protection spell on the door. Robin finds an air vent behind a sofa, removes the cover, and tells Henry to stay there. Henry points out that he's the only one familiar with the office, and goes ahead while Robin stands guard. Inside, Henry finds Cruella waiting. She asks how the one who killed her is.

Mary Margaret and Hercules join Emma, Regina, and Megara. Megara takes them to the prison, and Hercules tells them to wait while he goes on ahead.

The Enchanted Forest

Dead Eye is collecting money from the peasants when Snow arrives and fires a warning shot. She tells Dead Eye to leave her people alone, and orders the bandit to return the money. When she tries to draw an arrow, she spills them all on the ground and Dead Eye laughs. He steps on them and tells Snow to run back to her town. Hercules punches the ground, knocking everyone over, and yells at Dead Eye to leave Snow alone. The bandit leaves but warns Snow that Hercules won't be around to protect her forever.

Later, Dead eye reports to Regina that he did what she asked. She tells Dead Eye not to kill Snow because it will turn her into a martyr, and she plans to turn the people against Snow. Once they do, they will realize that Regina is meant to be their queen.


Hercules finds Cerberus and drops his sword in fear. He runs back, and the others prepare to make a fight of it. However, Hades calls Cerberus off and steps forward. He refuses to explain why the Underworld looks like Storybrooke, and reminds Hercules that he's faced Cerberus before. Mary Margaret realizes that Cerberus killed Hercules, and he says that he couldn't let her down. She tells Hades that she's not afraid of him, and warns that the next time she interferes with her family then he will come after hers. Emma steps forward and Hades shows her Hook's severed hook. He warns Emma that she should worry about what he's going to do and teleports away.

Cruella says that she needs Henry's help. She can leave for a better place or a worse one, and she is headed for a worse one. Cruella needs to go back to the real world, and the Author can bring her back to life. The Apprentice told Henry that it's impossible, but Cruella insists that he has the power to destroy it. Henry says that he destroyed the quill, but she says that the creative energy is alive. When henry broke it, he sent it to the Underworld, its purpose unfulfilled. Cruella will help Henry find it and then he'll send her back to the real world. When Henry wonders why he should help her, Cruella explains that Emma is no longer a murderer and he will restore her soul.

Mary Margaret is sitting in her Underworld bedroom when Regina comes up. Angry, Mary Margaret says that it's all her fault, but Regina reminds her that everything that she did to Snow didn't stop her. They became friends because Mary Margaret never stopped, and Mary Margaret wonders how she can get anyone to stand up to Hades when all she has is speeches about hope. Regina says that they need Snow, not Mary Margaret.

The Enchanted Forest

Snow goes into the woods to break the bow, and Hercules stops her. She explains that she's no leader and Regina will make a better queen. Hercules tells her that no one wins every battle, particularly their first, and finally admits that his first Labor nearly killed hm. He couldn't penetrate his invulnerable hide, he set the brush on fire by accident and singed the fur from its body. If he had never failed then he would have never figured out how to succeed. Snow considers the point and then asks how she stops the bandits.


Snow goes to the docks and drops his sword in front of him. He insists that he can't defeat Cerberus, and Snow asks how the hound killed him so they can learn how to defeat it. Hercules says that Cerberus has three heads, and when he fought one the other two would attack. Snow says Hercules will win this time because they won't ace it alone. She tells Hercules that she finally became the hero that she was meant to be, and now Hercules will defeat Cerberus.

At the loft, David shouts a warning just as the building shakes. They get outside as Cerberus leaps into the apartment and goes after them.

The Enchanted Forest

Dead Eye is raiding another village when Snow arrives and orders him to leave. The bandit is unimpressed, and Snow fires an arrow at him and misses. Her next shot knocks the bow sword out of Dead Eye's hand. She draws another arrow and orders the other bandits to surrender. The peasants raise their implements, and Snow tells Dead Eye that it's over. After a moment he returns the stolen loot, picks up his sword, and walks away. The peasants cheer and Snow hugs Hercules. She figures that he will defeat Cerberus, but can't go with him because her people need him. After a moment, they kiss.


Emma and the others meet Hercules and Mary Margaret at the clock tower. Megara has run off, and they split up to find her. The woman is hiding behind the clock tower, and Cerberus finds her as Mary Margaret and Hercules arrive. Mary Margaret has them retreat into the library, and says that they have to hit all three heads at once. She has Hercules offer Megara his dagger, and she reluctantly takes it. Hercules grabs a steam pipe and they brace for battle.

Cerberus smashes in through the door and the trio attacks, each attacking one head. The beast disappears, and Hercules steadies Megara as she wavers. They introduce themselves and Hercules thanks her for the assist.

Later at the diner, Hercules tells Megara that he thinks that they've met before. She remembers tumbling into him in the woods, and tells Hercules that he's the boy that tried to save her. Cerberus killed her after it killed him. Hercules apologizes for failing her, and Megara assures him that he made up for it now. The others watch them, and Mary Margaret suggests that Hercules may have had to save Megara as well. She then tells Emma that when she was snow, she was the one who inspired people. She doesn't want to run the risk of forgetting that again, and says that she wants to be Snow again. Regina says that it's about time, and David says that they can make it happen.

Henry returns to Robin and claims that he didn't find anything.

Hercules and Megara go to the pit and prepare to go their better place. Emma promises to tell Hook that he was right to trust Megara, and Mary Margaret says that Hercules needs to leave before his uncle Hades can find him. Hercules tells her that she became an amazing hero, and they hug. He and Megara then enter the light and see Mount Olympus ahead. Hand in hand, Hercules and Megara go to it.

Hook sits in his prisoner, and Hades tells him that Megara has moved on. The pirate tells Hades to do his worse, and Hades holds up a metal wand and says that it's for Hook's friend. Hades puts it in Hook's hand and explains that at first he wanted Emma and the others to leave. However, now he wants to punish them. From now on, for every soul that they steal, one of them will have to take its place... and Hook will decide who.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 14, 2016

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