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Falling Recap

Cat appears on the talk show The Talk and ask her how it feels to be the most powerful woman in National City. The CEO insists that she's the most powerful person, and brings attention to the people who deserve attention. The hosts ask her about Supergirl, and Cat says that the heroine is the kindest person she's ever known.

Supergirl is flying over the city and hears three mean girls teasing a younger girl in a Supergirl costume. The heroine lands and claims that she's the girl's friend, and then flies off. She then returns to CatCo and watches a recording of the show as Cat comes in. Cat approaches Kara and asks where Winn is. Kara goes to find him. She hears banging from a closet and looks in, and discovers that the door is locked. Kara checks it with her x-ray vision and sees Winn and Siobhan having sex. Siobhan quickly leaves, and Winn realizes that Kara saw them together. He explains that it seems and feels wrong, except when it's happening, but Kara doesn't want to hear it.

Cat calls Kara in and tells her that Lucy quit. Kara then meets with James and he explains that he didn't tell Lucy Kara's secret identity before they broke up. James insists that the break-up had nothing to do with Supergirl or Kara, and suggests that perhaps he didn't love Lucy as much as he should have. As Kara takes that in, Alex calls her into the DEO.

At the DEO base, Supergirl tells her foster sister that she feels guilty. Alex suggests that she get together with James now that he's single. The heroine refuses to be the rebound girl, and then meets with Senator Crane and Hank. Miranda says that she's been working to get more money for the DEO, and to thank Hank for all his hard work. She assures Hank that she trusts him and takes his hand. Agent Veskus reports that there's a fire downtown caused by a satellite that crashed, and Supergirl immediately flies off to rescue a fireman trapped on the roof.

Supergirl arrives and the fire captain calls her over. She pulls the girder away that the fireman is trapped under, and the captain thanks her. As the heroine walks away, she wavers briefly and then flies off... unaware that a red piece of Kryptonite is lying nearby.

The next morning, Kara wakes up and smashes her alarm clock. She gets ready for work and decides to wear something slinkier. Everyone stares, and Kara says that she was getting tired of her old clothes. Cat comes in and demands a list of replacements for Lucy, and Kara has one ready for her before Siobhan can jump in. The CEO gives her a pair of tickets to a dance club as a reward.

At the DEO, Hank briefs his team on attacks on armored cars. Each one was carrying gold billion, and the thief is an alien K'hund escapee from Fort Rozz. The DEO has intel on the next heist, and turns to Supergirl, who is lounging about. She irritably says that she knows what to do and heads out with the DEO team.

The armored car is leaving the depository when the K'hund lifts up the back end and then rips off the doors. He knocks out the guards just as the DEO pulls up. The alien leaps away, and Supergirl intercepts him. He tries to attack her, and Supergirl laughs as she blocks his blows. She breaks his hand and slams him into a wall, and starts to choke him. Supergirl then dismisses him as inconsequential and tells the K'hund to get out of her sight. The alien runs off just as Alex arrives. Supergirl says that she's fine and the K'hund got away.

Back at the DEO, Veskus informs Hank that Miranda is waiting for his report. Supergirl makes another sarcastic remark, and Hank talks to her and Alex privately. He reminds her that Supergirl isn't supposed to let aliens go, and Supergirl snaps at him. She says that she's angry when he comes down on her, and tells Hank to use his super-strength. When Alex objects, Supergirl asks what Hank is afraid of, and then walks out. As she goes, she smashes her fist through a wall.

Later at CatCo, Kara arrives wearing an even slinkier dress. She uses Cat's personal elevator, and hands Cat her latte. Cat is impressed with her new attitude--for now---and Siobhan says that she has a scoop to show her. In Cat's office, Siobhan shows her boss security footage of Supergirl letting the K'hund go. Cat tells her to keep it private until they figure out what is going on. Kara is listening in from the next room, and hears Siobhan saying that they could dominate the headlines. Cat shuts her down and dismisses her, and Kara watches Siobhan storm out.

At the DEO, Alex returns with the K'hund. The K'hund says that Supergirl didn't even try to apprehend him. Hank asks Alex if she believes him.

At CatCo, Siobhan prepares an email with the video for to the Daily Planet. Kara overhears her and comes over, and sends her on an errand to sign for Cat's flowers. Once Siobhan leaves, Kara brings up the unsent email and prints it out, and the gives it to Cat. Cat soon calls Siobhan in and dresses her down for going behind her back. She isn't interesting in an employing a backstabbing employee and fires Siobhan. Cat tells her that there is no job waiting for her in Metropolis and goes back to work. Siobhan walks out, ignoring Winn when he asks if she's okay. Kara invites James and Winn to come to the club with her.

At the club, Winn tries to get hold of Siobhan but gets no response. James wonders where Kara is, just as she comes in... wearing another slinky dress. She invites James to dance and then leads him out on the dance floor. Kara is all over him on the dance floor, and says that she's finally getting what she wants. James shoves her away and says that it isn't her, and she violently yanks him back. Kara says that he's better off without Lucy, just as Cat calls him. She says that she needs to talk to Supergirl and tells James to get her. When James turns back, he discovers that Kara is gone.

Supergirl flies to Cat's office and the CEO asks what's going on with the heroine letting a criminal go. The heroine dismisses Cat's portrayal of her as a Girl Scout and says that real people have a dark side. Cat points out that Supergirl doesn't get to be a real people, and Supergirl says that she's sick of enabling everyone in their victimhood. She tells Cat that she quits, and Cat suggests that she's having a mental breakdown. Cat advises Supergirl to lie low, and Supergirl says that she got her attitude from Cat. When Cat warns that she's not going to let Supergirl let her down, Supergirl tosses her off the building. As the pedestrians watch, Supergirl catches Cat just in time, tells her not to call her again, and flies off.

James and Winn go to the DEO and tell Hank and Alex what's going on. They all realize that something is wrong, and they run the video of the building where the fire was. There is synthetic Kryptonite radiation, and Alex confirms that it's causing Supergirl's erratic behavior. Max comes in and admits that he's the one who created it. They lock him up, and Max explains that he tried to recreate Kryptonite to stop Non and his army. The satellite that crashed was Max's, and he booby-trapped it in case Non went to check it. Max never intended to hurt Supergirl or the firemen, and he started tracking her. He explains that Supergirl attacked Cat, and he offers to create an antidote and make things right. After a moment, Alex releases him and warns that he's turned Supergirl into the monster that he's always warned about.

Cat calls James and Winn into her office and says that she's going to denounce Supergirl as a villain. She insists that the public needs to be warned. When James insists that Supergirl will soon be fine, Cat points out that she fell 40 stories and almost died, and asks if they can guarantee that any of them are safe. The two men can't, and Cat goes on the air to announce that she and CatCo will no longer stand behind Supergirl. She says that Supergirl is unstable and dangerous.

The girl at school throws away her costume.

The firemen take down their banner celebrating Supergirl.

That night, Alex goes to Kara's apartment and finds the door open. Her foster sister is standing by the window, wearing a new Kryptonian outfit. She complains that Alex has been picking dowdier clothing to make sure that she doesn't outshine Alex, and sets her old clothing on fire with her heat vision. Alex puts out the flames with an extinguisher, and explains about the red Kryptonite. Kara says that Alex has always been jealous of her, and she got her to work for the DEO so she could control her. She says that she's free to soar, and promises that anyone who doesn't worship her soon will. When Alex tries to object, Kara says that they have never been sisters and without her, Alex would have no life. She figures that Alex hates her deep down, and that's why she killed Alura. When Alex breaks into tears, Kara says that the truth hurts and flies off.

Alex returns to the DEO and Max says that the antidote is almost ready. She tells Hank that the Kara she knew is gone. Miranda comes over and says that they have to take Supergirl down. Hank refuses to kill her, and Miranda warns that the DEO's job is to protect the world from alien threats. After a moment, Hank orders the troops out. Once he leaves, Max gives Alex a gun loaded with the antidote and wishes her luck.

At Noonan's, Supergirl watches a repeat of Ct's broadcast. She starts licking peanuts across the bar, and then goes out and smashes a TV screen. The police open fire and Supergirl easily destroys their cars. The DEO agentsarrive and open fire with Kryptonite weaponry, and Supergirl snatches away all of their weapons... including the antidote gun. As she advances on Alex, Hank arrives and tries to grab her. Supergirl knocks him away, and prepares to incinerate Alex. Hank shapeshifts into his true form and tackles Supergirl, and she throws him into the air. As they smash through a building, people capture the fight on their cell phones.

J'onn and Supergirl fight until the Martian knocks Supergirl to the ground. Alex recovers her gun and shoots Supergirl, who goes down as the Kryptonite influence leaves her body. People take photos of J'onn and the DEO draw their guns on him, and Alex tells him to go. Instead, Hank reverts back to his human form and surrenders. Alex can only watch as the DEO leads him away.

The next day, Supergirl wakes up and immediately asks if she killed anyone. Alex assures her that she didn't, and Supergirl breaks into tears at the thought of what she's done. She explains that every bad thought that she's ever had came to the surface and she couldn't stop it. Supergirl assures Alex that she didn't mean what she said to her, and Alex says that she loves her no matter what. However, she admits that there's some truth to what Supergirl said and they're going to have to work on that.

Miranda visits Hank in his cell, and he refuses to say what happened to the real Hank Henshaw. The senator says that she's always been afraid of aliens, and then Hank changed her mind. Now she realizes that everything he said is a lie, and walks out. Alex comes in and wonders why Hank didn't run, and he says that he stayed to keep Alex and Kara safe. She puts her hand to the glass, and Hank returns the gesture.

And Kara returns to CatCo and sees the workers removing Siobhan's desk. She visits James in his office, and he admits that they're not okay. He figures that there's some truth to what Kara said, and Kara admits that she was jealous of Lucy or anyone that James loved. James says that he needs a little time to think, and Kara agrees.

That night, Cat finds Supergirl in her office. Supergirl says that she loves the city, She admits that she scared the whole city and is afraid that she'll never win them back. Cat says that she can't tell her it will be easy, but doesn't believe in failure. She warns Supergirl that it will take time, but if anyone can win the city back then it's Supergirl. The two of them sit quietly and look out at the city.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 15, 2016

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