Devil's Due Recap

Hades tells Hook to choose which of his three friends stay, but Hook refuses and tosses the chisel aside. The Lord of the Underwood admits that he's angry, and drags Hook back to solitary. As they go, Hades shows Hook the River of Lost Souls. Anyone touching it will become a mindless husk.

Gold enters the Underworld replica of his pawnshop and finds a note on the counter. It's from Pan, telling him that the shop is Gold's to do with as he wishes and to contact him when he accepts his offer. Setting the note aside, Gold mixes a potion to enchant a crystal ball and calls upon it to show him who he seeks. Belle appears in the ball, eating at the diner, and Gold drops it in shock.

Later, Gold returns to the loft where the others have gathered. They plan to enter the Underworld prison and recover Hook, but Gold warns that Hades knows that they're there and will create magical barriers to repel the living. He tells Emma that the two of them will go in with the aid of a helpful dead person, extending the person's aura to get through the barriers. Emma wonders why he's helping them, and Gold says that he wants to get back to his wife. He tells Emma that he has someone in mind to help them: someone that he's known a long time.

The Enchanted Forest

Milah is gathering firewood and points out that Rumple offered to help but was playing with Bae. Meanwhile, Bae finds a snake in the forest. He reaches for it and then screams. His parents run to him and realize that the snake bit him. Milah kills it and finds the fang marks on bae's hand.


Gold finds Milah working as a crossing guard and greets her. He assures her that he's just visiting and Milah asks what he wants. Gold says that she can help him save the man that she once loved: Hook. He explains that Hook is retrieving special attention from hades and he needs Milah's help. Gold asks if Milah can stand helping him to save Hook.

Hades takes Hook via boat back to the prison and hangs him up over the river. The Lord of the Underwood is there because Hook and his friends brought hope into his world, and it is strictly forbidden. He still sees the hope in Hook's eyes, and intends for it to be gone by the time that Hook reaches the water. Hades lowers him a bit and promises to hurt him and his friends for interrupting his existence.

Gold takes Milah to meet Emma and performs the executions. Milah is surprised to learn that Emma is with her former lover Hook, and her son.

Regina goes to the diner to find the Blind Witch, and spots Cruella in the back. She confronts her nemesis and says that she needs to find someone, and Cruella tells her to use her magic. Cruella realizes that Regina is having trouble using her magic in the Underworld, and invites her to sit and talk.

Gold leads the two women to the counterpart of Emma's house. They join hands and step through the barrier guarding the basement door, and the door closes behind them.

The Enchanted Forest

Rumple and Milah finds Fendrake the healer and explain that they need the antidote to the Atlantean rat snake. Fendrake warns that Bae will die within 24 hours unless they're willing to use magic. Rumple agrees immediately and Fendrake says that the potion's cost is 100 gold. Rumple and Milah leave and Milah says that they will come back and take it since they can't afford it. She tells Rumple that Fendrake can't kill him if he kills the healer first.


Once they penetrate the barrier, Gold tells Milah that her services are no longer necessary. Emma tells Milah that she had a vision of Neal, and he said that he moved on and was happy. Milah thanks her for the news and they hear the River of Lost Souls in the distance. She offers to go with them to save Hook for reasons of her own, and Emma agrees.

At the diner, Regina asks Cruella if the name of someone on a gravestone means that they're there. Cruella says that it just means that they're passing through, and Cruella offers her a map now that she is mayor after Cora died. It has a list of cemetery plots, and the position of the headstone indicates whether the person is in "Underbrooke," has passed on to a better place, or they were pulled under to their damnation. Cruella insists that no one goes there anymore.

Gold, Emma, and Milah find a boat to take them across the River. When they arrive at the dock, Gold refuses to abandon the boat and tells them not to use any magic for fear of attracting Hades' attention. Milah refuses to leave Gold on his own, and promises to warn Emma if Gold steals the boat.

The Enchanted Forest

At a tavern, Milah tells Rumple to pick up the dagger. She reminds him that Bae only has a couple of hours left, and that Gold should do something brave for once to save their son. When he hesitates, Milah kisses him and Rumple agrees. Once he leaves, a drunken lout stumbles over Milah. Hook comes over when the lout harasses Milah, and easily knocks him unconscious. He then buys a drink for Milah and Hook introduces himself. She realizes that he's a pirate and asks if it's wonderful to travel. Hook assures her that it is, and he asks if she would like to see foreign lands. Milah says that she has responsibilities at home and a husband, and Hook says that he is in port quite often if her marriage ever changes. She insists that it won't but thanks Hook for his offer.


Emma finds Hook as the chain lowers him further into the River. The River separates them, and only a narrow bridge leads to the center where Hook is hanging. Emma steps out onto the bridge and makes her way across. She catches Hook just in time and pulls him to the side, and he says that Emma shouldn't be there. Emma admits that she never listens and they hug.

At the boat, Milah says that her unfinished business is Bae. She admits that she shouldn't have punished him because she hated Rumple, and she thought that she could change that by doing something generous and moving on. Milah hoped to apologize to bae, and Gold says that he'll forgive him. He admits that he betrayed Bae as well, and then he re-entered his life and forgave him. Milah insists that she just wants to see Bae again, and Gold tells him to pass on a hello from him.

The Enchanted Forest

Rumple enters Fendrake's hut and searches for the antidote. When Fendrake awake, Rumple threatens him with the dagger and Fendrake tells him to do it. Rumple prepares to strike... and then admits that he can't. The healer offers him a drink and asks how much Bae means to Rumple. Rumple says that he means everything, and Fendrake offers him the antidote. He warns that there will be a terrible price to pay, but they can make a deal. Rumple agrees to trade anything for Bae's life.


As Gold and Milah wait, Hades appears and says that he's there to talk about a deal.

Regina and Mary Margaret go to the cemetery and find Daniel's gravestone. It indicates that he has moved on to a better place, and Regina says that she's glad he's somewhere better. She's also sad that she missed the chance to see him, and assures Daniel that he will always live in her heart.

Hades admits that he knew Gold was there the entire time, and admits that he's a fan. He's happy that Gold has sent so many dead people his way, and wants Gold back in the real world doing his thing. Hades wants Gold to sink the boat he found, and offers to teleport Gold back. Gold points out that he could sink the boat himself, but Hades says that he wants Gold to do it for him. When Gold points out that Milah saw them together, Hades assures Gold that he will find a solution and asks how eager he is to get home.

The Enchanted Forest

Rumple returns with the antidote and Milah gives it to Bae. She wonders what they have to do with the body, and Rumple explains that he made a deal with Fendrake. He promised the healer his second-born child. Milah is furious that they can never have another child. Bae wakes up and his parents tell him that everything is all right. Rumple insists that Bae is all the future they need, and Milah angrily says that he has decided the rest of her life for him. She says that she's going back to the tavern and leaves.


Gold returns to Milah and destroys the boat. He says that he's the man she always wanted him to be and casts her into the River. Emma and Hook arrive, and Gold claims that Hades threw Milah into the River. Emma tells Hook that Milah helped them, and the pirate vows that Hades has much to answer for.

Mary Margaret and Regina return to Underbrooke and find a horse lying on the ground. Regina restores it to health with a spell, and it gallops off. Surprised, Regina confirms that her magic is back.

The others meet Emma and Hook at Emma's house, and Emma explains that Gold helped them. Hook says that they lost the boat and a friend, and then tells Gold that he should kill him for taking back the power of the Dark One. He says that they're even for now, and Gold says that he just wanted to get home. He tells the others that Milah made him who they are. Regina explains that her magic is working now so they can do the heart split and escape when they find a portal. Emma tells her to do it, but Regina is unable to remove her heart.

The group goes to the cemetery and Hook explains about Hook's offer and how he refused. Now there are three names: Regina, Mary Margaret, and Emma. Regina figures that Hook did the picking himself. Now they're stuck there and can't use Emma's heart to save Hook. Disgusted, Gold leaves them to return to his shop.

The Enchanted Forest

Years later, Rumplestiltskin visits Fendrake. Rumplestiltskin points out that Fendrake made a great deal, but he refuses to owe a debt. Fendrake points out that the contract is binding, and Rumplestiltskin removes his heart and points out that he doesn't owe a dead man. He crushes the heart and Fendrake dies.


Gold returns to Hades and demands that he return him home. When Gold insists that he didn't like it and will never do it again, Hades tells him that things have changed. He says that he'll send Gold home--eventually--because Gold tried to hide something from him. Hades summons the crystal ball and an image of Belle, and realizes that Gold was trying to figure out where his next child is. Belle is pregnant with Gold's second child, and Hades summons Fendrake. The Lord of the Underworld points out that Gold had a contract with Fendrake, and explains that death doesn't nullify a contract in the Underworld. Fendrake signed the contract over to Hades, and Hades says that he can cash in the debt at any time and take the baby. He reminds Gold that all magic comes with a price, and now Gold's price is that he works for Hades. Now Hades needs something done that only Gold can do.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 21, 2016