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Manhunter Recap

Kara sits at home and listens to newscasts about how the people have turned against her since she went on her Red Kryptonite rampage. Now people wonder if she can turn against them again.

Later, Cat watches the newscast and complains to her staff about how people aren't forgiving Supergirl. She tells Kara to get her some juice, and Winn points out that she called in sick. Cat wonders who will man the phone, and Winn figures that he will. Siobhan texts him to meet at Noonan's, and Winn quickly excuses himself. James realizes that he's going to have to answer the phone for Cat.

At Noonan's, Siobhan complains about Kara ruining her life. She tells Winn that no one will hire her, and Winn insists that it's not Kara's fault. Siobhan insists that she hates Kara, and Winn tells her that all powerful people have setbacks. He tells her to focus on what she really wants, and Siobhan agrees that nothing can stop her.

At the DEO, the news is running commentary on the alien that stopped Kara. Alex goes to Hank's cell and he tells her to stop visiting him for fear of ruining her career. Hank insists that his mission is to protect her, and tells Alex to claim that he betrayed her. Alex refuses, but Hank warns that the government will tear the DEO apart looking for anyone who helped him. Alex says that it's rock bottom and she knows what kind of person she's going to be.

Lucy arrives with Colonel James Harper with the Marines. The Marines are corralling the DEO agents, and Lucy explains that the Pentagon has ordered a joint task force to investigate J'onn's infiltration of the DEO. Harper says that everyone there will be investigated to identify, remove, and prosecute enemies of the state. Lucy is there because the investigation requires someone familiar with the players. She says that she believes everyone there has been compromised, and Harper tells Alex that they'll deal with her loyalties later.

The Marines take Hank to the interrogation room, and Harper points out that Hank has been in around his children for the last ten years. Hank says that he'll cooperate with the investigation, but Harper points out a smell of burnt rubber. He explains that they're generating a stasis field to stop Hank from using his powers.

Supergirl and Alex meet in the main room, and Supergirl tells Alex that the military are blocking out her super-hearing.

Lucy asks Hank what happened to the real Hank Henshaw.

Ten Years Ago

Henshaw addresses his team and says that they're on the trail of a Manhunter, an alien fugitive in South America. He warns that the creature is the most dangerous fugitive they've ever faced, and orders them to shoot to kill. Afterward, Jeremiah suggests that they might learn much from talking with the alien. Henshaw insists that he wants the creature dead and tells Jeremiah to arm himself.

The DEO team arrives in the Peruvian Andes and track the alien by its heat signature. Jeremiah trips over a snake, and J'onn picks it up and calmly studies it.


Alex warns Supergirl that they can't try and rescue Hank for fear that they'll be locked up with him.

Lucy questions whether Hank saved Jeremiah, and Hank insists that he didn't kill him. Lucy wonders how he died.

Ten Years Ago

Jeremiah makes camp and realizes that J'onn is nervous around flames. J'onn explains that he's the last survivor of Mars, and Jeremiah explains that the DEO considers J'onn a threat. He shows J'onn a phot of Kara and explains that she's also an alien refugee. J'onn says that he had daughters, and Jeremiah says that he'll explain to his superiors that J'onn isn't a threat. He promises that he'll help J'onn find his place on Earth and says that the alien can consider him a friend.

As they prepare to shake, Henshaw opens fire and takes down J'onn. He explains that he designed the bullets for J'onn and shoots him in the arm. The Martian regenerates the wound, and Jeremiah tackles Henshaw when he refuses to listen. They struggle and Henshaw finally falls off a nearby cliff after stabbing Jeremiah in the stomach. As he dies, Jeremiah asks J'onn to take care of his girls.

Later, the shapeshifted J'onn returns to the DEO shapeshifted into Henshaw's form.


Hank says that he took on the responsibility of Director of the DEO, and has prevented many alien attacks. He insists that he's dedicated his life to protecting Earth. Lucy says that it isn't about him being different, and Harper suggests that Hank was going to build an alien army. Hank insists that all he's done has brought honor to the DEO, and Henshaw was a sorry excuse for a man. Furious, Harper insists that Henshaw was his best friend and Hank murdered him.

Lucy and Harper escort Hank out, and Alex demands to know where they're taking him. She says that Hank has saved his life repeatedly, and Harper tells her that wherever Hank is going, Alex is next.

That night at CatCo, Siobhan sneaks in after Cat leaves and hacks Kara's laptop. She then types up a fake email insulting Cat.

Harper and Lucy hook Alex up to a lie detector and begin questioning her. In the control room, Supergirl asks Vasquez to disable the sound-dampening tech in in the interrogation room. Vasquez refuses, insisting that Harper and Lane have a job to do. She then walks away, leaving the controls in plain sight.

Harper asks Alex if she knew Henshaw was being impersonated when she was recruited into the DEO. The machine registers that she's telling the truth.

Three Years Ago

Alex is partying and drinking heavily. Afterward she staggers down the street until the police arrest her. Hank comes to see her in jail and introduces himself. He knows all about her scientific background and how she felt she could never measure up after Kara joined her family. Hank tells Alex that she's special and owes herself and her father better. He explains that he's with the DEO, and they need her to be the person Hank knows that she can be.

At the DEO, Hank tells Alex that she'll be training to deal with aliens. When she can beat him, she'll be ready.


Alex says that Hank gave her a home and a purpose. Harper asks her if she knew Hank was an alien when he recruited her, and Alex says no. The machine confirms that she's telling the truth. Supergirl listens in as Harper says that Alex is a terrible agent but not a criminal. Lucy says that Alex is lying and puts her under arrest. Supergirl goes to confront them and Harper says that he's taking Alex and Hank to Project Cadmus.

At CatCo, Kara arrives at work and tells James that Lucy dragged Alex and Hank away to Project Cadmus. James is surprised to learn that Lucy is back in National City. He explains that Project Cadmus is a dissection lab for the government. They weaponized alien abilities for military purposes. No one knows where it is, and Kara says that she knows what has to do... but will need James' help.

James calls Lucy to Kara's loft and she wants to know what is so important that they need her. Kara reveals that she's Supergirl, and says that she's the only one who can stop hank and Alex from being sent to Cadmus. Lucy wonders why she should help them when they lie, and Kara says that when someone is an alien refugee, they don't have a choice.

Midvale – Twelve Years Ago

Alex takes Kara to school for her first day, and Kara is overwhelmed by her abilities. A boy, Rick Malverne, comes over and invites Alex to Swan beach after school. When Alex says that she has to take care of Kara, Rick invites her along. On the beach, Kara looks at the birds and Alex tells her to stop. Kara hears a car crash and runs off to help. She gets the driver out and rescues her baby, just as Alex and the other kids run up. The car explodes and the debris slams into Kara and Alex.

Later at home, Jeremiah tells Alex that she can't expose her superpowers to the world. He says that all she needs to be is Kara Danvers, and gives Kara a pair of glasses that will suppress her x-ray vision and make her life easier.

Two Years Ago

Kara arrives for her interview with Cat and bumps into Winn. He assures her that it's okay and introduces himself, just as Cat's current assistant walks out crying. Cat calls Kara in, and Winn tells her to be herself. Cat dismisses her as a millennial who needs to earn the right to have an opinion. She asks Kara why she's special, and Kara says that there's nothing special about her. Cat agrees that she's average, and Kara says that she is extraordinary committed to doing her job and just wants to help. She uses her x-ray vision to spot Cat's prescription, and offers to make pharmacy runs for her. Cat's pen runs out of ink and Kara has a new pen ready. She admits that she hasn't done anything to prove that she's worthwhile, and notices a broadcast of a forest fire. Cat asks if she's willing to sacrifice everything for the job, and Kara agrees.


Kara tells Lucy that as an alien she's had to sacrifice everything to fit in. Lucy points out that Kara has trouble fitting in because she lies, and James asks Lucy if she's willing to let Hank and Alex suffer. Kara warns that if Lucy goes along with Harper to fit in, then she's betraying herself. She explains that she told Lucy with her secret identity because she trusts her to do the right thing.

As Harper and the Marines transport a captive Hank and Alex by truck, Harper promises to dissect him to figure out his powers work. He insists that it's a necessary place to save human lives and protect the world. Kara and Lucy ride up on motorcycles truck and Harper tells the driver to take them out. When he swerves, Harper drops the remote controlling Hank's power-nullification shackles. Alex smashes the remote and Hank frees himself and advances on Harper.

The truck brakes to a halt and Kara knocks the two Marines out at superspeed.

Hank disarms Harper, who dares him to use his powers and prove that he's a monster. When Alex objects, Hank says that he's gotten better with his mental abilities and makes Harper forget what happened. However, he jerks away and tells Alex that he saw Jeremiah in Harper's mind... at Cadmus. He tells Alex that Jeremiah is still alive.

Outside, Alex and Hank tell Kara what they've learned. She wants to go with them, but Alex warns that she's a fugitive now. Alex insists that she has to find her father, and asks Kara to have faith in her. Kara wonders what she'll do without her, and Alex says that she's never needed her. The sisters hug and then Hank and Alex leave.

Cat calls Siobhan into her office and says that she's short-staffed. Siobhan asks about Kira, and Cat says that she thinks she made a terrible mistake. She tells Siobhan that Kira sent her an email with what she really thinks of her. Siobhan feigns ignorance, but Cat calls in Winn. He explains that he analyzed the typing speed and patterns on the hard drive, and it matched Siobhan's. Siobhan tries to explain, but Cat tells her to save it for the police if she ever tries something similar again. As she goes, Siobhan glares at Winn.

Supergirl and Lucy return to the DEO, and Vasquez explains that Harper has resigned... and named Lucy the new head of the DEO. Lucy asks Supergirl if she's going to help her, and Supergirl assures her that she'll do fine. Vasquez reports a bank robbery with no alien involvement, and Lucy tells Kara that she belongs there. She notes that Kara got her to trust her and it's a start, and Supergirl leaves.

Siobhan is drinking on the roof of CatCo and sees Supergirl fly past. Winn runs out and tells Siobhan not to kill herself. Siobhan says that she has too much self-esteem to kill herself, and blames Winn for ratting her out. He insists that he's on her side, and figures that Siobhan would have regretted it if her plan would have worked. Siobhan insists that Winn knows nothing about her, and she backs off and falls over the edge. As she falls to the ground, she screams and the sound waves break her fall.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 22, 2016