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Trajectory Recap

The team goes to a waterfall and Harry shows Barry how fast he'll have to go to get across. Barry figures that he has to be faster than Zoom when they get back to Earth-2, and says that he has to try. Flash braces himself and then runs at the edge and heads over. He heads to the other side... and falls in mid-air. Cisco's drones net Flash in mid-air and bring him back.

Later back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Jesse is boning up on Earth-1 pop culture when the team returns. They admit that Barry didn't make the canyon jump, and he insists that he can pull it off. Harry tells him to let it go for now, and Caitlin points out that they're all tired. Cisco suggests that they go out clubbing, and Caitlin and Jesse agree. Harry refuses to let Jesse go, insisting that there' s always something to worry about. Jesse points out that he said Barry and the others would protect her, and Harry reluctantly gives in. However, he puts a bracelet on her to detect metahumans and says that she'll need protection.

That night, the team hits the club and they share a toast to Jay. Barry quickly stops the underage Jesse from drinking, just as Iris and Wally come in to meet them. They introduce Jesse to Wally, and Jesse says that she's new in town. Her bracelet keeps going off and Jesse excuses herself to go to the restroom. Cisco invites Caitlin to dance and she accepts.

In the bathroom, Jesse is shutting down the bracelet when she sets off a voice log made by her father. He talks about what he would do to anyone who took her, including murder.

As Caitlin and Cisco dance, Barry asks Iris how Wally is doing. She says that he's diving into his schoolwork, and they both watch Cisco's antics. Iris thinks that it's weird that they're married on Earth-2, just as a superspeed figure races through the club, stealing the money and running out. Everyone assumes that it's Flash, and Flash runs out after the speedster. He pulls even with the speedster but then the villain pulls ahead of him.

The next day, Joe arrives at the club with the police and takes statements. Barry tells him what happened, and Joe confirms that the speedster stole everything from everyone in a ten-block radius. One girl snapped a photo of the speedster, and it looks just like the photo that Iris took of Flash. Once she leaves for work, Joe says that they have to squash the rumors that Flash has gone rogue.

At Picture News, Scott shows the photo to his staff and figures that Flash has gone rogue. He wants to expose Flash as a fraud, and hands out assignments. Scott tells Iris to write up the story, and she points out that Flash would have no reason to steal a few hundred bucks. Her editor says that the metahumans in Central City do whatever they want, and tells her to get the story to him by the next day.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Jesse confronts her father and plays the recording on the bracelet. Harry admits that it's true and he wasn't going to lose her. Jesse says that Harry was her hero, but now he's a killer and she barely recognizes him. She walks out but says that she isn't going far.

That night, the team meets at the lab and wonder why the speedster has only surfaced now. Caitlin admits that there's another way and shows them the Velocity-9 that she developed. Harry comes in and explains that he and Caitlin worked on the drug and they know how dangerous it is. Barry is upset that they didn't tell him about the drug and let him take down Zoom and save Jay. Caitlin explains that the drug Jay took was killing Jay and she tried to find a cure, and the effects were temporary... and fatal. Cisco touches her and gets a vibe of Zoom. He snaps out of but before he can explain, the metahuman app goes off. Flash speeds off to intercept his opponent and finds the speedster speeding through downtown, causing chaos. The speedster knocks Flash over and then halts for a moment before speeding off again, and Flash realizes that it's a woman.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry tells the others what happened and describes the suit. He figures that it was built by someone who understands the needs of a speedster, and Caitlin has a thought. She explains that she called a colleague of hers, Eliza Harmon, at Mercury Labs. Caitlin only gave her three of the eight components necessary for V-9 structure. She goes to see Eliza and Joe insists on going with her.

At Mercury Labs, Eliza is working late and jokingly points out that Caitlin is a disgraced former employee. Joe says that they know it wasn't Flash, and Caitlin suggests that it was stolen. Eliza says that Mercury Labs is less than secure, but she made sure the research was destroyed. She invites them to look around the lab, and Joe says that it won't be necessary. As they leave, Joe says that for the moment they have to take Eliza at her words.

At Picture News, Iris tells Scott that she has a source that has confirmed that Flash isn't the rogue speedster. He insists on running the story if she can't give him her source, and Iris admits that she thinks something isn't adding up. She suggests that they have coffee and talk about it, much to Scott's surprise. After a moment he agrees and they go out.

At Mercury Labs, Eliza is working and complaining to herself that she's behind on her work and unappreciated. A voice in her head says that Eliza can enjoy the beauty in chaos, and the voice insists that it's Caitlin's fault that they're hooked. Eliza goes to a cabinet and removes a vial of serum, and the voice encourages her to take it now rather than wait for an emergency. After a moment, Eliza injects herself with the drug and then hallucinates the speedster--Trajectory--looking back at her from a metal surface. Trajectory says that she knows where they can get more of the drug.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry is contemplating an empty vial of Velocity-9 and tells Harry that he's training. Harry tells him not to be stupid, and Barry says that he hasn't taken it yet. He figures that he has to level the playing field, and wants to be fast enough to stop any speedster who hurts his family. Harry tells him that he'll lose a chunk of his humanity every time that he compromises his values, and tells Barry to be like Jay. Once Harry leaves, Barry breaks the vial on the floor and goes back to the cortex. The electricity goes out and Trajectory grabs Flash and locks him in a pipeline cell, and then speeds off.

Trajectory runs back to the cortex and knocks Joe across the room. She grabs his gun and aims it at Harr, and demands the V-9 from Caitlin. Trajectory introduces herself and Caitlin warns that the drug is very dangerous. The speedster doesn't want to hear her excuses and threatens to shoot Cisco. Cisco gets a vibe of Zoom, and Caitlin insists that the drug is gone. Trajectory grabs Jesse and threatens to shoot her, and Harry says that they'll make it for her. Caitlin reluctantly agrees, and Trajectory tells them to move fast.

At Jitters, Iris points out that Flash saved a lot of people. Scott doesn't believe it, and explains that years ago he investigated a mayor that everyone loved. It turned out that the mayor was corrupt, and Scott saw him for what everyone else was too blind to see. He tells Iris that it's their job to make sure that even heroes are held accountable for their actions, and hints that they're on a date. Scott quickly dismisses the idea and realizes that Iris is stalling. Iris tries to apologize but Scott leaves.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry brings Trajectory the V-9 and tells her to let Jesse goes. Trajectory wonders if it's laced with a sedative, and injects it into Jesse. Nothing happens and trajectory speeds off. Cisco releases Flash and returns to the cortex, and Jesse is going into convulsions. Caitlin says that Jesse needs a blood transfusion and offers himself.

Later, Jesse wakes up and finds Harry at her bedside. He tells her that they got the drug out of her system, and promises her that he will spend the rest of his life making it up to her for what he did. Jesse wonders how many more terrible things he'll do to protect her, and points out that he gave Trajectory exactly what she wanted no matter how many other lives are at stake. Harry says that Jesse's life is all that matters, and she tells him that maybe it shouldn't.

In the cortex, Caitlin tells the others that she put a micro-tracker in the drug. Harry comes in as Cisco pinpoints Trajectory at the Central City Bridge. She's running back and forth, generating vibrations to bring it down and spread chaos. Flash arrives as the bridge starts to crumble, and gets the people off. Once they're clear, Trajectory attacks Flash and then speeds across the bridge. It goes down between them, and Flash says that he has to jump. Harry wars that he'll have to go Mach 3.3 to do it, and Flash braces himself and them makes the leap. He lands on the other side and tackles Trajectory, and then stands to face her. Trajectory insists that it's never over, and prepares to inject herself with more V-9. Flash warns her not to do it, insisting that she's not a bad person, and says that he knows what it feels like to want to be the best. He tells Trajectory that it's killing her, but Trajectory injects herself and then gets to her feet. She speeds off and Flash realizes that her lightning trail is turning blue. Trajectory screams in agony and then disintegrates.

The next day at Picture News, Iris gives Scott the story about Flash stopping Trajectory. He concedes that she did a good job and Iris insists that not every hero is a fraud. She admits that she was surprised when Scott thought they were on a date, but got over it.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry finds the discarded bracelet that he gave Jesse. He plays the journal and Jesse says that she needs to discover Earth-1 for herself. She assures Harry that she's learned from him what she has to and now she has to strike out on her own.

Jesse catches a bus to Opal City.

In the cortex, the team tells Iris what happened to trajectory. Harry joins them and says that Jesse is out. Barry describes the blue lightning and figures that Zoom is taking it because he takes Velocity-9. They figure that Zoom is dying and he needs Barry's speed to cure him... just like Jay. The team realizes that Jay must be Zoom, and Cisco admits that he's been vibing Zoom. Each time he's been near Jay's discarded helmet. Barry breaks the case and gives the helmet to Cisco, and Cisco gets a vibe of Zoom removing his mask to reveal that he's Jay. He tells the others what he saw, confirming that Jay is Zoom. Barry speeds off to the waterfall and screams in frustration.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 23, 2016

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