A new speedster arrives in Central City and spreads chaos wherever she goes. Flash takes the blame, and Iris' editor plans to write an expose on the hero. Meanwhile, Jesse discovers how far her father will go to protect her.


By Gadfly on Mar 23, 2016

The team goes to a waterfall and Harry shows Barry how fast he'll have to go to get across. Barry figures that he has to be faster than Zoom when they get back to Earth-2, and says that he has to try. Flash braces himself and then runs at the edge and heads over. He heads to the other side... and falls in mid-air. Cisco's drones net Flash in mid-air and bring him back. Later back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Jesse is boning up on Earth-1 pop culture when the team returns. They admit that Barry didn't ma…

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Episode Discussion

Thomas posted 3 years ago

Do you remember the intro?; I am Barry Allen, on the night I was struck by lightning and became the fastest man on earth (or something like that). I already counted three others that were faster than him.....

JuanArango posted 3 years ago

Well, but the other speedster cheated :P

pentar posted 3 years ago

Yet another speedster, this one new and inexperienced, yet is much faster, stronger and can kick Flash's ass repeatedly. Sigh... this show is really starting to piss me off. Too bad I can't vote negative on this episode.

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