The Brothers Jones Recap

Cruella drives Henry around the outskirts of Underbrooke and points out that he snuck away from his family to help her find the Quill and return to the living. She explains that they're looking for some kind of sign, and Henry spots something glowing in the forest. Cruella parks and they separate to search. The Apprentice approaches Henry and warns him not to give him away, and explains that his unfinished business is Henry. He's there to prevent Henry from making a terrible mistake, and warns that Henry can't resurrect Cruella. The Apprentice admits that he concealed the fact that the pen can bring back the dead from the Underworld, Henry insists that he's getting the pen so he can save his family and friends, and the Apprentice warns that as the Author, Henry can only use the power to record stories rather than create them. Henry insists that he wants to be a hero, and the Apprentice says that the pen is protected by a powerful spell. Sheriff James took the key from him, and Henry has to get it from him to enter the Sorcerer's mansion. When Henry wonders why the Apprentice is helping him, the old man says that he trusts Henry and he can only move on by helping him. With that, the Apprentice disappears.

At Emma's home in Underbrooke, Emma heals Hook's injuries with her magic. As she tries to kiss him, Hook turns away and points out that has a lot has happened between them. He notes that he gave in to the Dark One almost immediately while she resisted it. Emma insists that he's worth saving, but Hook isn't so sure. Before he can continue, Hook's brother Liam arrives at their door.

The Enchanted forest

Killian and Liam are working aboard their ship, enslaved after their father served them into servitude. Liam explains that they'll be free the next day, and he plans to save the King's Navy. With the additional money, they can buy their way out of servitude. Captain Silver comes over and kicks over the bucket, and Liam holds Killian back. Silver invites Liam to let Killian to let them go, and tells Liam to collect the money while Killian stays as collateral. Liam agrees and leaves.


Liam says that he doesn't know why he's there, and Hook figures that his brother was noble to the end and has no reason to be trapped there. He says that they have to defeat Hades to free both of them, and Killian says that others that tried to overthrow Hades spoke of a book which had the power to defeat him. Killian was never able to find it, and Emma says that it's the Storybook. She figures that it has a counterpart in Underbrooke, and they can use it to check the story on Hades and learn his weakness. Liam agrees to help them,

At the loft, Emma and the others check the box where she found the Storybook. It isn't there, and they search the loft for it. Liam talks to Emma privately and says that he already knows that she isn't good enough for Hook. He figures that it's Emma's fault that Hook is there, when she pushed him into darkness. Liam wonders if Emma is there to save Hook for his stake or hers, and tells Emma to let Hook go when it's time for him to move on once he defeats Hades.

Liam and Emma go downstairs and Hook realizes that Emma is upset. She says that it's nothing, and Henry returns to say that he knows where the Storybook is. He suggests that it's at the Sorcerer's mansion, but warns that James has the key. David says that it's time to talk to his brother, is surprised when Mary Margaret says that he kissed her when she thought he was David. While the couple goes, Liam says that they should go about their business so Hades doesn't notice anything amiss.

The Enchanted Forest

The next day, Liam returns to the ship and tells silver that he and Liam will be leaving his employ. Silver says that he offered Liam a drink and afterward, he gambled away his savings. The captain says that he's not responsible for Killian's weakness, and advises Liam to leave. Killian tells Liam that he'll never be the brother that he deserves, and Liam agrees to stay and tosses the naval papers overboard. He vows that he will never leave his brother.


Hades finds Liam at the bar where he works, and offers him a drink. Once Liam takes a sip, hades says that he knows Liam is staging a mutiny. He just wants a few pages from the Storybook, and tells Liam to find it and destroy them. Hades admits that he can't enter the Sorcerer's mansion because of its light magic so he needs Liam. If Liam refuses then Hades will tell Hook the real reason that Liam is in the Underworld.

David and Mary Margaret go to the sheriff's station while James is out on patrol, and they find the key in his desk. Cruella arrives calling for James, and Mary Margaret hides while David poses as his twin brother. She comes in with drinks and kisses him, and David plays along.

At the diner, Emma and Regina wait for Emma's parents to return. Emma explains that Liam doesn't consider her good enough for Hook, and Regina tells her that she's too good for the pirate. She figures that Hook agrees with Liam because Hook hasn't forgiven himself. Regina understands how Hook thinks because she has gone through the same thing, and tells Emma to help Hook with that. Henry comes in and shows Emma the key.

The group goes to the Sorcerer's mansion and Liam offers to open the door.

The Enchanted Forest

The ship sails into a storm and Killian apologizes for dragging Liam into the voyage. Liam warns Silver, saying that they're off-course and heading into a hurricane, but Silver ignores him. Silver says that the King has offered a mighty reward for what's inside the storm, and Liam realizes that Silver is going after the cursed jewel, Eye of the Storm. When Killian points out that no sailor has survived looking for the Eye, Silver says that he should have left while he had the chance. Liam calls for mutiny and grabs Silver's sword, and Silver orders his officers to surrender. The sailors agree, and Liam tells Killian to tie the officers up while he finds a map to plot their way out.


The group enters the mansion and they split up to search the place. Emma tells Henry to stay behind and stand lookout, and Regina agrees. Once they go, Henry goes looking for the pen.

Liam finds a case holding the Storybook and rips out the pages about Hades.

At the station, Cruella encourages David to drink. He tries to plead off, and Cruella complains that he isn't as enthusiastic. David finally has enough and tosses her aside, and Cruella says that she knew all along. When David says that he never met his brother, Cruella says that the brothers were together as babies. Their mother chose her favorite to keep, and picked David. David insists that it isn't his fault, but Cruella says that James doesn't agree. When David snaps at her, Cruella says that he's just as damaged as James and is looking forward to when they meet.

At the mansion, Liam shows the others the Storybook and realizes that there are some pages missing. Regina figures that Hades removed the pages to hide his weakness. Liam suggests that the pages may be in the house and goes to search for them. Emma hangs back and Hook asks what is bothering her. She says that Liam is hiding something, but Hook insists that his brother wouldn't lie.

The Enchanted Forest

Liam goes over the navigational charts in Silver's cabin. Hades appears and says that he's there to help him. He warns that Liam's dreams of captaining a ship in the King's Navy are over now that he's led a mutiny, and reveals who he is. Hade says that he wants the souls that Liam is trying to save, and admits that he can't hurt Liam in the Overworld. He offers Liam a deal: if Liam lets the ship sink then Hades will make sure that Liam and Hook survive. Hades offers Liam the Eye and points out that if Liam delivers it to the King then he'll give him the Navy job that he wants.


Once he's outside, Liam tosses the pages down a wall. Emma comes out and shows him the ring that Liam gave Hook. She explains that Hook gave it to her and said that it belonged to a much better man than him. Emma tells Liam that Hook thinks that he can do no wrong, and she wonders why she lied to his brother. Hook comes over and Emma tells Liam to show his brother his hands. Hook says that it isn't necessary, and figures that Emma is trying to prove that Liam is a villain to show Hook that he is less of one and worth saving. Hook figures that he won't return with Emma once they defeat Hades, and Emma tells him that he has to forgive himself. However, she realizes that Hook has to forgive himself and walk away. Liam tells Hook that it's for the best, and Hook sees the ink on Liam's pages. Silver and the sailors from the ship emerge from the shadows and say that Liam's biggest secret is what he did to them.

The Enchanted Forest

Liam returns to the deck and tells Killian to continue sailing into the chart. Killian questions his decision, but Liam asks if he trusts him. When Killian does, Liam gives him his lucky ring as a sign of how sure he is. Killian tells the sailors that his brother is a true man and trusts him with his life. The sailors agree and they sail into the storm.


Hook asks Liam for the truth, and Silver says that he saw the meeting between Hades and Liam. He tells Hook that Liam trades their souls for the Eye, and Liam insists that he had no choice. Silver says that they're both going to pay and has his men take both brothers.

At the pit, the sailors prepare to toss Hook and Liam in. Liam asks Silver to spare Hook, but Silver says that Hook should have gone down with the rest of them. Liam apologizes to his brother, and Hook says that Liam raised the bar that all he could do was fail. Hades appears and knocks Silver into the pit, and then says that Liam kept up his end of the deal and gets to live. Liam refuses to let Hades hurt Hook, and Hades knocks him into the pit. Hook grabs his brother's hand and begs him to hand on, and forgives Liam. He says that Liam has to forgive himself, but Liam says that he has to pay the price and lets go.

The bridge to the better place opens, revealing a ship. Hades, shocked, vows that Hook will pay and teleports away. Liam finds himself standing on a boat in the ocean, his ship in the distance. Liam figures that he should have made the sacrifice long ago and now he can depart. Hook tells him and the remaining sailors to leave now that their unfinished business is complete, and they board the boat with Liam. Liam asks about Hook, and he says that his unfinished business isn't done until he and Emma finish Hades. After a moment, Liam tells Hook to tell Emma that he was wrong. He assures Hook that he is a true hero now and offers his hand. Hook takes it and they say goodbye as the boat heads out to the ship.

The Enchanted Forest

After the storm sinks the ship, Liam and Killian make it to shore. A naval patrol finds them, and Liam reveals that they obtained the Eye. The officer says that Liam is a hero and offers to take them to the king. Liam asks for commissions for the two of them, and the officer immediately offers them commissions aboard his ship, the Jewel of the Realm. Killian thanks Liam for being the hero he could never be, and promises not to squander his second chance.


Emma finds Hook inside the mansion, and he explains about Liam's deal. He tells her that Liam sacrificed himself and he moved on with his former crew, and Hook admits that he deserves saving after all. The pirate says that he will return to Storybrooke with her once they've defeated Hades, and the couple kisses.

Henry sees the pen glowing inside of a lampshade and takes it.

Later at the loft, the group examines the Storybook. Hook explains what Liam did, and they figure the book may contain other secrets. Henry is in his room and doesn't want to talk to anyone, but David goes up to see his grandson. The boy doesn't want to talk about what he's going through, and David says that he's learned that his twin brother resented him his entire life because he didn't have a loving mother. He tells Henry that some people would give everything to have the family that Henry has. After a moment, Henry goes down and shows everyone the pen. He explains about Cruella's plan, and how he ignores his own power and lives in the shadows. Now Henry understands that he plans to recreate Hades' stories, and they wonder what Hades is hiding from them.

Hades goes to the pool in his realm and removes the pages when they arrive. There's a picture of Hades and Zelena together, and Hades is satisfied that their secret remains safe.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 28, 2016

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