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Soldier Boy Recap

11.05.63: 17 days until assassination

Jake wakes up in a modern hospital and sees Anderson Cooper on the TV. Chrissy comes in and asks Jake if something is wrong, and he asks her what year it is. She kisses him on the forehead and goes to find the doctor, and Jake is surprised to discover that it's Al. Jake figures that it's a hallucination and wants it to stop, but "Al" says that they don't always get what they want. He tells Jake that he's been a disappointment to him because he involved Bill and Sadie. Al starts coughing up blood and he says that Jake is only thinking of himself.

When Jake calls for Sadie, he sees the hospital room as it is in 1963. Sadie comes over and says that she's there, and explains that Jake has been drifting in and out for days. Deke is there and says that he's seen similar memory problems in football players when they were tackled too hard. The principal warns that it could be a couple of weeks until Jake gets back to normal, but at least he's out of medical danger.

11.07.63: 15 days until assassination

Sadie takes Jake out in a wheelchair and reviews what he told her before he was beaten. He doesn't remember everything from his own time, but remembers that he was close to whoever was going to kill JFK. Jake can't remember the address or Bill's name.

11.12.63: 10 days until assassination

Lee storms into the Dallas FBI office and demands to see Hosty. He accuses Hosty of harassing his wife and bugging his home, and the receptionist--Mrs. Emily Baker-- says that Hosty isn't there. Lee figures that they all know everything about him and takes Baker's name. He writes out a report and tells Baker to give it to Hosty, and then storms out.

At the hospital, Sadie is helping Jake pack. Jake wonders why Bill isn't there, and Sadie reminds him that they had an argument. However, on the phone, Jake told her that Bill was safe. Deke comes in with painkillers and Jake remembers that he's married to Mimi. Sadie explains that Mimi passed while Jake was unconscious, and Deke has Jake sign the release papers. When he does, Jake remembers that he had Bill committed.

Jake and Sadie go to the asylum where the patients who can't pay are kept. Dr. Densborough explains that Bill was transferred there when Jake seemingly disappeared, and they've been giving Bill electroshock therapy. Jake explains that he was in the hospital, and an orderly brings Bill in. Bill remembers Jake but is in a vague statement because of the electroshocks. Jake and Sadie talk to Bill privately and Jake explains what happened to him. He asks Bill to remember what they were doing, Bill refuses to hear it, saying that they'll shock him if he starts talking about the future again. When Jake asks him to be his friend, Bill says that a friend wouldn't have had him committed.

Densborough returns with the release papers and Jake signs them. Sadie goes over to join him and when she looks back, sees Bill at the open window. He jumps to his death before Jake and Sadie can stop him.

11.14.63: 8 days until assassination

Jake and Sadie attend Bill's funeral and watch from a distance. Sadie lays lilies on Bill's grave and Jake escorts her away.

11.15.63: 7 days until assassination

At home, Jake takes his painkillers.

11.16.63: 6 days until assassination

Jake is looking at photos of his time at the high school, including when he and Sadie danced. Sadie is having coffee with Deke, and tells him that Jake doesn't want to be helped. When she pushes him, he gets angry. Deke figures that Jake is going to do everything he can to avoid admitting that he's lost, and tells Sadie that she can't give up because she's Jake's only way back.

11.17.63: 5 days until assassination

Jake is lying on the couch, and Sadie reads a newspaper article about how JFK is coming to Dallas in three days. None of the cities he's visiting rings a bell with Jake. Sadie keeps pushing Jake to remember, but he pushes her away and takes more painkillers. He tells her to back off, and Sadie angrily agrees, tells him to stay on the couch and take his pills. She reminds Jake that a man is going to be murdered and he's the only one who can do anything about it. Jake flushes the pills down the sink and then tells Sadie to repeat everything he said to her on the phone the night that he was beaten.

Lee returns home and Marguerite worries about him. She says that he shouldn't have bothered the FBI, and shows him a report card he received in the second grade saying that he has potential. Marguerite says that she wants Lee to be happy and asks what happened to her little boy. Lee says that he's still there.

11.18.63: 4 days until assassination

Lee sits in the park and sees a discarded newspaper with a headline about JFK arriving in Texas. After reading the article, Lee looks at the children playing in the park. After a moment he tosses the newspaper in the garbage and walks away, whistling.

11.19.63: 3 days until assassination

Deke comes over and Sadie shows him how to dance to "The Madison Time." Jake, listening, remembers that he lived on Madison.

11.20.63: 2 days until assassination

Jake and Sadie drive to Madison Street in Dallas and they start canvassing house to find someone who knows Jake. He finally sees the house and vaguely remembers it. The woman living there refuses to let them in and slams the door in their faces. They go upstairs and Lee recognizes Jake. He explains that they were neighbors, and Jake and Bill disappeared a month ago. Sadie explains that Jake was beaten unconscious, and Jake claims that Bill went back to Kentucky. Jake finally remembers who Lee is and excuses himself to get some water. He takes out a kitchen knife and goes back to the living room. Lee brings Junie out and Jake hides the knife.

When Jake and Sadie leaves, Jake doesn't tell Sadie what he's remembered. Sadie says that they'll come back the next day to talk to the neighbors, and Jake thanks her for everything that she's done for him. Back in Jodie, Jake says that he needs to lie down until dinner. However, Jake sneaks out and goes to his car, only to find Sadie waiting in it. She's furious that he lied to her again, and Jake insists that he was trying to protect her. Sadie demands the truth, and Jake tells her that Lee is JFK's killer. He refuses to lose her like he lost Bill, but Sadie points out that Jake would never have found Lee without him and insists on going. Jake suggests that they go to Ruth Paine's house where Lee kept his rifle, and steal it so that he can't shoot the President.

At home, Lee visits Marina at Ruth's house and says that he wants to back to the way it was in Minsk. She says that she wants a new life and one where Lee doesn't slap her. Marina tells Lee that she deserves better and she's going to get it. The baby cries and Marina tells Lee that she'll deal with her.

Jake and Sadie knock at Ruth's door. When she answers, Jake claims that he's a friend of Lee's. Ruth remembers her from Lee's birthday party, and Jake claims that he's a c-worker and Lee asked Jake to meet him there. When the woman refuses to get Marina, Sadie intervenes and says that Lee got some curtain rods for her, and Jake says that they're wrapped in paper and stored in the garage. Ruth takes them to the garage but they don't find the rifle.

11.20.63: 12:30 a.m.: 12 hours until assassination

Jake and Sadie park across from the depository, and Jake figures that the next morning he'll tackle Lee and claim that he heard him threaten JFK. He warns that the past will try to stop them, just as an officer knocks on the window. The officer figures that they're Kennedy fans but he has to keep the streets clear, and orders them to move on. Jake drives off but parks nearby so that they don't take any chances. As they wait, Sadie asks about Jake's friends and family in the future. He says that he doesn't met them, and everyone he's met is in the past.

Sadie dozes off and the overhead light flickers. It stops after a moment, and the Yellow Card Man appears where Sadie was sleeping. As it starts raining, Jake wonders why the Man is following him. The Man says that he doesn't want any of it to happen again, and describes how his daughter drowned in a pool when he looked away for a minute. He's gone back again and again to save his daughter, but something is always in the way. All he can do is watch her drown over... and over... and over again, but he can't stand by and let her die. The Man warns that the past can be changed. Jake insists that it's different, but the Man tells him to go home.

Lightning flashes and the Yellow Card Man disappears, and Sadie is back. She wakes up and Jake suggests that they just let events play out, and they go back to Jodie and raise a family. Sadie tells him that they can't because Jake came there for a reason and now it's her reason, too.

11.22.63: 8:30 a.m.: 4 hours until assassination

The next morning, Jake and Sadie wake up and try to drive off. The car won't start, and Jake realizes that the past is pushing back. He leads Sadie off, saying that they have to go.

Marina wakes up in her bed and finds Lee sitting on the bed. She suggests that they go to the zoo together, but Lee tells her that he has a job. Marina says that she might be ready to talk about the two of them together, and asks him to stay. Lee's ride, Buell Frazier, honks his horn outside and Lee goes out. He gets the package with the rifle, tells Marina to kiss the girls for him, and leaves.

Jake and Sadie look for a car to hotwire. They finally find an unlocked car and drive off.

11.22.63: 9:30 a.m.: 3 1/2 hours until assassination

Lee arrives at the depository with Buell, who says that their boss said that they could go watch JFK's motorcade when it arrives. The assassin points out that he's a Marxist and is going to work. Once he's inside, Lee goes up to the sixth floor. Whistling, he makes sure that no one is around, opens the window, and sets up a shooter's post from boxes. Lee then takes out his rifle and loads it, and waits for the motorcade to arrive.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 30, 2016

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