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The Believer Recap

We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.

At the spice shop, Nick goes over the video of Andrew’s shooting with Hank, Rosalee, and Monroe. Nick points out that in the video, Rachel didn’t react fast enough to the assassin’s shot. He explains what Eve told him, and Monroe admits that he never completely trusted Renard. They wonder if Renard is with Black Claw, and figure that they have to be careful what they tell him. Monroe gets a call from Dr. Ian Kreger, his friend who gave him information on Black Claw. The Blutbad asks him to take a look at the cloth that they found, and Monroe claims that he inherited them from his uncle. Kreger agrees to scan it and tells them to bring it by his lab.

Eve arrives upstairs and says that she plans to use the Hexenbiest transformation spell to transform into Renard. She says that she’s already tried it once, and she needs to go undercover as Renard. However, Eve needs their help so that she can avoid meeting Renard when she’s transformed. Nick agrees and Eve leaves.

At a revival tent, preacher Dwight Eleazer greets his followers and says that he knows there is unseen evil there. The preacher goes out and calls Satan to enter his body and leave the followers alone. As a man, Benjamin McCullough, secretly takes video, Dwight transforms into a Devil-like figure and howls in rage. He writhes and contorts on stage, and then Dwight casts Satan out. After a moment, he returns to his human form and the audience applauds. As Benjamin leaves, one of Dwight’s bodyguards named Luke Virkler goes after him. Benjamin attacks him and shoves Luke down, and Luke hits his head on a rock. More guards come out and Benjamin runs to his car and drives off, while a guard, Mark Nelson, calls 911 after confirming that Luke is dead.

Later, Nick and Hank arrive and Wu brings them up to speed on what happened. The detectives talk to Dwight, who says that evil is always with them. He explains that he doesn’t allow photos during his service, and takes the evil from those come to him seeking salvation. Dwight doesn’t allow photos because it’s dangerous and people would just assume that it’s a trick. He keeps bodyguards because sometimes frightened people attack him. Dwight invites them to come and says that he’ll be in Portland for two more days.

Benjamin drives to a mission--the Church of the Word of God-- set up at a theater, and says that he has proof that Dwight is the Devil and stealing money from the faithful. The minister, Joan Vark, insists that they must drive the Devil out of Dwight and they’re the only ones who can do it.

At the station, Nick and Hank confirm that Luke and the other two bodyguards have had problems with the law. However, their records are clean since they started working for Dwight. Nick has confirmed that eyewitnesses have said that Dwight is possessed by the Devil, and they figure that they should see the next show.

On Portland Tonight, Renard and his opponent Steven Gallagher meet for a debate. Gallagher points out that Renard has no political experience, and Renard insists that’s a strength. Gallagher speaks in favor of gun control, while Renard disagrees. Nick returns home as Adalind watches the newscast, and Adalind wonders if Nick has told Renard where they live. The Grimm admits that he’s not sure about Renard’s motives. She then suggests that Diana might still be alive and asks if Nick can find out where she is. Nick warns that it won’t be easy, and that Renard never said anything to him about Diana. When Adalind worries that there are some things that they can’t control, Nick hugs her and says that he’ll find out what he can.

After the broadcast, Renard checks with Rachel and Jeremiah. They assure him that he’ll win and now they know how Gallagher will come after him.

The next morning, Hank arrives at the station and finds Nick searching for Diana on the database. Wu says that they have a hit on Benjamin’s car and they go to the theater where it’s parked.

At the mission theater, Joan tells her followers that it has to be that night. She tells Benjamin to make the contact, and he warns that it won’t be easy for him. Joan hands Benjamin several gold coins and tells him not to give the contact a chance. As Benjamin leaves, Nick, Hank, and Wu pull up and arrest him. Joan runs out and asks why they’re harassing Benjamin. When they find the money, Joan says that it’s theirs and they need it. Nick explains that they’re conducting a murder investigation and take Benjamin in.

At the station, Mark picks Benjamin out of a lineup. He says that Benjamin is one of the people trying to destroy Dwight. Mark explains that some people think Dwight is the Devil and he gets death threats. The detectives confirm that Benjamin has been arrested several times but nothing in the last three years. They check on Joan, who also has a minor criminal record with nothing seven years ago. Wu clutches at his neck and passes it off as muscle strain.

The detectives talk to Benjamin, who insists that it was self-defense. He says that Dwight is possessed by Satan and tricking people by taking their money. Benjamin insists that he was going to show the world the truth about Dwight, and he was taking the coins to the bank. He insists that Joan is a true prophet and Dwight is a disciple of the Devil, and Luke chose the wrong path.

Nick, Hank, and Wu look at the video of the “possession” and figure that Dwight might be Wesen. Hank has Wu look into the Church of the Word of God. At the spice shop, Rosalee and Monroe figure that Dwight is a Furis Rubian, which have been mistaken for devils for years. The couple agrees to go with them to see Dwight’s next performance.

At the station, Wu discovers that Dwight and Joan were previously married. His vision fades in and out, and Wu’s neck bothers him again.

At the revival, Nick and the others watch as Dwight is “possessed” again. Dwight casts the Devil out, and Monroe suggests that he’s doing moiré harm than good. Meanwhile, Mark gets a call and goes outside to meet with Joan. She tells him that he’ll get the money afterward, and worries that if things go wrong then Dwight will know. Joan insists that if Mark doesn’t help them the Devil will take him, but Mark tells her to get the money.

As the group leaves the revival tent, Hank figures that Mark is a believer. Once Monroe and Rosalee leave, Nick and Hank ask Mark what Dwight’s instructions are if they catch someone taking photos. Dwight goes by and the detectives ask to talk to him privately. He agrees and they go into Dwight’s tent. The other bodyguard, Peter, asks Mark why the police didn’t arrest Benjamin for Luke’s death. When he says that he’ll kill Benjamin himself, Mark tells him to stay quiet and help with the takedown.

In the trailer, Nick asks Dwight if he’s a Furis Rubian. When Nick says that he’s a Grimm, Dwight woges briefly and realizes confirms that he’s telling the truth. He explains that his workers don’t know that he’s a Wesen, and insists that he helps guilty people by taking their suffering from them. Dwight tells them that he doesn’t condone physical violence, but admits that his bodyguards have criminal backgrounds and respond to violence with violence. He points out that they can’t arrest him for his religious beliefs, and his people wouldn’t believe him if he told them he was Wesen. Dwight tells them to kill him or leave him to save souls, and is surprised when the detectives leave. Outside, Hank admits that Dwight might be doing more good than harm.

In her cell, Eve transforms herself into Renard again.

That night, Mark visits Dwight and asks for his forgiveness for saving him. Joan’s people come in and knock out Dwight as he starts to woge. When Mark has second thoughts, Joan’s lieutenant shoves him away and says that he’ll get his money.

At the station, Nick and Hank figure that Benjamin had blood money. They plan to give him the money back and follow him. Eve calls and tells Nick to keep Renard busy at the station. Still disguised as Renard, Eve then goes to Renard’s home.

Wu tells the detectives that Dwight and Joan were married. They got a divorce after 15 months when Dwight had affairs with several parishioners. They brief Renard and figure that Joan doesn’t know that Dwight is Wesen. Renard agrees to their plan to turn Benjamin loose.

Eve calls Rachel over to talk, and she says that they can talk after sex.

Dwight wakes up tied to the floor. A pentagram is drawn around him, and Joan says that she knows the Devil is possessing Dwight. When Dwight objects, one of Joan’s people muzzles him.

Nick, Hank, and Renard follow Benjamin to the revival tent. Benjamin runs out a minute later and the officers go inside. They discover that Mark has hung himself.

Rachel undresses and Eve asks what the people in charge want from him. She isn’t interested in talking, undresses Eve, and says that she’ll answer questions later.

Joan and her people advance on Dwight with red-hot pokers. Benjamin runs in and says that Mark is dead, and figures that the Devil made Mark do it. The believers start poking Dwight and he woges. Joan rams a poker into his side and Dwight breaks free. He advances on Joan, who insists that she’s not afraid, and swats her aside. The other believers attack him.

The officers arrive and run in, and Nick tackles Dwight. They hold Dwight down and he finally regains control. Joan goes to her ex-husband and figures that he repelled the Devil. Dwight says that Joan saved him and she says that she loves him as he dies. Benjamin says that it’s over and Dwight is free. Renard places them under arrest for Dwight’s murder.

After Eve fails to perform, Rachel assures him that it’s all right and she offers to answer his question. She woges into her Lowen form and Eve smiles in satisfaction.

The next day, Kreger analyzes the cloth and tells Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee that it’s very old. Later back at the spice shop, the trio translates the writing and discover that it says “Miraculum Perikulosum” miraculous and dangerous.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 9, 2016

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