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Good to the Bone Recap

The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones.

A drunken man, Kevin Salesky, staggers out from a tavern and gets in his car. He drives off, running a stop light, and swerves down the road.Kevin finally hits a pole and crashes.

Nick returns to the bunker and confirms with Adalind that Kelly is asleep. She’s going over her work files and admits that it’s good to be back. Adalind finally says that she wishes that they had more time together as lovers, and figures that it isn’t the easy relationship because of how they started. She suggests that they work on trust, and kisses Nick before they go to the bed.

Kevin wakes up and takes in the car’s wreck. Nearby, a man in a van, Charlie Higginbotham, sniffs the air. Meanwhile, Kevin staggers over to a nearby park and approaches two men. One of them, Pinky, starts to talk to Kevin but the other one says that they shouldn’t get involved and they leave. Kevin passes out and collapses, and Charlie van comes over and takes his phone. He then drags Kevin off.

Hank is shopping when Zuri Ellis calls to him. She asks about his ankle and they make small talk. As Hank leaves, Zuri says that she apologizes about what happened between them and offers to make it up to him. She suggests that they have dinner and insists on setting a date. Hank agrees to the next night and Zuri gives him her new address.

Charlie drags Kevin off to the side and apologizes for what he has to do. He then goes to his van and drives over Kevin twice. Charlie then woges into his birdlike Barbatus Ossifrage form, extends a tube down the dying Kevin’s throat, and sucks out his crushed bones.

Later, Charlie droves to a trailer where an elderly couple are sitting a table. He woges and there are muffled moans and screams.

The next day, Wu wakes up gets ready for work. He starts coughing and clutches at his chest, and gags up a hairball. Shocked, Wu tosses it in the sink and realizes that it’s covered in blood.

Nick arrives at the station and Hank tells him about meeting Zuri. The detectives notices that Renard isn’t there, and Hank shows Nick a Renard for Mayor flyer he found. As they worry about Wesen controlling the city government, Hank gets a call about their case.

Rosalee is working at the spice shop when Eve comes in and says that Adalind has her powers back. Eve confirms that Nick knows and Rosalee told him after Adalind didn’t. She realizes that Rosalee was in the tunnel , and that they didn’t come out because Adalind was unaware that they were there. Eve warns that Adalind didn’t sense them because she is out of practice but won’t be for long, and Rosalee points out that Eve threatened her. When Eve asks if she has a problem with that, Rosalee says that’s what she would have said... if she was Juliette.

Hank and Nick arrive at the crime scene and Wu tells them that a sanitation worker found Kevin’s body that morning. The sergeant says that the victim’s bones are gone. There’s no ID on the victim, and there is a crusty residue around his mouth. Wu checks the fingerprints while the detectives realize that Kevin was run over repeatedly.

Back at the station, Nick confirms that there have been similar corpses within the last year on the West Coast. Wu co0nfirms Kevin’s identity and tells the detectives that he has a record for public drinking. His car was reported abandoned on the other side of the river from where the body was found. Once Wu goes to his desk, the detectives work the case. Meanwhile, Wu stares at his hand in horror as it distorts and lenge3ths into a talon. He remembers his nightmares of running through the woods and collapses to the floor. Nick and Hank come over and ask the last time he ate, and Wu says that he thought he had something the night before. Once they leave to check out Kevin’s car, Wu confirms that his hand is back to normal.

At the car crash, Franco tells the detectives that scavengers already stripped the car. He has a witness, Pinky, in his car. Hank has dealt with Pinky before, who insists that he didn’t do anything. He confirms that the man he saw was Kevin and they go down to where Kevin was. Kevin’s phone rings and the detectives find it along with his discarded wallet. The cards and cash are still in the wallet, and the detectives go back to the station. They meet with the ME, who admits that she’s never seen anything like it before. There’s a digestive enzyme found throughout the body, and the residue is liquefied bone.

Pinky is arguing with drug dealers at the park. They shoot him and run off, and Pinky collapses. Charlie is in his van and smells Pinky dying, and goes to find him. He ditches Pinky’s ID and apologizes, saying he wouldn’t do it if he has to, and then takes Pinky to an abandoned factory and runs him over repeatedly. Once he does, Charlie woges and extracts Pinky’s bones. He then goes to the trailer and tells the couple--his parents--that he brought them something. They admit that they’d starve without Charlie, and he woges. His parents woge as well and Charlie feeds them the liquefied bone.

That night, Hank goes to Zuri’s house and they have wine while Zuri works on dinner. She asks about Nick and Hank confirms that the Grimm knows that he’s there with her. He wonders why Zuri changed her mind about their being together, and Zuri admits that Hank accepts her for who she really is.

Adalind wakes Nick up in bed and tells him that she talked to Renard. She figures that Renard is going to use Diana to get to her for some reason, and Nick says that they think Renard is working with Black Claw. He explains that Renard doesn’t know that they know, and asks Adalind to tell him if she learns anything else.

The next day, Hank tells Nick that his dinner with Zuri was nice. However, he says that they’re in no hurry. Renard comes in and Nick tells Hank what Adalind told him. Wu calls about Pinky’s death, and Nick and Hank go to the crime scene. They figure he was shot at the park and then moved, At the spice shop, Nick finds a reference in the Grimm journals to the Barbatus Ossifrage. It stalks places of death and prey on the mortally wounded like a vulture. They often live in groups, and they move on after three or four kills. Monroe points out that the Barbatus Ossifrage isn’t killing anyone, and the journal shows that they’re attracted to the smell of imminent death. They have to find someone who is alive but dying, and Rosalee says that she can make a potion to fake the scent. Everyone figures that Monroe should pose as a corpse, and Nick says that they’ll do it that night.

Renard calls Adalind and says that he needs to see her alone. He refuses to give her any details and texts her the address.

At HC, Eve receives a report on Diana.

Rosalee finishes mixing the potion as Nick, Hank, and Wu arrive at the spice shop. As they leave, Adalind calls and asks Rosalee if she would Kelly. Rosalee agrees and Adalind says that she’ll bring the baby to her.

At the park that night, Monroe puts in nose plugs and the others step away as he sprays his clothes. He then lies down as the others hide nearby. Charlie picks up the scent and comes to investigate.

Adalind arrives at the shop and Rosalee asks how things are going with Adalind and Nick. The Hexenbiest admits that she hasn’t told Nick about her returning powers yet, and Rosalee warns that she can’t keep it from Nick forever.

Charlie approaches Monroe, and a dog rummages through a garbage can near Wu. It growls at him and he transforms into his new Blutbad form and chases after it. He trips and knocks himself out, reverting back to his human form.

Charlie picks up Wu’s blood scent and goes after him. Nick and Hank wonder why the killer didn’t take the bait, and wonder where Wu is. Meanwhile, Charlie drags the unconscious Wu away. Nick finds Wu’s discarded ID.

As he goes to his van, Charlie complains to himself about how his parents are ruining his life by forcing him to feed them. He apologizes to the unconscious Wu, insisting that none of them can get away from who they are, and gets in the van.

Nick and Hank figure out where Charlie went with Wu. They get to the van and order him out, and he runs.

Monroe wonders where everyone is and get sup.

Charlie woges and Nick says that they know what he is. The Wesen turns and runs... and a truck runs him over. As he dies, Charlie says that his parents depend on him, and ask Nick to tell them that he tried. The EMTs arrive and take Wu to the hospital, and Hank puts out a BOLO on the trailer based on the papers in Charlie’s van. The detectives call Monroe a cab.

Adalind meets Renard in a parking garage and says that he’s sorry it has to be that way. She woges but a Black Claw agent drugs her unconscious and takes her away. Renard puts her in a SUV and they drive off.

Nick and Hank track down the trailer and Charlie’s mother answers the door. She realizes that something happened to Charlie, and they take the couple to the morgue to identify Charlie’s body. The detectives give them a few moments alone with their son, and the couple agree that they can’t let Charlie’s death go to waste. They woge and eat his bones. Outside, the detectives wonder if they should stop them and think better of it.

Renard wakes Adalind up and shows her Diana. Adalind hugs her daughter and glares at Renard.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 23, 2016

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