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There Will Be Food Recap

The episode opens with Evan nagging Hank about his sloppiness. Hank gets a call from Jill, who has a friend who needs treated but is too proud to ask. The house call makes him late for his scheduled appointment with Tucker to remove his stitches. Tucker and Libby convince Hank to attend a retirement party as a way to drum up business.

The retirement party is actually for a famous ballerina, Tess, who gave a performance at the party moments after she awakened from being unconsciousness on the floor. Evan flirts with Tess, and takes her away from the party to eat some junk food that she has been craving for years. After sampling a hot dog, Tess collapses. At the party, Jill has an encounter with one of the prospective benefactors for her free clinic, who backs out of his commitment. Jill is depressed that her clinic is dead before it ever got started.

Hank examines Tess, but he cannot explain the feinting spells, other than maybe not getting proper food and rest. The next day, Tess comes to Hank's home and confesses that she is on various medications. Hank recommends she agree to a full blood workup for proper diagnosis. Later, Hank makes a call on Jim Harper, who he suspects has Hepatitis C. However, Mr. Harper is confrontational and wants nothing to do with doctors. Hank got Mr. Harper's name by reading one of the letters from Jill's free clinic project. Jill is furious at Hank at this breach of privacy. Hank tries to convince her that sometimes you have to break the rules to get the job done, but she stalks off.

Hank arrives at the Bryant home, meeting Tucker's father for the first time. Hank takes the opportunity to criticize Mr. Bryant's fathering skills. Mr. Tucker responds by firing Hank. Jill brings Hank some excess medication as an apology. Hank takes the medicine to Mr. Harper and convinces him to accept treatment. Evan cooks a fancy meal for Tess, but she collapses again, and Hank has to extract some food caught in her esophagus.
After Tess recovers, she confesses she has had this type of reaction to food before. Hank decides to try an experiment, and have Tess connected to a heart monitor while she samples various foods. Hank diagnoses a very rare condition where certain foods affect her heart. She will need a pacemaker, but should be fine.

Hank and Jill have dinner on the beach. Jill tells Hank that she hasn't given up on the free clinic. Hank tells her that in the meantime, if there are any needy patients that need help, give him a call.

Written by pentar on Apr 30, 2016

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