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Strategic Planning Recap

Hank and Evan spend the morning jogging along the beach discussing how HankMed is going to acquire clients. Evan tries to demonstrate his social skills on one of the dogs being walked by Benny, only to accidentally get Benny bitten. Hank treats the wound, but recommends Benny got to the hospital. Back home, Hank gets a call from a Senator after speaking with Boris about The Hampton's residents and confidentiality. As he and Divya arrive at the Senator's estate, they are told by Lucy Everett, the Senator's wife, that they were called to examine her son, Kendrick. He must pass an executive physical examination before he undergoes the same examination prior to his admission to the Notre Dame football team.

The next day, Hank is called by Benny. His wound is worse, and Hank takes him to Hamptons Heritage hospital and uses his medical knowledge to get him immediate treatment. At the Senator's estate, Kendrick starts experiencing blurry vision and slurred speech, so Hank is called. Hank examines Kendrick and tries to get Lucy to have her son taken to a hospital. Lucy refuses, insisting on anonymity, and telling Hank to treat her son or she will find someone who will. Hank needs a portable MRI machine and Divya locates one, but it requires Hank asking Jill for a favor. Evan stops by Ms. Newberg's home and proposes a contract with HankMed. Ms. Newberg seems receptive, and introduces him to her granddaughter Emma.

Evan takes Emma and her girlfriends back to Boris's estate and party in the marine jacuzzi. Dieter tries to warn Evan that the pool has not been serviced in some time but Evan ignores him. Later, when the girls start to take off their blouses to do body shots, they discover they all have some type of skin rash that is spreading quickly. Hank and Divya do the MRI and other tests on Kendrick, but do not find an answer and Kendrick starts to deteriorate.

While listening to Kendrick's mother and sister argue and remembering seeing deer, Hank has an epiphany and discovers a deer tick in Kendrick's ear. When he removes it, Kendrick rapidly returns to normal. After treating Kendrick, Divya and Hank speak with Evan and give him the treatment for the skin rash. When Hank returns home, he starts berating Evan about being more professional and to start carrying his weight. Evan shows Hank a signed contract with Ms. Newberg for a ridiculous monthly fee that leaves Hank speechless.

Boris returns from his yacht, and Hank realizes after speaking with him that Boris was responsible for the referral for the Senator's son. Hank thanks Boris and Boris assures Hank that he has plans for him.

Written by pentar on Apr 30, 2016

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