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TB or Not TB Recap

At a restaurant, Allison, the owner, experiences temporary dizziness and disorientation. When HankMed arrives to perform required TB tests on the restaurant personnel, Allison takes Hank aside and tells him about the issue. He recommends a full physical and some diagnostic tests. Even though the restaurant takes all of her time, he badgers her until she agrees.

Divya does the TB test followup at the restaurant since Hank wanted a day off for himself. When she asks for Valentina, she discovers she is missing. Allison experiences another mysterious medical attack while meeting a lover in the refrigerator. When she comes out into the restaurant, Hank is there with Jill waiting on a table for lunch. Hank tries to talk to her but she does not know him. Hank thinks Allison has had a stroke. Back at Boris' estate, Evan is practicing his golf game when he notices a truck arriving with some type of chamber on a trailer.

When Allison arrives at the hospital, Hank describes the symptoms to the on call emergency room doctor, who takes over since Hank has no hospital privileges. Evan snoops inside a building where the chamber was delivered and discovers a large aquarium with a shark in it. Divya tracks down Valentina at a suburban home, and Evan arrives to translate with his spotty Italian. Allison's lover arrives at the hospital and gives Hank a time line for when Allison's stroke occurred. When Hank and Jill go to Allison's room to get her started on medication, they discover she has left the hospital.

Evan's translation skills prove to be poor, especially since Valentina is very nervous and worried about losing her job. Divya has a hunch and checks her upper arm and notices what appears to be a vaccination. She decides to take a chest x-ray and hauls a portable x-ray machine into the house. verifying that Valentina is not infected. Hank and Jill find Allison at the restaurant, in the walk in refrigerator where the stroke occurred.

Hank scrounges supplies to construct a way to raise Allison's core body temperature at the restaurant. Even though more than 3 hour from the time of the stroke has passed before they found her, Hank decided to give her the medication anyway, reasoning that her reduced body temperature had slowed her metabolism and giving them more time.

Back at Boris's estate, Evan arrives home to find Boris waiting for him. Boris asks if his privacy has been violated. After a time, Evan finally understands and acknowledges that it has not. Allison's memory returns, indicating the medication was working.

Hank and Jill are picnicking on the beach. They start talking about each others past relationships. They decide to take things slow.

Written by pentar on Apr 30, 2016

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