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No Man Is an Island Recap

Hank and Jill are having a romantic moment when they are interrupted by Evan, who has landed a new client. Rob Grant and his very pregnant wife want Hank to join them for a weekend on their family island. Unfortunately for Evan, the family only wants Hank, until Evan convinces them he can be a nanny for their two younger children. Even though she is due in three weeks, Claire surprises Hank by telling him she wants him to deliver her baby on the island this weekend.

At the island, Hank and Evan discover only a one person staff, and Claire insists on confiscating all technology devices, trying to get the family to interact. Evan convinces Arlo to go for a ride in the truck with he and Will, the caretaker, but the truck crashes and Will has a compound leg fracture. At the hospital, Jill is under pressure to replace a retiring ER physician, and her first choice Hank, is undecided. Jill texts Hank for a rendezvous, but Divya shows up, since she is covering Hank's calls. Divya discovers Hank was offered a job at the hospital.

Evan tries bonding with Arlo, by getting his Nintendo reinstated and learns why Arlo is so morose and remote. Will takes a turn for the worse after he takes a blood thinner that he forgot to tell Hank about. Will needs a transfusion, so Hank tests everyone for compatibility. Arlo turns out to be the only one, and he wants to volunteer to do something right, since he is convinced he always screws things up. The transfusion works, but Hank still needs to relieve the pressure on the brain, so he uses a drill to make a hole in Will's head.

Evan revives the satellite phone that was damaged in the truck crash and calls for a Medivac chopper for Will. Hank decides to turn down the ER job. Jill is disappointed, but understands his reasons.

Written by pentar on Apr 30, 2016

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