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If I Were a Sick Man Recap

The episode opens with Hank and Jill in bed after a romantic night together. As Hank is deciding on breakfast, Tucker shows up wanting to talk, thinking his girlfriend Libby is pregnant and cheating on him. Ms. Newberg calls, requesting Hank come to check on her maid Esperanza, who is coughing and has symptoms of pneumonia. Hank treats Esperanza and says he will followup the next day. Ms. Newberg invites Hank to her Bark-mitzvah party for her dog.

At breakfast the next day, Hank is called away again by Ms. Newberg, who is concerned for Antwon, her decorator. Hank diagnoses Antwon with pneumonia, the same as Esperanza. After Hank leaves, Jill is confronted by Dr. Adams, an administrator with the hospital, warning her that she needs to not mix her personal and professional lives. Divya is called to treat Ms. Day, who turns out to be the person hired by Divya's mother to plan Divya's engagement party. Afterward, Divya takes Evan to the car dealership recommended by Tucker, where he is shocked by the prices. Evan badgers Divya about her wedding until he discovers that her marriage is arranged, and she is not real excited about it. At the Bark-mitzvah party, Ms. Newberg collapses.

Hank diagnoses Ms. Newberg with the same pneumonia as Esperanza and Antwon. Tucker takes Evan's advice and snoops through Libby's purse, where he finds birth control pills. Hank and Jill discuss their relationship, and Jill wants to keep it private. Hank is then called when Esperanza collapses. Hank finds out that Divya diagnosed Ms. Lay with pneumonia also. Hank talks with Antwon who reveals he was recently in China, so Hank decides to quarantine everyone at the party in case all the patients have SAARs.

Hank and Jill disagree about how to handle the infection. Jill decides to call County Health, while Hank tries to diagnose the infection. The party guests rebel and try to leave just as the police and County Health teams arrive to enforce the quarantine. Hank discovers Ms. Newberg's dog is also sick, and theorizes he is patient zero. He convinces Ms. Newberg to let him operate on the dog to find the underlying cause.

Hank gets some sample fluid from the dog, but he needs a microscope which they don't have. Hank manufacture's one from a jeweler's loupe and other household items. He discovers that the problem is not viral, but bacterial, and can be treated. Tucker and Libby make up, after Evan talks with Libby. Jill and Hank make up, and Jill decides not to worry about what people think about their relationship. Ms. Newberg gives Hank a car for saving her dog's life, and Hank gives the car to Evan.

Written by pentar on Apr 30, 2016

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