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Crazy Love Recap

The episode begins with Hank giving Boris a physical checkup. Hank declares he is as fit as a 25 year old. Afterward at the beach, Jill introduces Hank and Evan to her friend Katie, who is in town to meet with Boris about funding for her research. Divya gets in an accident when a woman drives her moped in front of her. Divya calls Hank to treat the woman, Sofia. Later while relaxing, Hank gets a call from Boris. Hank arrives to find Katie with a laceration on her leg, apparently from a shark. Katie claims to have been having a late night swim, and Boris says he will notify the authorities about the apparent shark attack.

When Hank returns home, Evan reveals that Boris has a shark in his basement, a secret he was supposed to keep. Hank confronts Boris about the shark, and Boris tells him it is there for research. Divya meets her betrothed, Raj who is in town for work. They talk about their upcoming wedding and agree they cannot postpone it again. Evan meets with Sofia's husband Javier, who refuses to pay his bill, saying he was overcharged. Divya steps in and tells him it is on the house. While Divya and Evan argue outside, Sofia drives up and crashes into Divya's car.

Hank recommends Sofia get an MRI to determine what is causing her vision blurring problems. During the MRI, Sofia screams in pain as a metallic object buried in her chest is being drawn out by the MRI's magnets. Sofia tells Hank that she wants it removed, and after removal, Hank guesses it is a tracking device.

Evan confronts Javier again when the credit card he provided bounced. Javier reveals he is going broke, and gives Evan an expensive antique weapon as payment. Evan offers to do a financial review to make up the difference in cost. Hank tells Boris the results of the blood work that he took during his physical, and he found nothing out of the ordinary. Boris seems guarded by the news, so Hank orders more tests without Boris's knowledge. Divya calls Hank when Sofia's condition worsens, an X-ray reveals radiation poisoning from the GPS device.

Katie tells Jill that she is leaving, that she can't do her research the way Boris wants. She advises Jill that her relationship with Hank might not survive the summer, like her previous relationships. Hank speaks to her when she leaves, and discovers her research has some human medical implications. When Hank checks on the blood work results, he discovers the results have disappeared.

Hank and Jill decide to slow their relationship down, based on their uncertainty about where they will be after Labor day.

Written by pentar on May 1, 2016

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