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The Honeymoon's Over Recap

The episode begins with Evan giving a presentation to Hank and Divya on business development for HankMed. Hank and Divya are not excited and take the first opportunity to leave. Evan tags along with Divya on a house call to a former swimsuit model and her husband Alan. Hank goes to Hamptons Heritage to drop off a sample at the lab where he runs into Jill. They discuss setting ground rules for their on again, off again relationship. When Jill is called away, Hank talks with Zach Kingsley who is checking out of the hospital. Hank encourages him to stay because of his heart condition, but he is insistent he must go home to make a living. When he finds out that Hank is a private physician who makes house calls, he hires Hank and leaves, to Jill's chagrin.

At Zach's house, he explains that he and his wife Julie write and illustrate children's books, and they are under a severe deadline to finish their current book. Hank gives him a complete physical and continues to harangue him about his health, but Zach emphasizes he needs to get through the next three days. Alan tells Divya he has allergies, but after his wife leaves to go shopping, he reveals he is having pain in the groin area, and thinks it is a kidney stone. After Divya's blunt reaction to this revelation, Evan encourages more tact. She then recommends doing some lab work and prescribing antibiotics. Later at home, Hank gets a visit from Jill who is furious that he poached a cardiac patient from her hospital.

The next day, Evan tries to give his presentation again but Hank interrupts with the medical review. He agrees with Divya's diagnosis and treatment for Alan, and says he is going back over to Zach's house. Evan insists on coming along because Hank's tendency to treat patients with just a handshake agreement is not good business. When Hank arrives at Zach's he senses something wrong. Zach has developed deafness and stumbles getting off a ladder. Zach confesses he has stopped his medication because it makes him feel bad. Hank speaks with Julie and asks her for help to get him some proper treatment. They go to talk to him and find him unconscious with blood coming from his mouth. At Alan's, Divya tells him that the lab work did not find anything, and she needs to do a physical examination if she is going to find his problem and get him back on his honeymoon. Again he complains that she is an assistant, but she bullies him into an examination.

Hank resuscitates Zach and manages to get the fluid out of his lungs. He agrees to go back on his medications. Alan has finally had enough of Divya, and Hank has to make an appearance. After an examination and speaking with Alan, Hank concludes he has a disease that was transmitted by a tropical sand fly from his greenhouse.

At a public preview reading for the Kingsley's new book, Hank runs into Jill again. Hank notices one of the cartoon posters is off, but Jill doesn't see it. Hank apologizes again about Zach, but Jill bemoans that these types of things are going to continue to happen, like it did with her ex-husband. Hank gets an emergency call from Julie that Zach has collapsed. Suddenly Hank has an epiphany, and realizes the cartoon poster is yellow instead of white, and that Zach is toxic.

When Hank arrives at Zach's, the paramedics are there treating him. Hank argues that their treatment is going to kill him, because the herbal tea he has been growing in his garden is foxglove, which slows down the heart. Hank convinces Julie to accept his treatment and it works quickly. Zach revives and is able to make it to the preview reading.

Evan tries a third time to give his presentation, but Divya is nowhere to be found, and Hank escapes. Hank goes to Jill's office and apologizes again. This time she accepts and the episode concludes with a romantic interlude in her office. As the camera fades, Jill receives an unseen text message from her ex-husband, saying he is back in town.

Written by pentar on May 1, 2016

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